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.." Your breathing is heavy, and I'm starting to think you might be masturbating. My free hand idly begins to move in my lap.

"Oh yeah? Did you have a good time?"

"I did...I" The rustling and creaking sound gets louder as you pause, breathing heavily into the phone. "W...we...he...oh...oh god...he...he's...he's fucking god he's fucking me right now...."

My breath catches in my throat as I realize what's happening. The rhythmic sounds intensify, and I listen to you gasp and whimper from what can only be his cock thrusting into you. Then a male voice adds itself in the background.

"Tell him...tell him exactly what's happening to you..."

My cock strains inside my pants, and I can barely breathe as you start to talk again, your words punctuated by his fucking. "Oh...oh god...I'm on my legs are spread...oh god...oh god...he's...he's holding them...and fucking me...oh he's fucking me so good...ohhh god..."

My cock is already throbbing in my hand. I can't help squeezing it, feeling my pulse pounding through the thick shaft. I know you can hear me breathing harder and harder through the phone as I listen to my perfect slut moan for me through the phone. When my head clears enough, I take a deep breath and start to talk back to you.

"Oh honey...does it feel good?"

"Ohhh fuck...yes...yes it feels so good..."

"Tell me what feels good, sweetie..."

" cock..."

"Where's his cock at, honey?"

"Ohhhh''s in's in my pussy so deep...fuck..."

I hear him talking again, but I can't understand him this time. My cock throbs in my hand when you start to talk again.

"Mm...yes...yes I am...god yes...I am a little slut..."

I lean back and picture how you must look, laying back with the phone to your ear, him pounding in and out between your legs.

"Oh...oh...oh yes...he...he wa...he wants you to...oh fuck...he wants you to watch..." I hear the telltale sounds of you cumming, a hard gasp and the slightest little squeal as I imagine his cock plunges deep into your hot, tight little pussy. "My door is unlocked...oh please hurry," you beg, as I hear him tell you to bend over just before the phone clicks off.

The walk out to the parking lot seems to take hours. My shoes crunch on the nighttime grass in a rhythm that my mind translates into the deep thrusting of the hard cock against your bent over ass. As I pull out onto the street, I can't help playing with myself some more. My fingers grasp firmly at the material of my pants, wrapping around my erection as I drive, the streetlights flashing by in their own tantalizing regularity. I imagine your perfect round ass sticking up in the air, waiting for him to put his cock inside. I imagine his hands running down your back as he puts it in you, pushing the full length to the hilt and pulling back on your hair as he bottoms out in your dripping wet cunt. I imagine your moans as he starts to plunge it in and out of you from behind. I rub my hard cock through my pants knowing that soon, I wouldn't have to imagine any of it anymore.

On my way up the steps to your apartment, my imagination plays tricks with my ears. All the normal nighttime sounds turn to sex with each step upward, closer to the scene I shouldn't want to see, but deeply do. I start to knock on the door to your apartment, then stop myself and just reach for the knob. It turns easily, and I step inside, closing the door behind me. For a second, I stand and listen, and my ears are rewarded with the same sounds I heard on the phone. I follow the creaking sound to your bedroom, and as I get closer I can distinguish your little whimpers and his low voice. The bedroom door is closed, and for a few seconds I stand outside and listen to the dirty sounds from inside, feeling my cock swelling down the leg of my pants. Then, when I can't stand it anymore, I open the door.

You're both on the bed facing the door.