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A sole survivor; the journey begins.

Hanks trousers dropped to his feet there to rest upon her dress like two long lost friends. Megan pulled his jockey shorts to the side so she could feel the soft skin and hardness of his manly cock full in her hands. Megan closed her eyes as she let her fingers measure it, circle it, gage its size as she stroked it slowly back and forth. Then with out warning she turned around dropping to her knees. Pushing the foreskin back to revel a long pointed deep purple tip she opened her mouth, paused looked up into Hank's eyes then slipped her mouth down the long stiff shaft until the head touched the rear of her throat.

Megan felt the long hard cock swell in her mouth, she felt him shutter and then she tasted Hank for the first time. His sperm was sweet, only slightly salty and very pleasant. Megan sucked his sperm greedily swallowing the thick fluid, licking and sucking it wanting more and more.

Hank reached down lifting Megan by the arms to her feet pulling her into his flat athletic body. "My God child I have never had that happen so fast in all my life. You're talented and beautiful. Now that is rare. Now let me return the favor and see if I can give you at least some measure of pleasure." With this he lifted her up and carried her to the bed. There he laid her across the bed so her legs were hanging off not touching the floor. Hank lifted her legs spreading them as he kneeled on the floor placing his head between her legs. His mouth opened to cover her nearly hairless pussy. His tongue flicked out like a snake punching her tiny clitoris. She loved it when Tom licked her clitoris but he had never rammed his stiff tongue into it like Hank was doing. Megan liked this feeling as it was different wilder and this man was not Tom he was exciting wonderful and Megan screamed in delight when Hank pushed a finger up into her tiny rear tunnel.

Megan screamed "Yes, yes fuck my ass, please fuck my ass. Finger fuck my ass and suck on my clitoris." Megan was out of her mind squirming jerking around lifting her ass off the bed Megan shook as she let go with a climax that even surprised her. She spurted freely the sweet tasting nectar of the gods filling Hank's mouth and washing his face with a warm sweet stream of a piss like fluid. Hank was delighted and Megan was astounded at how wonderful she felt.

Megan lay still, Hank still had his face resting on her thigh. His mouth was no longer pressed to Megan's seeping cunt but his finger was still well up Megan's tiny ass hole. Hank slowly started to withdraw his finger when Megan said "No don't take it out. Wiggle it slowly I like how that feels. Come up here get over me so I can suck your cock hard. I want you to fuck my ass. Would you like to fuck my ass?"

Hank was kneeling over Megan's face lifting his hips and lowering them slowly fucking her mouth as he finger fucking her ass hole. Hank was thrilled with this child like girl. She was nineteen but she had the body of a sweet child and the needs of a full grown woman. Hank liked Megan and he was sure she liked him. He also was sure he wanted to see her again, wanted to fuck her again. Hank wanted her to suck his cock so he would watch her beautiful face as he shot her mouth full of cum. But all that would be later right how Hank wanted to feel his cock slide up this girl's slim tight little asshole. Hank told Megan to get up on all fours.

Resting her head on a pillow Megan reached back to spread her cheeks giving Hank a easy view and accessed to her charming little asshole.

The head of Hanks cock had hardly passed the tight little outer ring of Megan's youthful ass hole when the door open and Tom walked in. He came up to the side of the bed looked at the size of the cock poking into Megan's ass and said "Wow, Megan you're going to like this and I am going to join the party."

Hank did not pay any attention to Tom he was so intent on watching his long hard cock disappear up Megan's beautiful young ass he did not care what Tom was doing.

Megan lifted herself up on her hands as Tom got in front of her holding h

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