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Life and Loves of Lady Say.

The colors of the carpeting, wall paint, and the furniture in the room either match or complement the exterior of the house. Danielle notices there is no TV visible in the room as she pulls out her little pouch of Natural American Spirit tobacco and a rolling paper and begins to roll herself a cigarette.

"Would you mind rolling me one of those too?" asks Brad.

"Sure," Danielle offers the cigarette that she just rolled to Brad and rolls herself another.

"I wish I could roll my cigarette as well as you do." Brad compliments.

"It just takes practice. You rely too much on those tubes and that tobacco loader," Danielle reasons.

Tom walks over with a serving tray holding three three snifters, two cans of Coca-Cola, and a bottle of Golds-Lager and places it on the table in front of Danielle then sits down beside Danielle on the couch.

"I noticed that you don't seem to have a TV in here," Danielle points out.

"I don't watch TV, but there is a video projector," Tom points to the ceiling at what looks like the front-end of a Ferrari mounted upside down on the ceiling.

"You're a video director and you don't watch TV?" Brad questions.

"I used to watch a lot of TV, but anymore the shows on TV are just horrible - badly written, shitty acting, these productions that pass for television shows are just lacking by my standards, and movies are becoming the same way," Tom explains.

"I totally agree," Danielle states.

"I know you do, after our many conversations online, I know you do," Tom says.

"What really irritates me is on these crime dramas that I'm forced to sit through when I visit my mother is when they are trying to analyze a video recording taken from a surveillance camera at a crime scene and they 'zoom-in' and 'enhance' the video footage to get the license plate numbers or to see a person's face clearly." Danielle interjects.

"I agree," Tom goes on, "working with video and digital imaging for years I know how video and digital imaging works, you can't get detail where none exists, and those surveillance videos are very poor quality because they are meant to record for long periods of time over the smallest amount of space possible, so when you 'zoom-in,' and you can 'zoom-in,' the area that you'd zoom in to seems to be more blurry and lower detail than it was previously because fewer pixels are being stretched over a larger area. And for their 'enhancement,' yes there are tools out there to 'enhance' lower detailed images, but the process is not instant like they show on those damned TV shows. The thing that really burns me, and I know Danielle agrees with me here, is that the people who make those shows know what I know, they have to, to be able to do the work they are doing - video production, and they still use information that they know is wrong in their shows, which makes them fail in their purpose of 'suspending disbelief.' The purpose of all story tellers is to 'suspend disbelief,' and they fail because they use information that they know for a fact isn't true in their stories knowing there are others out there who know it isn't true as well."

"Yes, I find it insulting too." Danielle states, "it's like they are saying, 'we achieved the 'suspension of disbelief' for the mindless drones who watch our shit."

Tom chuckles, "it is insulting and that is pretty much the mind set of those people, having worked with them I know. The only thing that matters to them is following the 'corporate formula' which guarantees ad revenues."

"Hey! I watch a lot of TV myself. When I get home from work I either pop in a game in the X-Box or a watch some TV, but I wouldn't say that I'm mindless for watching TV," Brad says.

"We aren't calling you, 'mindless.' We are saying that the corporate networks who make the shows that you watch are saying that you're, 'mindless.'" Tom explains.

"I know you're not mindless, Brad, you're far better at math than I am," D