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I pull into the parking garage of the local mall. I park my car next to Jason's SUV. I get out of my car and Jason give me one of them evil horny smiles and says "Tina this is my friend James" I give James a hug. Even thought I came up with this idea I am super scared!! James is about 5'5 med build brownish/blonde hair and clean-shaven.

"Hi James. I hope we all are going to have a lot of fun tonight." I say as James opens up the car door and I get in the back. James gets in the driver seat and Jason gets in back with me.

"Cant wait you sure you want to do this?" James says as he looks over the seat

"Yeah just it stays our secret out side of this truck we do not know each other" I say as he starts to pull out of the parking lot.

We start driving. As soon as we are on a back road Jason UN does his pants, his cock already hard. "Be a good little slut and suck this black cock!" I start sucking on it, instantly my pussy gets wet as I feel his cock filling up my mouth. I love having a cock in my mouth it turns me on so much I almost cumm! He takes his hand and grabs my hair and forces more of it in my mouth. "Gag on that cock like a good whore! MMMMM that's right. Take this black dick. You love my cock don't you slut? You love the taste of my cock" He pulls my hair up lifting my mouth from his shaft. "Answer me slut tell me you love my cock!"

"I love sucking your cock Jason, I love being your dirty little whore" he then forces my head back on to his cock. I start sucking his cock and playing with his balls

"I want my nuts in your mouth bitch", as he pulls my head from the shaft and forces my face to his nuts. I start licking his sack and then take one ball into my mouth and roll it with my tongue then I do the same to his other nut. His cock and balls are dripping from my salvia. "That's right suck my balls bitch!... Oh yeah you're such a good little slut. You love being my slut don't you" I go to answer but he shoves my face back onto his shaft I gag a little as he starts to fuck my face. His cock is so big I can't get the last 2 inches in my mouth. "You ready to take my cum? Then you're going to be a good little slut and take Jimmy's cock right!"

"Yes! I want you to cum in my mouth please give it to me now" I beg he grabs my hair tighter but lets me control the sucking. I suck as hard and as far down as I can flicking the head with my tongue as I pass it. His hips thrust up, as I taste his load shooting into my mouth. I keep sucking till every drop is gone and his cock starts to soften

"James next spot you can pull over and switch" Jason smiles at me and goes is this what you wanted? I nod as James pulls to the side of the road and switches seats with Jason.

We start driving again and James looks at me, I see he is a little nervous. He undoes his pants and I start slowly stroking his cock. It is a decent size but after Jason it is not going to be a hard task to take all of him. I put my lips around the tip and just play with it with my tongue a little and then I suck his cock all the way win my mouth as I play with his balls with my hands. "God damn Jason you were right, she knows how to suck a cock" He starts playing with my tits as I suck his cock deep and fast into my mouth. I take the shaft out of my mouth and take his nuts into my mouth as I stroke the shaft. "Shit girl I am going to bust before we get to the end of the road!" With that I go back to sucking his shaft. Taking every inch deep in my mouth and then all the way out and sliding my tongue in the slit of his head. Seconds later he is pushing my head on to the shaft as deep as it can go and he starts thrusting like he is fucking a pussy and lets a huge load loose right down my throat. I sit up and we both smile at each other.

"Hey next store pull over I need to get some smokes after that!" James yells to the front. We pull into a store and he goes in gets smokes and has one outside the SUV.

"Did you have fun?" I asked Jason

"Yeah and from what I could see and hear he did to!" he says as he turns around and smiles at me.