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A sub is bound and taught her lesson.

Bryson had no idea what she must be thinking or what his next move would be even if she did give him the opportunity. She had been fucking with him all night and for no apparent reason. He was less curious but more intent on fucking with her back, and so far it seemed to be working wonderfully. He caught a glimpse of Amy walking out of the restroom, attempting to stabilize and adjusting her dress to cover her breasts again, breasts he just had in his mouth moments ago . . . he still wanted her. He didn't know how he was going to get another chance, but she was hot enough to forgive his pride and just take her.

She seemed to calm down later in the night, refusing anymore drinks and giving up attempts to get Mr. Big Shot to take her home with him. It was interesting to watch her sassy confidence fade over being rejected by "the help." The party was finally beginning to leave and Bryson got an opportunity to start wrapping things up for the night. He was carrying an armful of table runners when he was stopped in his tracks by a stone-sober Amy.

"Need any help?" she asked with a shy smile.

"No I've got it, thank you" Bryson replied, in a friendlier tone than he intended.

He put the cloths down and strolled over to where she was standing in the dark. She still looked amazing especially when she was conscious and controlled. She was casually sipping on water in a wine glass. Amy giggled softly when she saw Bryson's surprised look. "They give me a hard time if I can't keep up with them," she said, gesturing toward the male guests she had been parading with all night. "I use water to fake them out and give me a chance to come to my senses . . . so to speak." She rolled her eyes a bit in an attempt to make light of their earlier interlude.

Bryson was very surprised, this woman seemed to have a lot more about her than he originally assumed. She also seemed a little emotionally imbalanced but he was more occupied with the view than the tour.

"Sorry about my attitude tonight," she continued. "I can be an asshole drunk and I didn't mean to . . . ummm . . . take advantage of you."

"No apologies necessary ma'm, its not like I can't take some responsibility for what happened."

"Please stop calling me ma'm" she replied hurriedly. "You make me feel like a debutant or a benefactor, you know, some old chic with money."

"Well, aren't you?" Bryson asked, only half expecting an answer.

"Very funny . . ." she said. "Yes, I'm old money but there are a lot of negatives to being wealthy, for one, you have to come to events with these old bores. At least the scenery was interesting this time."

She was obviously talking about the paintings but she gave Bryson an up-down look, giving him the impression she was talking about him.

"So, did you see anything you liked?" Bryson asked, hoping she would keep talking to him.

She didn't reply but playfully nudged him, buying into the joke. But before she could pull back Bryson grabbed her by the arm, pulled her near to him and passionately kissed her. She immediately responded and kissed him back with equal intensity.

"Come with me," Bryson whispered as he led her to the dark meeting room she had introduced him to earlier that night.

She was much less aggressive than she had been earlier but he had had enough time to learn some of her buttons. He sat her up on the meeting table and folded her dress open to once again expose her beautiful, perky tits not once taking his mouth off of hers. He gently fondled the perfect globes, giving extra attention to her sensitive nipples just to hear her moan again.

She was romantically rubbing up and down his back, pausing to grab and massage his ass. Bryson slid his hand down the inside of her gown and gently let the straps fall off her shoulders, revealing herself again to him. He pulled away from her mouth and gave her quick kisses all the way down her neck but slowed when he reached her breasts.

She breathed heavily which pushed her breasts even closer to his waiting mouth.