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A warm day brings about a chance encounter.

Whatever the professor had done, he had allowed me to remember all the events that had occurred this day, up to that very moment. I remembered absolutely everything I'd done since I'd arrived home from school.

"Are you okay, Becky?" the professor, asked softly. Tim was still seated, trying to look away and cover himself. I didn't see my brother, Brad, anywhere.

The gravity of the situation was overloading my circuits. To sum up the events earlier from today, I'd fucked my lab partner while sucking off Brad, my brother. Then I fucked Brad while Tim had gone to fetch the professor. I practically raped the professor when he got here... and then Tim again, before being "hypnotized" back to normal.

As the two sat there staring at me, I felt like such a colossal slut. The 'modest me' was back and absolutely mortified that she had done such horrendous things.

The professor finally looked to Tim and said, "Why don't we pack up here. Let's give her some privacy."

While I stood there in shock, still naked, Tim quickly got dressed and paired up with the professor who had offered to give Tim a lift to his dorm.

"Goodbye, Becky," said Tim, quietly, as he reached for the door. "We'll see you in class."

As I mentioned, it's been an hour since Tim and Dr. Anderson left the apartment and I still hadn't gotten off the sofa, or even cleaned up. I just sat there, quietly sobbing, embarrassed, confused, frozen in shame. It was then I heard a soft voice behind me.

"Becky, are you going to be okay?" It was Brad. I turned and saw him entering the living room. He was dressed in his flannel pajamas, his typical lounge-around attire in the evenings.

I wiped off a tear and said, "No... I don't know... Ugh... I just can't believe I did that..."

I knew I probably had reason to be angry with my brother for fucking me, but considering the actions I'd initiated, I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around it all. Brad, however, brought up the subject, anyway.

"Becky, I am really sorry," said Brad, sitting down in the loveseat across from me. "What happened today was perhaps unforgiveable, but please... if you can understand, know that I never meant to hurt you, or humiliate you in any way. You were just, uh... kind of irresistible. But now I feel terrible about it. It's why I excused myself to my room when Tim and the professor got here."

"You mean, after we... we..." I couldn't get it out.

"Should I get your robe?" Brad asked.

I touched my face, feeling dried cum. I looked at Brad, still with that shocked look on my face. "Oh my god, Brad, this is so embarasing. Yes, please."

As Brad stood up to get my robe, I noticed his eyes take another quick peek at my tits and that familiar shiver shot through my body. Hypnotized or not, I had to admit that I must have enjoyed people sexualizing me. I suppose I had always represssed that, prior to this experience.

As Brad left to get the robe, I leaned back against the couch and stretched out. With my shoulders arched, my tits were quite a sight to behold. I figured if I was finally going to get dressed, I may as well allow Brad one more good view... and for me, one more good reaction to it. Why not? It wasn't as if the day hadn't been far crazier than that already, I thought.

But when Brad came back, that horny feeling proved much more intense than I'd expected. His piercing eyes at my naked body instantly soaked my pussy. I was so excited from his reaction to my nudity, it felt like I was halfway to an orgasm. Then a thought hit me and I froze. My blank stare must have caught my brother's attention.

"You okay? What's wrong?" he asked.

I looked up my brother. "The professor had been insistant that I remember all the events that happened today when he 'un-hypnotized' me, as it were. He felt I needed to know and remember everything. Brad, do you remember when I had explained earlier, while I was under that post-hypnotic trance or whatever it was, that everything felt hyper-sexualized?"

"Yeah, I remember," Brad said, sitting down next to me.

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