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Danica seals her own fate.


"Talk to others" he sputtered into her ear. "Why might I have to speak to other people?" he asked, his eyes now wild with fear. He shifted to a different chair removing her hand from his bulge.

Chuckling softly she says nothing but lifts her foot out of her shoe and pushes it under the skirt and against him again raising his bulge to new heights. "When you are out like this I will call you Jamie am I clear?" she rubbed his bulge now with her toes.

"Yes Goddess," he replied. "What shall I call you?"

Before she could reply a male friend and his slave walked up to the table and he said "Hi Gabrielle fancy seeing you here today. Do you care if Tricia and I join you?"

"Jamie get back over here now," she commanded him. He promptly moved back beside her.

"Sure, Ziggy, please sit down and join us." About that time the waitress showed up with their food and as she set it down before them she asked, "do y'all wish to order now or shall I return in a few minutes?"

Ziggy said," We'll order in a few minutes, please return then. The waitress said," Ok, I'll return in a few minutes."

"So Jamie is it now?"

"Yes Ziggy meet Jamie who is still in training and just learning the ropes. Tricia how are you? Are you taking good care of my Ziggy?"

"I am doing well Ma'am" she blushed then "I do what I can to take care of Sir."

"Your Ziggy am I?"

"Of course my Ziggy and mine you shall always be." She chuckled then and ran her hand under the table along Jamie's leg. She let out a laugh when Jamie jumped at her touch.

"I see she is still a bit jittery my Dear." He said

"Well as I said Jamie is still in training. I have only just begun to work with Jamie. This is only our first outing together so what would you expect. Jamie does not know what all is expected just yet. Give me a little time and I think you will see just what I can do with my Jamie."

"Very well Dear, How long would you like to have for the show and tell?"

At his words she glanced over at Jamie and then back at him and said, "Give me two months should Jamie decide to stay. I will let you know later this week how is that?"

"Very well Dear." The waitress returned then as two more people came to the table and sat down with them as well and placed their order at the same time.

She dug into her food then and nodded for Jamie to go ahead as well. So as he began to eat, his eyes looking down at his plate, he was listening to the talk as it flowed around the table amongst the others. Without thinking about what he was doing, after getting a mouth full of very spicy food, he grabbed his drink and took a big gulp. No sooner had he set the glass down than Ziggy said, "Your Mistress hasn't had anything to drink yet."

As Ziggy was speaking he gasped out loud and said," I'm so sorry Mistress I wasn't thinking." Any further words of his were cut off as her hand clenched closed on his nuts. "I will tend to this later as well as your speaking." She whispered into his ear. She stood then and told Jamie to follow her. Unsure he quickly got to his feet and followed her through the restaurant. To his horror she led him straight to the women's restroom.

She shoved him into the room before her and then turned on him. "Did you not remember to keep your mouth shut or whisper?"

"My Goddess I am sorry." He whispered.

"Oh I will show you sorry when we return home."

"What will you do to me my Goddess?"

"You will see." Any further discussion was cut off as the door burst open and then promptly shut and the locked flipped by Ziggy.

Who then strode across the room and reached down under Jamie's skirt muttering I thought as much. He then turned toward Gabrielle. "So I see Jamie is not a she as you led us to believe."

He stood there in complete shock of first Ziggy walking in and that followed by Ziggy checking out his package. He stood there not sure what to do and listened to the two banter back and forth.

"Did I actually say that Jamie was a girl? No I did not."

He didn't reply right away thinking back to what she had said.

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