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Master ties up his slave in every position.

He had requested a meeting to ask for Angelina's hand in marriage as he wanted none other.

His proposal was readily accepted but with the assuredness that neither spoke of the engagement till after the ball was over.

Her father told him it was her duty to view all candidates even thought he knew his daughter had also fell in love with La Mar as well.

So the ball had went on much to La Mar watching every cock of the walk who danced with Angelina.

As he watched the beauty glide across the floor he fantasized her in his arms .touching her gently, lovingly with hunger as he started at her lips and worked his way down to a ripe breast lightly chewing her to ecstasy

Coming to himself he looked across the room as a dark figure emerged into the light to ask Angelina to dance. This was someone he had not met before .

Who was this stranger and how dare he assume she would dance with him. Anger and jealousy ran rampant and the two danced and talked and laughed together as if they had known each other for years.

La Mar was at odds and he also noticed all eyes were on the couple as they danced together . As the dance ended the man moved away from Angelina and then disappeared and La Mar could not find him.

Going to Angelina he had asked her with whom she had been dancing and she looked at him as though in a trance and told him she knew not of who he had spoken of.

So as of not ruining his love's evening he relaxed and forgot about the stranger as he waltzed her once more.

The ball was a magnificent flurry of activity and all enjoyed the merriment. La Mar and Angelina's family's had been friends and neighbors for many years.

Both wealthy in plantation farming and entertainment. Both sides knew the match to be one of importance to their family's and welcome the two young lovers in all.

As the ball was nearing the end Angelina and La Mar stepped out into the full moon night for a breath of air. La Mar could wait no longer as he gathered Angelina into his arms and passionately kissed her .

Hearing a noise he looked up to see the stranger who had danced with Angelina earlier .

Warnings went off in his head as he watched the stranger approach them. Looking at Angelina he saw her eyes change and grow in a haze. La Mar looked the man right in the eyes and saw there a deep foreboding gaze that shattered his soul.

He held out his hand and Angelina seemed to glide to his side and all the while his eyes dared La Mar to object.

In a flash they were gone as La Mar was left alone and torn in which way to turn. Searching he could find no means of which they had disappeared to.

As his hectic search returned to the ballroom many were giving him strange glances. In finding Angelina's father he was told to meet in the study as he gathered both families to meet there.

Once again La Mar could still see the stranger's face and his eyes that seem to be a dead man walking.

But he was not dead and had been alive and had whisked Angelina away somewhere and he was bent on finding her as he waited patiently for the families to appear.

Angelina's father was the first to speak as all eyes turned towards him.

La Mar tells me we have had a visitor that has whisked Angelina away" he said . "La Mar here is the only one of us that has never been told the curse that surrounds our families and how we came to be".

"Long ago my boy we were two families cursed with a dark man who visited us and told us of living forever and never dieing". "The same man you saw tonight."

"We had not saw him since our first meeting many ages ago when we first came to this country from Italy". "Our families were starving and very poor and he offered life but not as we knew it."

"To save our families we took him up on his offer to live in what he offered and in return he would visit every so often and have a bride to choose from."

"As I said he had not come back before now and now he is here once again and has took Angelina as his first bride from the families he kept alive and flourishing for so long ".

La Mar knew this was n

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