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Once more Caroline found the mouthpiece shoved in her open mouth. Gratefully sucking in she wondered what the men's intentions actually were. She had not yet been sexually handled, apart from the burgeoning erection probing at her bottom; however she remained convinced that forcing her to satisfy their gratuitous desire was definitely the intention.

Yet again, as she took one final large breath, the path to valuable air was torn out of Caroline's mouth. The man at her front, his hard on still raging, reached out and lightly caressed the hapless English girl's Lycra covered left breast. Caroline struggled more violently, desperate to breathe, and once more streams of bubbles escaped from between her lips. The slim, wet beauty watched as, almost in water restricted slow motion, the zip on her swimsuit was pulled down revealing more and more of her smooth, naked breasts. She wanted to groan but, given her situation, could not. Her sensitive nipples came into view already erect and crying out to be stimulated even more.

Caroline's long pony tail floated about her head as her breasts were cupped and thoroughly massaged. She closed her eyes, her heart beating faster as a warm feeling tingled in her groin. Her chest grew tight from the need to exhale as the hands on her naked breasts made her head grow dizzy. How she needed to breathe how she needed to writhe and moan!

Then she was dragged up and out of the water, air all around her head as she desperately sucked in lungs full of oxygen. Caroline was still held tight, her arms pinned behind her, acutely aware that she could be dragged back under at any moment. Her water soaked breasts glistened in the light of the pool room. She felt the swim suit slipped off her shoulders and over each, temporarily freed, wrist to bunch around her waist. The zip was fully wound down breaking the surface of the water and coming to rest just above the line of Caroline's neatly trimmed pubic hair.

She spluttered. The men removed their masks and air tanks.

"You really are gorgeous Caroline."

She could still not reply as the flow of air would not yet come freely enough. Caroline felt a hand move under the water and down to her groin.

At this point she would have sobbed for mercy but her throat was too tight with fear as the same man, using his other hand, pulled at her hair forcing her head backward, his gaze penetrating deeply. He watched her frantically twisting her body trying to break free from his partner's tight hold. Caroline's naked chest heaved as she uttered whimpering, frightened cries.

She returned his stare. Unwittingly her lips opened in implicit invitation. His mouth, free now entirely of the mask, descended onto her red, moistness. Driven by his insistence their tongues' danced freely, fuelling his ever growing desire. Her mouth was soft, as was her body. She was pushed into him from behind, molding her lovely, slim, almost naked frame against his. Even though her groin was under the water the flow of her juices warmed his hand as his fingers crept inside the hem of her swimsuit and parted, ever so slightly, Caroline's engorged pussy lips. Teasing further inside the hem of the soft, stretched fabric he slid a finger entirely past the skimpy material until he was embedded to the knuckle inside her.

"Ohhhhh!" she groaned into his mouth.

A second finger joined the first and opened her up even wider.

She gasped, breaking the kiss. The man drew her lips back to his, reconnecting their embrace. Just a taste of her was all he needed to inflame him beyond reason.

Once more Caroline groaned.

"Take off your swimming costume." His fingers freed themselves from their sensitive holding. Caroline gasped at the rough exit made by the invading digits.

She looked sideways, embarrassed, aware that she wasn't free enough from the hold on her arms to carry out the simple order.

"Let her go. She isn't going anywhere."

It was true, she wasn't.

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