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He makes her admit her fantasies.

It will be great to see you again. What's that stay here for a few days, of course? We'll talk about it when you get here."

Danni hung up the phone and told Rick that his cousin Winnie was stopping over for a visit and may stay with him for a few days.

"So how old is she?"

"Oh no, Winnie is a guy. His name is Winston but I call him Winnie. He's gay too.

"Really, did you two ever make it together?"

"Yes, he was my first lover and I was his. You'll like him. He likes to dress as a girl too."

"We'll see."

They both returned to the newspaper while they waited for Winnie to arrive. Rick wondered what he would look like and if he would be dressed as a girl. If Winnie was even close to Danni's good looks, Rick would be comfortable fucking him. When Winnie arrived he was dressed as a man but his ass looked great in the tight slacks. Danni put the suitcase in his bedroom and then gave his cousin a tour of the condo. They returned to the family room to join Rick and get better acquainted.

Winnie could pass for Danni's brother as they were about the same height and weight and had great looking asses. Winnie had dark brown hair that was bushy and covered his ears and neck compared to Danni's long straight blonde hair. They were the same age.

"You two could pass for brothers."

"Once we were both dressed like girls and people thought we were sisters," Winnie told Rick.

Rick was curious how they became lovers and he listened to them tell their story. They were both 18 at the time and Winnie was staying with Danni's family. The two of them shared Danni's bedroom with two twin beds in the room. It started with them both masturbating and watching each other. Then they stroked each other's cock. It quickly progressed to oral sex and a 69 position. As they sucked cocks they fingered their bottoms and soon experimented with anal sex. They each took the other's anal virginity. For the rest of the summer they fucked and sucked as often as they could without getting caught.

"God just talking about that summer again has got me horny," Winnie sighed.

"Come with me, let's get this party started," Danni said as took Winnie's hand and led him to the bedroom.
Rick followed the two cuties into the bedroom. Things moved quickly and within minutes Danni and Winnie were naked fucking in bed. As Rick watched the two of them fucked he felt his own cock harden and he decided to join in. He stripped off his clothes and his big cock sprung to attention. Rick walked around in front of Winnie who stared at Rick's imposing cock.

"I think that you might like this," he said as he waved his big dick in front of the pretty face.

"Wow, you are hung just as Danni said."

"Winnie, suck his cock while I fuck you."

Winnie tentatively reached for Rick's cock. He held the long thick cock in his hand briefly before he finally licked the head with his tongue. Winnie was surprised by the girth of the cock as he could not wrap his hand all the way around it. Winnie opened his mouth and took the head into his mouth and he felt his jaw strain slightly to accommodate its size. He only took about four inches of the cock into his mouth and began to suck on it. Danni resumed fucking the cute brunette as Winnie sucked on the big cock. Danni was thrilled to be fucking Winnie again and it didn't take long for him to cum and fill the curvy ass with a massive load. It had been some time since Danni had fucked anyone and he was thrilled to do it to Winnie once again.

Rick liked the blow job he was getting from Winnie as it was as good as any Danni had given him.

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