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Piper runs away to a life of adventure.

Breathe, breathe. Ok. The cat playing tennis was dressed as a French maid. A buxom feline French maid. Nope. Just a cat playing tennis. Stroking his...ego. A cat playing tennis singing Old Macdonald had a farm. Ok, ok.

"Ok," Mark said. "I think I'm ok now."

"Good," Emily said, bringing herself closer to Mark again. "Let's try this again." Emily pulled herself up to Mark's ear. Her breath tickling his skin. "Where was I?" she whispered. "Oh, yeah...I was stroking that hot, long shaft of yours. My fingers moving along the tip. And down to play with your big balls..."

Emily was actually getting really turned on talking dirty to Mark. The images floating through her mind didn't make her giggle so much as get really wet.

"Now I'm moving down between your legs as my lips touch the tip of your cock. I open my mouth and slide my tongue across the head moving lower and lower..."

Fuck, I'm horny right now, thought Emily. What if I just...?

For his part, Mark was concentrating so hard on the cat singing about Old Macdonald that he was literally screaming the song in his head. Breathe, you idiot, breathe. Don't giggle like a little bitch, just BE COOL.

"Oh, fuck, Mark, I'm so hot for you right now," whispered Emily, actually meaning at least some of it. "Fuck me Mark, please fuck me, put that big dick of yours inside me."


Mark was so desperate not to start giggling again that he didn't even realize when Emily kissed his ear. He thought maybe he'd imagined it. But then it happened again. Oh my god, he thought. Is this happening? Emily Parsons is kissing my ear? What parallel universe had he stumbled into?

Emily continued to whisper into Mark's ear while she chewed on his earlobe. "Mark, oh god, Mark. You're so fucking sexy. I want you Mark. I want every inch of you." Emily couldn't control herself. She kissed Mark's ear, and then down to his neck, pressing her big breasts harder against him as she reached a hand down between her legs. Fuck she was getting turned on. Placing her hand over where her pajama bottoms covered her pussy she started gently touching herself. Unngh, that feels good, she thought.

Mark had ceased to think of any cats or tennis or Old Macdonald, or really anything other than what was happening. He could feel his heart beating so hard in his chest he thought it might pop, but he was frozen like a statue while Emily continued her whispered sexual monologue.

"Mmmmm, Mark," Emily moaned into his neck, "does that feel good?"

"Yes," Mark whimpered.

Emily moved her hand to his face and turned him to look her in the eyes. "Do you think you could handle kissing me?"

Mark gulped. ""

"Now I want you to follow my lead. Whatever I do, you do, ok?"


"Good." Emily leaned in slowly and placed her lips delicately against the teenager's quivering mouth. He seemed to be so overwhelmed he might faint. Hopefully that wouldn't happen. Emily had taken it upon herself to help him, and that was exactly what she was going to do. This kid desperately needed help and she was the perfect teacher.

She opened her mouth a little and felt him do the same, her tongue moved expertly along his teeth making Mark groan. He tried to copy her, but he didn't have enough control yet and he ended up just licking her mouth. He had nice breath though which was a plus and the more they kissed, the better he seemed to get.

Pretty soon Emily was getting turned on again teaching Mark how to kiss. He was a quick learner, he just hadn't had anyone there to show him the ropes before. And no giggling! The experiment seemed to actually be working!

Emily pulled back from a breathless Mark. "That was really good Mark. Just a little more practice and you're gonna be a great kisser!" She started reaching behind her back, and then thinking again she turned to him and said, "Now take off my bra."

"What?!" Mark gasped.

"You heard me. Come on. Have you ever done that? Taken off a bra?"

Mark gulped again, ""

"Well it's easy once you get th