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She turned around and unzipped slowly. Then she pulled the skirt down without bending her knees so that she was on display for me. It was unbelievably sexy. To my slight disappointment, she was wearing panties, a string bikini in a deep purple color.

"I guess I can deal with that," I managed to say.

"One more thing," she added, straightening, her shirt still hanging about her in some mockery of decency, still wearing her heels and panties. She pulled something out of a drawer and tossed them into my lap.

I looked down. They were ropes.

She met my gaze and I could tell she was a little nervous, but her voice belied nothing. "Tie me up."

Oh. So that was where she was headed tonight.

After some brief thoughts on my part and a little action, I'd removed Rachel's shirt without further arousing her and she was lying spread-eagled on the bed. Her arms were tied to the headboard, but I left her legs free and her panties on, for the moment at least.

I stood back for a moment and tried to ignore how hard I was. I had to concentrate on Rachel tonight. She'd ordered me to. And it was easy to forget myself with her lying before me, breasts exposed, nipples already hardened, eyes innocent, hands bound. I saw a damp spot on her panties but didn't allow myself to smile, staring straight into her eyes in what I hoped was a stern and dominating manner. It seemed to work; she bit her lip with a touch of apprehension.

As I went for her feet, I didn't need to speak. I simply took one of her toes in my mouth and ran my tongue over it, sucking gently, then hard.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what's sensual about toe-sucking, but it definitely works. I remember the day that Rachel asked me to try it, in a shy, I-just-washed-my-feet approach, and I agreed on the condition that she would return me the supposed favor. And that led to a lot more than just toe-sucking. But I remembered what she did that felt good to me, and I repeated it on her as she lay still and acquiescent.

When I stood again, the look in her eyes had deepened to definite lust. I could already read it in her face: she wanted me. But I wanted verbal confirmation. I knew she was shy about these things, so I'd have to get her a little more turned on before I could get it. Which wouldn't really be a problem.

Keeping her gaze in mine, I palmed both of her breasts gently in my hands, careful to avoid her erect nipple. I couldn't resist whispering to her, "Your nipples are so hard, Rachel," while gently massaging around them. She swallowed visibly and tried not to let sound escape her, a customary game of hers. She likes to make it difficult for me to make her moan, which of course is a misnomer because it's still far from difficult. I rubbed her areolas gently and earned my first whimper.

"Oh, Rachel, that seemed almost too easy," I taunted her, and I saw her pull against her restraints for the first time. Her eyes widened a little bit as it seemed to sink in that she was truly trapped for me. Of her own design, no less.

I decided not to give her any more time to think and captured her nipples. She moaned aloud then, and her eyes closed as I rolled them casually between my fingers. She moved towards me, offering her breasts to me unconsciously.

I only let myself indulge in this for a few seconds before pulling my fingers away and bending immediately to lick her instead. Using the flat of my tongue, I caressed the skin along the bottom of her breasts and heard her whisper my name now. I glanced up to see her expression. Her eyes were closed and her mouth half-open as she tried to regain control over her body.

"Open your eyes, Rachel," I sent up to her to be slowly registered past the pleasure. "I want to see them while I do this. Watch me." I waited until her eyes fluttered open again and met mine. "That's good," I cooed, then calculatingly licked from the bottom of her breast up, stopping just short of her nipple.

Again, she pulled against the ropes binding her down and let out a whimper of frustration when she realized an

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