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When time management becomes a sensual game.

As it was now just the right temperature, the Bears soon joined in too, until they had all eaten their fill and placed the ladles on the floor next to it.

Now Uncle Bear could hold back no longer and stepped forward, offering her his big throbbing cock. Kneeling up in her white socks and smiling, she took it with her left hand, and stroking the hair on his stomach with her right hand, she guided it into her mouth, opening wide to get the end inside. She sucked another inch in carefully, and then pushed it out by swirling her tongue around it, then spat on her hands and gripped the pink shaft tight and moved down the ten inches to the base. The man growled in pleasure as she sucked on the end again, taking a little more in, then bobbed back and forth at a steady rate, licking it and sucking hard. She took in one more inch so it hit the top of her throat and began sucking even harder, alternating between quick short strokes and long slow ones, masturbating herself and his shaft all the time.

Soon Daddy Bear wanted a piece of the fun, and moved next to Uncle Bear on the other side of Goldilocks. Her eyes widened when she saw the size of his manhood. It was over twelve inches long and more than two and a half inches thick, the head almost purple in hue, big veins visible all over it. Taking a break from Uncle Bear's dick, Goldilocks just managed to fit enough of Daddy Bear's in her mouth to suck and lick, but no more. She settled for a rhythm of sucking this and then licking up and down his shaft, using her right hand up to massage the shaft with spittle whilst wanking Uncle Bear with her left hand, then returning to suck Uncle Bear off.

Watching all this, Junior Bear had got another erection, and was starting to get a little agitated that he wouldn't be seeing any more action. However, his father knew this and soon he reluctantly pulled both himself and his brother away from being orally pleasured. Goldilocks looked a little disappointed.

"I think it's time your punishment continued my girl," said Daddy Bear. "Bend over on your hands and knees." She did so, the Bears now faced with a delicious plump shapely arse with tufts of curly blonde hair framing the damp slit of her pussy. Daddy Bear crouched down and pushed his face into it, then ran his tongue down between her lips towards her clit, making Goldilocks moan as her began eating her out. However, that was not his intention, and after only a few licks he moved up to her tight virgin anus, circling it making her shiver, and then thrusting his tongue into it making her squeak in surprise. No one had ever gone there with her before, but once the shock wore off she began to enjoy the sensation of his wet warm tongue caressing the nerves there.

Satisfied that her sphincter was well lubricated with slimy slobber, Daddy Bear got up and shuffled forward. "Now Goldilocks," he said, directing his enormous cock at the tiny little hole, "the next part of your punishment is to be buggered. We will be gentle as we don't want to hurt you, so you must say how it feels and we will stop if you say so. OK?"

"Yes mister Bear," the little girl replied, looking back over her shoulder, her freckled face showing obvious curiosity at what this would be like, having long since surrendered herself to the fate the Bears had designed for her. Very slowly, Daddy Bear pushed his hips forward, the tip of his dick pressing onto her forbidden entrance. The flesh compressed under the pressure, and then eventually Goldilocks relaxed her muscles and the very tip slipped into the circle of the muscle. He pushed a little harder and a bit more went in, though this was only half the width so far. He tried a little more, and Goldilocks let out a little scream.

"OUCH!" she cried. "That cock is MUCH too big!"

"Very well," said Daddy Bear, and he pulled away and stood up thinking for a moment. "Son," he said finally, "You try. This time be even more careful than before."

Junior Bear came forward and knelt behind Goldilocks, spat a little to replace the lube t