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Just grab the women with boobs as big as basketballs.

His wife left him a year ago and even though he has gotten the one night stand every now and then it was not good enough for him. He was a much shorter 6 foot 1 inches, with a very large build. He looked a lot like a power lifter. He was solid muscle but it was not defined as mine was.

We knocked on her door and we quickly heard, "Hold on" though the door. She opened the door in a white tee-shirt with no bra on under it, and her beautiful large nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

We walked right in to find that there was another soldier from a third Platoon sitting in her room on her computer. She was Specialist Goss, and she was sitting with her back to the door not once looking back to see who it was. When PFC Jackson said, "Can I help you Sergeants?" Specialist Goss stood straight up revealing that she was not wearing a shirt. She had much smaller breast than Jackson did, but they were a good 34 B, with small nipples, but she was tall. Standing at a tall 5 foot 11 inches she did not have a pound of fat on her long frame.

Matt said, "So I hear that your room was a mess, but you paid for it with Sergeant Brittin, and not with me. So I believe you owe me something as well."

Jackson just shrugged her shoulders and dropped to her knees, pulling off her white shirt exposing her large 36 DD after which she pulled out Matt's fat cock. He was shorter that mine only about 6 inches, but it was almost the girth of a coke can.

Goss who was still just standing there, just started to put her hand down her shorts and rubbing her pussy, when I went over to her, and wiped out my 8 __ inches and pushed her too her knees. While we were both getting sucked off by these two soldiers, we were taking off the rest of our clothes, until all four of us were totally naked.

After about ten minutes Matt bent Jackson over and started to force his fat cock in her tight pussy, and fucked her so hard and fast, making her cum almost instantly. Goss looked up at me, and said, "would you like to fuck me as well?"

I just nodded, and she bent over the computer chair and she was open for business, but when I tried to put my long cock in her pussy she said, "NO!"

I violently turned her around, holding her buy the shoulders I screamed, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?"

She slapped me in the face and said, "I like monster cocks in my ass only, if not my boyfriend will know I have been cheating on him. He has a small cock and I don't let him in my ass."

"Really, who is your boyfriend?"

"Private Boss."

"Call him up so he can watch how real men fuck."

"Ok" She picked up the cell phone by the computer and told him to come right up stairs and walk in. She said all this while I forced my cock in her tight ass, and started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

Seeing this Matt took my lead, and started to fuck Jackson in her perfect ass as well. As she started to scream Private Boss walked in the door and said, "What the FUCK?" Matt and I walked right over to him, still naked with pussy and ass juice on our huge cocks and told him to shut the fuck up, sit there and learn.

While we were trying to subdue Boss, Jackson and Goss started to eat each other out, and screaming loudly. Matt asked if would be ok to switch, cause he wanted to fuck Goss in her ass with his fat coke can cock. I walked right back over to Jackson and she just opened her ass while lying on the floor, with her ass in the air. I lowered my cock in her as she started to scream some more.

Matt, try as he might had a hard time fitting his cock in that ass. But ass a good soldier they kept going till he was balls deep in that ass. By this point Boss stood up and said, "You fucking slut, why won't you ever let me fuck you in the ass?"

Goss said without even looking up, "Cause your cock is too small, Small gets the pink, huge gets the stink." She started to laugh, but she had to stop so she could cum again.

"My cock is not that small." He said defensively.

I said, "Ok, whip it out.