Gorgeous rogue encounters the housewife. High Quality Porn

Slow seduction.

Mostly, some of the things we've done and, uh, how we compare to Sheila. She's been as concerned about some of her recent behaviour as I've been about some of mine and we've come to see... Sweetie pie, I'll just come out and say it: Unless something major rears its ugly head here, this is where I belong. I don't want to do the things I'm capable of, not to myself and not to others. I don't want to run amuck like Sheila always did, and that's why this estate has been set up and run the way it has been by both your aunt Ashleigh and your great grandmother before her. So we can run safely amuck."

" ... You've decided?" I asked, quite surprised about this.

"More or less," she replied after sucking at her straw. "Like I say, unless you or I uncover something here that we really don't like but, at this point, my gut tells me Ashleigh's pretty much on the up and up. I've already told Kitten that she should stay and that I was seriously thinking about it as well."

"Wow. ... Sheila told me that she's probably gonna stay too."

She only nodded at this and a grin slowly spread across my mouth as I suddenly realized that she already knew that, this information actually another reason for her staying, though this was something else she'd probably deny.

"Did you have fun playing with Gina's pussy with her?"

" ... Yeah," she defensively admitted.

" ... I told Sheila about you and me."

It was her turn to choke on her drink. I even waited until she was about to swallow before I told her. The look on her flushed features was priceless as she was finally able to look incredulously at me.

"You what!?"

I shrugged, took a casual gulp of my drink and said, "Well, she felt so zeroed in on. Everybody knew the things she'd done and she was feeling pretty bad, so I told her about us to make her feel better about herself."

"Oh my god, you've made me look like a total hypocrite!"

"You were. Turns out Kitten was too."

I'd said it with a smile and it was probably the only thing that saved me from getting hurt just then.

"I should kill you!" she amazed.

"Ashleigh knows about us too."

I couldn't help but laugh at the blank, red faced expression that took over my astounded mother's features just then.

"Oh, sure! Laugh it up while Mummy looks and feels like a complete, hypocritical fool! They knew all along about...? Oh my god! Hon!"

"Yeah well, in my own defense, I knew Sheila wouldn't tell anybody or judge us too harshly, plus I had a good reason for telling her. But I wouldn't have actually volunteered that information to Ashleigh. She already knew."

"What do you mean, she 'knew'?"

"She could see that my eyes were turned on, as she puts it. She told me that the only way that could have happened was through sex with another Burchell and, since you're the only other Burchell I've ever known... well, the math is pretty easy from there."

" ... Drat."

"Look at the bright side, Mum."

"Oh, she expressed in a totally put on, casual demeanor of indifference, "there's a bright side to looking like a hypocritical, deviant, incestuous fool? I wouldn't have thought as much, but do tell."

"Yes, there's a bright side. Neither Ashleigh or Sheila has a problem with it. In fact, they'd like to see it. Especially Sheila."

"In Sheila's case, that doesn't come as a big surprise, but Ashleigh?"

"Well, how did Kitten take the news about us?"

"Actually, she wanted to hear more. It turned her on too, but I didn't tell her it was an ongoing thing between us, only that we were once in a bind with our superintendant and that we had to do what he told us for a while. Which is true. Isn't it?"


"(Giggle!) Oh my god... I see what you're saying, that we can relax now and that it's no big deal here, but I'm just so used to the natural secrecy around us where that's concerned."

"I know what you mean. Sometimes it's embarrassing, like when Sheila wants details and stuff, but there's a certain freedom in having nothing left to lose."

"Bobby McGee knew it."


"An old song," she explained, goi