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Bobby finds a new sport. Rob goes fishing.


"I had a different kind of cheesecake in mind. You said you like both kinds."

"My place? There's no paint smell."

Carrie reached under the table and squeezed my thigh. My body shivered in response.

Carrie was worth the wait. She was worth the pursuit. Her creativity in bed was stunning. As I dropped her off at home later that evening, I couldn't mask my enthusiasm. "When can I see you again?"

"We've got a big promotion going on at the store starting Wednesday. We have tomorrow and Tuesday to prepare. I guess that means that we can't get together for a week. Can you give me something to hold me over till then?" She accidentally bumped the horn as she leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck. I was surprised the air didn't ignite from the heat of our kiss.

With her parents looking out the window to see who had honked, we couldn't do more than kiss, and we had to break that off faster than we wanted. I tried desperately to think of something witty and romantic to say, but she was out the car door before I could come up with anything better than "see you soon."

It had to be soon; a week was too long to wait. I was besotted, thinking of her constantly. Her promotion campaign was starting on Wednesday. So on Thursday I would go shopping for a speedo. Maybe she'd come into the changing room to help me try it on.

On Tuesday I stopped thinking about Carrie; I came across a shocking precedent while doing research for the anti-harassment bylaw. A store worker soliciting business on the street had interfered in a pedestrian's ability to get to his office on time, causing him to miss an important meeting, which in turn caused his employer to lose a major contract. The pedestrian was fired for missing the meeting, and he sued the retailer and the man who had delayed him. The guy who was paid minimum wage to hand out flyers and chat up potential customers faced criminal charges for obstructing traffic. He ended up spending three days in jail and ended up on the street. His employer settled quietly out of court for an undisclosed amount. This was mind-boggling.
This all played out in another state, one with different laws than ours. Nonetheless, it was relevant and plunged me deep into the retail harassment issue. Could the case be applied as a precedent here? Was there anything in the wording of the law that we wanted to avoid or adopt? The criminal charges and lawsuit relied on state legislation that was eighty years old. Was such legislation appropriate today? Did any other jurisdictions have similar laws on the books? I decided to start with the nanny states of Vermont, California and New York.

A tap on the shoulder interrupted my ruminations.

"Mike, go home." The order came from my boss, John Seldon. I looked at my watch; it was nine in the evening.

"I left my car here while we went for dinner around the corner. I was surprised to see lights in the window. We don't insist on outrageous hours from our staff, only from our partners. Whatever you're working on can wait." He crossed his arms over his chest, but the smile on his face defeated his attempt to look angry. "You should be out romancing Carrie, rather than reviewing..." He peered at my computer monitor "Vermont loitering jurisprudence."

I saved all the open files on my computer. "She told me she's busy with a big promotional event at the store and can't see me till Sunday. I'm going on Thursday to buy a new bathing suit. I don't want to wait that long to see her."

John squeezed my shoulder.

"You've known her family a long time. Will she think I'm putting on too much pressure? Will it turn her off?" It was strange asking someone more than twice my age for dating advice. Then again, I was very inexperienced in pursuing women.

"The one thing you can count on with Carrie is that she's unpredictable. There's no way of knowing how she will react. I'll tell you though, that your relationship with her has lasted a lot longer than others that she's had. Most men can't cope."

"Well, I need a new bathing suit any

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