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The woman looked her over, and then drew on a pair of rubber gloves with a snap. Firstly her mouth had been pried open and her teeth examined. She had always had excellent teeth, and had been curious to the requirement on the contract, but it seems nothing was to be taken for granted. Once satisfied with her teeth, the woman examining her had forced a gag into her mouth and instructed her to bite firmly.

Next she was told to stand, turn around, bend over and display her buttocks, then to lie on her back on the wooden floor, spread her legs widely, open her pussy lips with her hands and display her cunt to the examiner.

She seemed gruffly satisfied with her looks, and ordered to her feet again. The examiner had then begun to examine her breasts in detail, and she felt as if it were a doctor's examination than anything sexual, although her nakedness and abject helplessness left her with a feeling of dread and arousal.

Again the grunt of satisfaction, and she was led to a small table and instructed to lie on the table. Her legs were pushed open, and a cold metal spreader was inserted deeply into cunt, swabs taken, and then the examiner collected them together and left her alone on the table, her legs and cunt spread, and desperately aroused.

The woman returned from the next room, not pausing to explain once what was happening. She had stepped up to Angel, withdrawn the spreader and placed it on a tray to be sterilised. She'd then removed the rubber gloves and her lab coat, showing that she was indeed naked beneath it, although she also wore a small silver collar and several interesting body-piercings.

The second 'examination' had been vastly different. This time instead of the cold examination, her breasts and nipples were played with, bitten, sucked and lightly spanked. Helpless at the change in her circumstance, Angel had begun to orgasm from the attention. She'd then been ordered onto her stomach and told to raise her hips into the air. Carefully the woman had lubricated the fingers of one hand and then pushed two, then three deep into Angel's cunt, not stopping for the orgasms that were ripping uncontrollably through Angel now.

Seemingly satisfied with Angel's response thus far, the woman had once again lubricated two fingers, and then pushed them slowly but firmly deep into Angel's arse. Angel almost screamed, cumming desperately as the woman slowly finger-fucked her arse. Finally the woman had lowered her mouth to Angel's pussy and had proceeded to lick Angel's clit firmly, as Angel had writhed, screaming her orgasms into the gag wadded into her mouth.

Her next memory was of a different room, and this time with an older man, who stood next to a table on which glittered several large needles and some jewelry. She had been pushed firmly into a chair beside the table, and before she could have time to dread what was about to happen, the man grasped one of her nipples firmly, and pulled it towards him. He then rubbed her nipple with alcohol and the cold sting of the alcohol evaporating on her skin helped the nipple stand up even further. A needle was then pushed through the skin beneath her nipple, and Angel had cried out desperately with the pain.

The pain of both her nipples being pierced, and the small silver hoops closed in place stood out as one of her few clear memories. Her legs had then been held apart, her pussy carefully shaved leaving only a small amount of blonde pubic hair above her smooth and very wet slit. Her clit had then been sharply pulled and played with until it expanded (and she had been held down hard while she thrashed in orgasm), and then it also had been pierced with a small but thick ring that left her clit permanently exposed.

Again, she had been bundled into the trunk of the car, and this time she could feel her clit throbbing with the cold ring beneath it... but there was not enough room for her to hold her legs open, and as the car was jostled through its journey, she was helpless to avoid screaming in pain and orgasm.

The second journey had been much longer, and she h