Morgan gets a second chance. High Quality Porn

When it rings I already know you're up to something.

You will know us all after we are done with you!" Jeff then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me forward forcing my face into his lap. "Now suck it bitch!"

I opened my mouth and wrapped it around Jeff's cock. I began to relax a little. "There you go baby.....suck daddy's cock. Good girl."

I could hear the guys breathing become harder in the van, then I felt some hands come around my hips and gently pull my ass into the air. The hands lifted my skirt to expose my naked ass.

I heard Ricky say, "Would you get a look at that pretty, tight ass?" His hands gently rubbed my ass then he swatted it.

"Aghh!" I moaned.

I heard Ricky chuckle. "Yeah the bitch likes being hurt. Wait till you feel my big cock inside will definitely know what hurt can be." Ricky's talk was really starting to get me hot. I started sucking harder on Jeff's cock, slurping and teasing.

Jeff chuckled "I think she's warming up guys." Jeff smiled down at me. "Yeah baby....suck harder!" He pushed my head down all the way then would pull it up. I sucked frantically. "God damn she sucks cock like a pro!"

At this time I hadn't realized that Ricky was preparing himself to give me a good hard fuck. He pulled down his pants and grabbed on to his hard cock then grabbed me with one hand on my hip to hold me still while he rammed his cock into my now very wet pussy. I was on all fours with my legs spread as wide as they would go. Ricky was giving me just about the best pounding from behind I'd ever felt! "Oh yeah...her pussy feels great!" Ricky gasped.

I kept on sucking Jeff's cock. Jeff looked over at Mark and said, "You gonna get some man? She's real hot and raring to go!"

Mark smiled and nodded. "Move out of the way." Mark said then pushed Ricky off of me. Mark was rougher than the others. He seemed to know what he wanted. He lied down on the make shift bed on his back and pulled me over to him. "Get on top bitch."

I willingly climbed over the top of him and sat down on his fat throbbing cock. I moved my slick wet pussy up and down his shaft while he lied there with his eyes closed. God I was fucking him so good. He grabbed my hips and forced me to move faster. I moved faster and faster bouncing up and down on his cock while the others watched.

Ricky said, "Damn she's hot! I can't take this!" With that he stood half way up and walked around and faced me. "You want to suck my cock baby?"

I nodded. "Uh huh?"

Ricky smiled. "Say please."

I said "Please Ricky? Let me suck your hard cock." Ricky grinned then offered his cock into my hot wet mouth.

I slid my pussy up and down on Marks cock while I sucked up all of Ricky's cock. I was insatiable.

I heard Jeff's voice, "Hum she seems pretty coordinated. Let's see how coordinated she can be."

Jeff then climbed up behind me while I still was fucking Mark and sucking Rick. I was so into what I was doing I didn't realize what Jeff was doing behind me. All of a sudden I felt Jeff's hands grab my hips and his hard cock begin to penetrate my asshole.

I pulled my mouth from Ricky's cock and said, "God Jeff no!"

Jeff said "Shh baby....let it happen." He pushed himself in deeper.

" hurts!"

Ricky then grabbed my head and stuffed his cock back into my mouth. "Who told you to stop bitch? He's all the way up in your asshole it shouldn't hurt that much."

I realized Rick was right. Jeff was fucking my ass. I resumed sucking Ricky's cock.

I thought about my position I was in and got more excited. Here I was straddled over Marks fat cock, sucking Ricky's cock and Jeff fucking my asshole. Mark then lifted up and made it better. He pulled down the top of my dress exposing my tits. He then lifted up and began sucking my hard nipples.

"Oh yeah! Ooooo!" I panted.

"There you go baby." Jeff said, "I told you this would be fun."

Jeff still had his cock in my ass and he was pumping me hard.