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Hooking up with a coworker at the Christmas party.

We had decided what we wanted to film, me fucking you in a bunch of ways and cumming on your face. You do look fantastic with my white hot cum dripping off your face.

After supper the doorbell rings and they show up. They're around our age and in similar shape, so they know what they're going to be seeing. After multiple Pina Coladas for you we head to the spare room where we set up the video equipment. After a quick run through we decided that they would take turns shooting the video.

You had on a red bustier with high heels with your bathrobe draped over you when I came in the room and started kissing your neck from behind, wrapping my hands around you and pressing my hard cock against your ass. With some light music playing in the background, I removed your robe and gently cupped your breasts and tugged at your sexy nipples. They rose to meet my fingers under the silky material. You reached your hand back behind you to grab my cock and start stroking it with long, slow deliberate strokes.

I turn you around and you kneel before me, pulling cock from it's fruit of the loom prison and gently sliding you lips over the tip, engulfing my cock down to my swollen balls. The camera is close by and I look up to the monitor and see the way your lipstick glints off the lights as your sexy lips tighten and you increase your rhythm.

Our sense of arousal is heightened, as our nervousness fades, knowing that their eyes and camera are watching us. Knowing this, and feeling the massive load of cum building, I pull you up roughly and kiss you, my tongue exploring and darting between your beautiful lips. I need to taste your pussy, so I throw you down on the bed and roughly pull your panties aside, exposing your perfect, pink pussy lips. My fingers explore and rub your clit and lips as I bend over and lick your pussy, plunging my fingers inside of your wetness. Your moans increase as the camera roams over the scene, your tits out with nipples hard as you rub them, my tongue dancing on your pussy and your body writhing on the bed. You look over and see the cameraman's ever-increasing bulge in his pants and his wife's wandering hand as she surveys the scene.

Their eyes on us make our passion explode and you beg me to fuck you hard. Spreading your sexy legs, I guide my big cock into your little wet pussy, as the camera zooms in. My balls slap against your pussy as I increase my rhythm and I pound your pussy until you scream with pleasure, first one orgasm, then another...I can't hold back, and my plans to cum on your face is blown as I release load after load of hot cum into your awaiting pussy. I pull back to see that cum drip out of your swollen pussy lips as he moves the camera in and records the are far from done however, and tell me so. I tell you to get up on you knees so I can see that cum drip out of you as the camera records.

We all look at each other, not sure what to do next. I clearly need a chance to recharge so we ask them if they want to be filmed while we recuperate. He already has his pants around his ankles and she pulls his impressive cock into her mouth as you grab the camera and I stand back to watch. Our lovemaking has charged them and the go at it like wild animals. He stands her up and gropes her breasts, and pulls up her skirt. Pushing her up against the wall he slams his cock into her pussy. You zoom into his cock sliding in and out of her pussy...his balls violently slapping, both moaning....she reaches down and rubs her pussy as his big cock pounds her into the wall. She begs him to fuck her harder and he picks up one let and puts it on his shoulder so he can thrust his manhood into her farther, the camera records it all. I can see you rubbing your pussy as you watch the scene, and my hard-on is growing.

Flipping her around, he fucks her from behind, and she comes with a violent scream and growl.