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Sex on a motorcycle.

Both of them had been a long time since they had had full congress and both came copiously. As they slowed and came down from their high, Henry kissed her again, forcing her mouth open so he could drive his tongue deep into her mouth. They slumped together, breathless, hugging each other, more for support than lust or affection.

Henry slowly withdrew his cock, which flopped down, already growing flaccid. They kissed again, gently, almost like a tender farewell. He stepped back, slipped his cock back into his trousers and zipped them up before dropping his hands to his side and started to apologise. "Abigail, I'm, I'm sorry. I don't know what ..."

She put her finger to his lips and softly said. "I know just what happened. We both had a need, a need so powerful that it had to be filled. The question now is 'what next?'."

Henry stuttered. "I ... I... I don't know. We should never do this thing again. We should ... "

Abigail interrupted. "Henry, you know we can't just stop and forget. Either I leave now and we never see each other again, or, we find a way to continue. After all we are both adults with a need. A strong need. You cannot make love to your wife, at least not until she is fit and strong again, which may be years, if ever. I could have sex with another man, if I wished, but feel I should continue to help you, at least, until Janet can resume relations with you. Don't you think that is the right thing to do?"

Henry was nodding to this but still unsure. Abigail patted his shoulder, wrapped her robe about her and disappeared into the bathroom. Henry slowly descended the stairs and rejoined his wife. He slumped into his chair and taking a book up to cover his distraction tried to control his whirling thoughts.

For the next few weeks Henry was on tenterhooks. He tried to ensure that he didn't meet Abigail away from his wife, although this was extremely difficult in such a small house. When she did see him, she gave a quiet smile, obviously understanding his difficulty. This situation was slowly destroying Henry and obviously would have got worse if it hadn't been for a letter from the hospital, asking Janet to attend a day ward to have several specialised tests done under a general anaesthetic. Assuming there were no problems she could be out that day, otherwise staying possibly for a day or two, if further tests were required.

On the appointed day, Henry drove her to the hospital and helped her to the ward where an officious nurse took over, almost snatching Janet's case. She sent Henry on his way, telling him to ring late afternoon regarding Janet's discharge. After kissing his wife, Henry drove home.

When he got home, he was greeted by Abigail, wearing only her dressing gown. She came close to him and kissed his lips. Henry jerked back away but then slowly returned the kiss. "Henry," she said, "This is an ideal opportunity. I know you love your wife and I don't want to break that bond. This is just sex, plain simple sex between adults. No complications. Call it 'caring with benefits'. We may not get another opportunity like this again." Her robe slipped to the floor and she reached forward to his zip. Pulling out his stiffening cock, she led him to the couch and lay down with her legs open.

"But ... " Henry started, to be silenced by her lips.

"Take me, please. I'm yours for this moment. Let's rut like the animals we are. It's just sex, nothing more." As she said this, she was guiding his cock towards her cunt.

Finally making the decision, Henry pushed her hand away and proceeded to enter her already moist hole. Once in, he began thrusting, slowly at first but getting fiercer as lust overcome his hesitance. His hands kneaded her breasts, grasping the nipples in his desire to possess her body. Again he came very quickly as did she. He lay gasping on top of her for several moments before rolling off and standing up.

Henry stepped away, rezipping himself.

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