Suze versus Jeremy. High Quality Porn

A gal's trip to a comic shop takes a graphic & erotic turn.

I was fine with it except I wasn't so keen on Vince being one of the winners. He just wasn't my type of guy; he had cockiness about him that you find in a few Jersey guys. I had no problem with the others I wasn't sure if our host Dave would really get hands on with Cindy right there but they seemed to be cool and I expected if Cindy had any objections she would have said something when they selected the teams.

I was looking forward to having Cindy, Sarah and Kelly cleaning me off. Just so you have a mental picture of the ladies Cindy is about 30, 5'6" and about 120 pounds with a small but cute bust and blonde hair cut short and sassy. Kelly is 28, 5'5" and about 110 pounds maybe 34-23-34 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Sarah is about 28, 5'8" with more curves. She's about 130 pounds, 36-23-35 chestnut hair and brown eyes. All are very pretty but I was most interested in Kelly and of course cute petite Jesse who was not going to be participating in the cleanup. All the excitement thinking about the many hands on me was enough to sidetrack me clouding my thinking. I clearly didn't think this through which I soon realized.

Cindy and Tian had gone in to get a couple of containers filled with warm soapy water and a towel or two. They came out with two small buckets filled with warm water, one with soap and one without. I went over near the picnic table and they followed with the buckets.

I stood there naked as they all got their hands wet with some soap suds and began working to get the marker ink off of my face and neck. Dave worked on my back from my neck down to just above my ass. Both Dave and Cindy seemed to be staying away from my intimate parts; I forced Vince to my backside as Kelly and Sarah were working on my front, which was fine. I really didn't want his hands on my boobs or pussy. I was wishing Jesse would join in the cleanup but she didn't. I did notice Tian was looking very unhappy watching them with their hands all over my naked body and her not able to join them.

There was a sponge, which they got wet with soapy water and squeezed it out over my body, getting me good and wet. Then they washed me off with their hands. I was so excited having all the hands on me, I had forgotten about the temperature dropping and the breeze that had picked up. When Kelly's hand got down near my inner thighs, just brushing my labia I began to actually feel warm. This was all new to me, having hands, strangers hands on my naked body. I've had the occasional grab or smack on the ass at times when naked but never anything quite like this. I was going out of my comfort zone and I was going to be even further out soon.

I was so worked up especially when Kelly got some soap in her hands and began to wash the marker off my inner thighs and my mound. I really had to fight to keep myself from having an orgasm in front of the crowd. I had done this with Tian and was going to realize it wasn't the smartest of moves. I can fully trust Jenna or Ed to take control and not put me in a very uncomfortable position. Thinking I could do that with Tian was my error and I can only blame myself for it.

Now it seemed as though I was all cleaned off and I had no more hands on me. I began to feel the cold as I stood there naked and wet. I looked over at the big outdoor thermometer once again and saw the temperature was down to 65 but feeling much colder with the strong breeze. I was beginning to look around to see where the towel was so I could dry off and maybe wrap another towel around me for a bit.

"Nikki, would you please sit on the picnic table with your feet on the bench." Tian seemed to be telling me not asking me.

"I'm getting a bit cold and want to dry off, if someone could give me a towel." I asked looking more at the others than Tian.

Cindy went to retrieve the towel she brought out but as she went to hand it to me Tian grabbed it and said it wasn't needed. I began to protest but soon shut my mouth.

"Nikki you gave me control for the day, didn't you?" Tian said with a seemingly wicked gr