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" Theron walked forward from the crowd, chiselled features pulled down into a wide frown.

"Cai-Theron, my boy, you don't seem to understand...the insult! Allowing the only daughter of Highever to wed a bastard...foregoing an alliance that could ensure the safety of your crown-"

"And that's up to her and her family to decide, now isn't it? As her brother is standing beside her betrothed, I'm not seeing how the family can feel insulted. As for Alistair, he is my brother and I expect you to treat him as such. He is a Prince of Ferelden and my heir, and I will not hear that word applied to him from your lips again, am I clear?"

My eyes went wide, and I looked between Alistair and Aedan; Aedan shrugged noncommittally, but from his profile, Alistair's expression was as dumbfounded as mine must have been. Since when is Alistair Cailan's heir? And why isn't Aedan surprised? Eamon looked, if anything, even more freaked out than Alistair and I. Which seemed ridiculous, given that I knew he'd forget Cailan in a heartbeat if he died, and put Alistair on the throne without a second's pause. Grasping bastard...

Eamon opened his mouth and stepped in it even worse. "You would come into my home, and abuse my trust, my hospitality like this-"
"Careful, Uncle. Think hard before you continue that sentence, and perhaps remember who it is that saved your life, as well as who has the ability to take this home away from you. You may be Arl, for now, but you will remember who is King."

Somehow, impossibly, Eamon's face became even more crimson, and he started looking distinctly unwell. He was sweating and breathing shallowly, his hands curled into fists and his mouth opening and closing like a fish as he considered what to say next. I worried briefly that he could be having a heart attack, but saw Wynne and Anders nearby looking unconcerned, so I relaxed.

"Your Majesty," he finally replied, tone cold. "I apologise for overreaching. I shall leave you to your..." he glanced dismissively at Alistair and me, "entertainment." His response was formal enough to pass as polite, though the words were clearly meant derisively. He frowned at Theron and Aedan, shot Alistair and me one more dirty look, and then spun on his heel and marched out of the Chantry, letting the doors slam behind him.

In his wake, everyone looked at each other uncertainly, soft whispers barely heard from the front where I was standing. Alistair reached his hand back towards me, and I grabbed it and clung for dear life. I was so angry at Eamon. How dare he interrupt my wedding to call my husband a bastard? I struggled to contain my anger, to hold back a scream of rage. I swore to myself that if he ever did something to hurt Alistair like that again, I'd kill him myself. Theron appeared to be having similar thoughts.

"You okay?" I asked Alistair, worried he'd be devastated by the vocal disapproval from his first father figure.

"You know what?" He smiled at me and squeezed my hand. "I really am. I'm fine."

His expression matched his words, though how it could be true was beyond me. Not knowing what to say, I just held onto his hand, a couple of tears of total aggravation gliding down my cheek. Alistair wiped them with the thumb of his free hand, smiling encouragement at me. "It's going to be fine. I swear it."

Finally Mother Hannah cleared her throat and clapped her hands, motioning for everyone to have a seat.

"Do you still wish to proceed?" she asked Alistair and me, voice pitched low so as not to carry through the Chantry. Only Leli and Aedan would have been close enough to hear.

We both nodded without hesitation, and so she picked up as well as she could from where we left off. We finished exchanging rings, and I stared down at my hand in awe. I'd never thought I'd see that finger with a gold ring on it. A couple of tears escaped, and Alistair smiled in understanding.

Mother Hannah was talking again, and I struggled to keep up with her, but when she asked me a question, the answer