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Willow turns the tables on him

" Carol grabbed my hand and off to the bedroom the three of us went.

"I think we better ba ba bathe Mr. Perfect first," I stuttered.

"Go ahead Randy, I'll get undressed and be waiting for that bad boy. Hurry I'm on fire just thinking about it."

When I returned to the bedroom Carol was on her back, legs bent and spread, fondling her blonde bush. I was rock hard and envious of Mr. Perfect. I was about to drive him to depths no man had been before inside of Carol. I applied an ample amount of lubricant to him and slowly slid the head between Carols pussy's hungry lips as her hand guided him home. An inch, then two, three, then a slow retreat, a little deeper on the next stroke, four and then the half way mark. Now Carol's body arched and shook in orgasm. Several more shallow strokes, and another inch deeper, another retreat a few more strokes and into no mans land.

Carol was cumming again and this time she was begging for more, "fuck me deeper she cried." "I want every inch I paid for," and at that she arched up and swallowed Mr. Perfects last two inches. "Oh God, I'm going again, stroke that cock long and deep in me" she screamed. A half hour later, totally exhausted and unable to speak Carol had enough as she motioned me to stop. After a few minutes she sat up.

"We're having a dildo party this weekend Randy, I'll invite all my girlfriends, and you'll be set."

"That's a great idea Carol, that just might work but don't invite Rachel," I exclaimed.

Saturday night I showed up an hour early at Carols. I was taken to the pool area and instructed to dump all of the dildos into the hot tub. The idea was to give an empty box to each participant. The object was to retrieve the dildo that matched your box, using only your mouth. After all dildos were retrieved they were allowed to trade. Needless to say it was funny to watch, especially when they were trying to retrieve a foot long black one named the Destroyer, of which there were six in the tub. Before the night was over I had sold every toy in my case, and had orders for dozens more. Most all wanted at least two each. They would all require delivery and each agreed to have a party.

Several months passed and I was selling dildos like hot-dogs at a baseball game, when Rachel confronted me. It was a Sunday morning, and I had been out late doing another party and was peacefully asleep when I was awaken by a strike to the head. "Just what the hell is this Randy," Rachel screamed. My eyes straining to focus I was shocked to see the Destroyer in Rachel's hand.

"Huh, I can explain Rachel, just let me wake up," I pleaded.

"Here let me help you," and with that came another blow to the head as I sat up.

In an adrenaline induced outburst I shouted, "that's a dildo, the Destroyer, and I'm the top salesman in the company!" "Well that's just outstanding Randy, how long were you planning on keeping me in the dark? Never mind, don't answer that, I would much rather hear your sales pitch" she hissed. "You can sell me this, what did you call it, the Destroyer? Sell me this big black dildo Randy, come on, I want you to make me want to buy it."

"I can't sell you that, it's an extreme sex toy, and it isn't for beginners, I mumbled."

"Well then sell me this one," and she slung the Perfect Pecker onto the bed from my sales case. "I'm waiting on that sales pitch Randy, kitty got your tongue?"

"Okay, just remember, you asked for it.