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It is highly dangerous. When I have made my decision I will contact you. Do not come near me or my home until then."

He turned and left so suddenly, I almost missed it. I turned around and Sandra rushed toward me. She tilted my head to the side and sighed. "He's taken it away," she said. "You're no longer Marked."

I wasn't so sure if that was a good or a bad thing, now, but at least I knew where I stood. Now I could do as I wanted, but I wouldn't necessarily have the name of the Prince to fall back on. I sat back down on the couch. Knox walked over and put her hand on my shoulder, and the electricity of the shock jittered through my body, but quickly dissipated.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked.

I sighed. "I have no idea."


For the rest of the weekend I laid low, sleeping on Sandra and Knox's couch, ignoring the persistent sinking guilt in my stomach. I did everything I could to pretend that everything would be fine, so long as I just showed up for work Monday, ready to heal. I hadn't gotten a chance to keep working on the samples from the sick woman I visited, but I had to admit to myself that I was terrified to go back. What if he had posted someone outside the door? I didn't want to deal with any of that until I absolutely had to.

Monday night came faster than I wanted it to--all Sunday I couldn't sleep. The rushing of adrenaline tingled through my whole body, and I began to notice that the nervousness had expanded my consciousness to a size where I could sense not only the other people in the apartment, but the people in the floors above and below as well. Somehow I simply knew they were there in that same strange way I had noticed the light sliding off Theo on our first date. It was as if I could feel a concentration of a uniquely alive energy, whether or not there were walls in the way. I felt the slow, paced energy in the rooms beside mine that told me that both Knox and Sandra were asleep, and above me I felt the excited energy of two humans, one much larger than each other, playing a game. I had no idea how I knew it was a game, but it simply... made sense. I could also feel the cool, lifeless energy of machines--the power chords lacing through the whole building, a TV, a dishwasher, the air conditioning, but those felt very different, and were much quieter. As I paid closer and closer attention to this new awareness, I realized I could tell the difference between vampire and human and small animal.

Vampires glowed and vibrated on a completely different level than humans. As if it were an entirely different tone of colors, or a song played in minor instead of major. I couldn't exactly pin point it, but I knew the difference immediately. Which is why I found myself extremely nervous as I noticed the vampire walking up the stairs to the apartment right at sundown. My roommates hadn't come out of their rooms yet, so I sat up, anxiously testing the new spaces in my head where I knew, well, I thought, I could press to cause severe pain in any vampire. A second vampire came into my range, and I panicked, rushing to Sandra's door right as she opened it.
"It's okay, Lana. I sense them too. Knox will be out in a moment. Don't worry." She led me to the kitchen table and sat me down before heading to the fridge to pull out a dark red, stiff bag. She popped it in the microwave and I watched the seconds count down as I felt the vampires walking closer. Moments before the microwave dinged, there was an ominous single knock on the door. Knox stepped out of her room, then, and opened the door. Sandra took the blood bag out of the microwave and snipped off a corner, pouring the warm blood into glasses.

"May I help you?" Knox asked the hallway, and I shifted impatiently to see who was out there.