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Mary moves quickly to entice the innocent Chelsea.

At that point he moved to her shoulders and began lightly working his fingers around her neck and shoulders. At his initial touch, Debbie gave a little start but soon succumbed to his gentle but strong touch. Moving down her back he kept working the oil into her soft skin as she became more and more relaxed. Just the opposite was happening to me. To my surprise I found myself getting aroused watching this nice looking guy giving my wife the pleasure she was so obviously enjoying.

He was so slow, working all the muscles in her back, by the time he got to her butt cheeks I already had a pretty serious hard on. Just then, he asked to be excused and directions to the bathroom. It was getting time for another glass of wine anyway so when he left I asked Debbie if she would like some. She just nodded and groaned what I took to be a yes.

Returning with her wine, she thanked me with a light kiss on my lips, then confessed that this was turning her on more than she ever would have imagined. She reached up and took hold of my semi-erect member, looked up into my eyes and said, "You're rather enjoying this also, aren't you?"

I told her then that it was really a hot scene; seeing her covered in oil, glistening in the candle glow with this hunk attending to her needs.

She said, "Not all of my needs".

Doug came back into the room and grabbed up some more oil, apologizing for the delay. I just winked at Debbie and told her, "this is your day, enjoy it to the fullest."

Sitting back down with my wine Doug said he should start over again because of the brake. He got no argument form either of us. It wasn't long before he was back down to her butt cheeks and I again was straining at my zipper.

Making long strokes down her legs then back up to her ass was really starting to get to the both of us. Hell, I was sure it had to be turning Doug on a bit also.

Debbie slowly spread her legs a bit so Doug could massage her inner thighs. Her pussy had to be just aching for touch at this point, although she looked totally at ease. I must have been mesmerized by the scene before me because when Debbie called for me I was startled.

I walked up and almost whispered that I was here for her and she asked if I were certain about her enjoying this to its fullest. I assured her that I loved her and that yes, I wanted it to be the best gift she ever received. At that she smiled up at me, pulled herself up on her elbows and started unbuttoning my slacks.

I smiled at her then looked up at Doug. He was grinning as he continued to work on Debbie's ass and legs then nodded that it was fine with him. I helped her pull my slacks and briefs down past my knees.

When I stood back up Debbie took hold of the base of my cock and slowly placed her lips around the head. Licking all around then giving small kisses to the tip and she ever so slowly started sucking me into her mouth. I felt her suck down hard which brought me halfway back to reality. I looked up and Doug was concentrating his attentions between my wife's legs, he must have just touched her pussy lips by the way she sucked down on my cock.

I watched as she wiggled her butt and pushed towards his hands. Looking back down I enjoyed both the sight and the feeling of my dick sliding into that warm wet mouth of hers; her lips engulfing the head then slipping down over my shaft as she stroked my balls with her free hand.

Debbie was moaning softly, my dick sliding easily in and out of her mouth. I know how wet she gets when sucking my cock and with the added attention she had to be soaked right now.

Doug bent down and placed a small kiss on her left butt cheek then looked up at me for my approval. "Of course" I said as I smiled back at him.

With that he placed both hands on each cheek, spread them slightly began licking her pussy from behind.

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