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it wide open and give me a big hug and a kiss! Will you do that?"

"But Jay, what if there are other people coming along the walkway? I don't want to expose my nudity to anyone but you!"

"Trish, I'll have the room key with me and if there is any chance of people approaching or coming out of their rooms, I'll use the key and let myself in without knocking! Also, you can look through the little peak hole in the door to assure yourself it is just me! Do you trust me to do exactly what I've just described?"

"Yes, I trust you Jay, ..... but I'm still a bit nervous about opening the door being totally naked!"

"OK, good! I'm on my way and believe me; I'll hurry back as fast as I can realizing that the thought of how you will greet me is really turning me on!"

I grabbed the trolley, pulled it to the elevator and was glad that the elevator was still there and I didn't have to wait on it. As the elevator door opened at the ground floor, I parked the trolley, got in the car and drove off to a proper parking area. Needless to say, I walked quickly back inside, waiting impatiently for the elevator and for it to arrive at the 8th floor. On arrival, I took a deep breath, attempting to calm myself before arriving at our door. Checking back the way I came to be sure nobody was following, I paused at the door and then knocked.

Just as I was hoping, Trish opened the door a little way and then, assuming that she was now certain about my being the one who knocked, swung it open all the way. She reached up her arms to give me that hug, but was expecting me to quickly enter ...... but I remained just outside.

"Jay! Get in here .... now! Are you trying to embarrass me?"

"No Darling, I just want to take a moment to enjoy the vision of your very sexy and naked form ...... as well as enjoy your embrace! As I stated earlier, I wouldn't knock if there was any danger of exposing you! Just take a moment to look up and down the landing to verify that we are all alone. Then, step forward to the threshold and give me that very deserving hug!"

Trish leaned forward just enough to check both ways, then apparently confirming her safety, stepped out enough to wrap her arms around my neck ....... while trying to pull me inside. I reached around her, lifting her up while hugging firmly and twisting her to the left and right in the late afternoon sunshine. I also tried to kiss her in this position, but she had some words instead.

"Jay! Put me down and get inside ...... this is not least for me!"

I couldn't help but chuckle in response but I did step inside with her and moved in far enough that she reached out and slammed the door.

"Now Jay, I can enjoy and participate in that kiss you were asking for." was her reply."

We did have a firm and loving kiss along with our embrace. I just couldn't release her as I was enjoying the embrace and the feel of her body against mine.

I said, "Trish, you feel so good in my arms and I want you to know that you are the love of my life and I'm so very happy with our life together! I can only hope that you feel our life together is as rewarding and meaningful as it is for me!

"Jay, your words are wonderful to my ears and heart and I can only reply 'ditto' for me! Now, are you going to match my nudity or just what is your plan?"

"Yes Trish, I'm going to get out of these clothes quickly, but while I'm doing that I have a request of you? Without waiting for a response I said, Please go over to the couch and recline on your side facing me. Yes, that's beautiful ....... only raise your left leg and place it on top of the couch ...... draw your leg up a bit and bend you knee toward you! That's great!"I exclaimed.

"Jay, this open pussy position you have me in ...... I thought might get you naked more quickly! Is my blatant flaunting serving only to distract you? I am starting to wonder when I'm going to see something stiff? For that last hour of our travel, I've been looking forward to seeing and using that cock to penetrate me ..... giving both of us pleasure!"

At this point I was down to my sh

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