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Peter's wife goes away, and the sitter takes advantage.

I ask the usual questions and he gives few answers. I tell him that I'm a spy no more and that I am now retired. I eliminate him and call the office to inform them of the events.

After that mess is cleaned up I head of to Barbados and enjoy the sunshine. I know though there may be countless whom want me dead, when they come I'll be ready and waiting.

St. Michael, Barbados is my current location. The sunshine pierces the blue sky and life seems good. I'm sitting at the bar and enjoying the view. Beautiful women in next to nothing, few things in a man's life can get any better. I'm casually dressed as opposed to the armour and pistols. I soon spot an attractive woman who seems more so than the others. She had red hair and was about 6' with caramel skin. She had on a white bikini, which shimmered in the sunshine.

"What brings you to Barbados" She asked me. "Holiday" I nonchalantly replied back. "My name is Robert, its nice to meet you, um you wouldn't happen to be Rihanna would you." I asked. "The one in the same" She said to me. "I've always liked your music" I said to her. "That's kind of you to say" She replied.

Its not everyday someone bumps into Rihanna, much less in Barbados. All the horror of my past seem to fade away now. "How about we get something to eat later" I just had asked her. . . Rihanna out on a date. "Why not, I'll meet you at the restaurant at about 8" She sweetly replied back. She wrote down where on a napkin and handed it to me, the napkin also had her number.

Soon evening came, I got dressed rather casually, jeans and a shirt, but I threw on a coat as well. Then I headed out. When I arrived, the restaurant was empty. I saw her inside, she motioned for the waiter to let me in. I got in and she stood up and was rather ravishing. She had a white mini dress on, her red hair was radiant and flowing, she also had a pink flower in her hair, she looked simply irresistible.

"You look stunning" I said. "You scrub up quite nicely" She said. We sat their enjoying the sea air and a calming sound of the sea on the shore. "You know what I do, tell me what is it that you do" She asked me. "I used to be a spy" I said to her. "What was it like, or is that on a need to know basis" Rihanna asked me. "More the latter I'm afraid"

"Your family?" She enquired. My father died when I was five and my mother was in the military so we moved around often. She was killed in action when I was 18, so I joined up and eventually ended up being a spy"

"I'm sorry to hear that" She said. "Life has no guarantees," I said. We continued to eat and enjoy some quiet conversation.

Everything was falling into place rather spectacularly. So after we dinner we continued to chat and joke around. "How about a swim?" She gingerly asked. Without saying a word I took her hand and we ran of to the beach. On the sand, we dance a bit close to each other. I held her waist she gyrated from side to side. The water splashes from the steps of our feet and soon we decided to get in the water.

At the waters edge we took all our clothes off and jumped in. We were swimming in the ocean at midnight and it was beautiful. We swam down the shore and reached a small and secluded place down the coast. It was near a tropical cave and it was very quiet and lit only in the rays of the moon. So we got there and soon we were passionately kissing and embracing each other.

My manhood was raging and more erect than a sky scraper. She tenderly licked and caressed it with her tongue. Then she begin kissing and teasing my cock into her mouth and then slowly took it all in. She enjoyed this and was delving into the throws of ecstasy. She soon released her mouth and stood and lowered her vagina over my mouth and I began to work it slowly and tenderly before picking up the pace and really working it good. A few lustful moans gasped from her mouth as this was going on.

She whispered in my ear.