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An offer of friendship brings complications.

I shall not succumb." Claire started the litany in her head, trying to concentrate on her words and not on the sensations down below. "Oh Lord in Heaven, let me make it to the car," was her next anguished thought as she walked out of the ladies' room.

Step by excruciating step, she tottered out of the mall. A few curious looks came her way, a couple of sympathetic ones too, and one young boy actually came and asked if she needed any help. She managed a wan smile at the boy, gritting her teeth, as she thanked him for his concern and politely refused him.

She had taken but a few steps more, when out of nowhere her orgasm sneaked up on her and burst through her entire being. She teetered on legs suddenly weak, and grabbed onto a nearby pillar for support, holding herself up as she breathed deeply, panting almost, trying to keep her internal contortions showing on her face.

The young boy once again rushed to her, put his arms around her shoulder, and calmly held her until she seemed a little more composed. "I think you should sit down, Miss," he suggested, but Claire once again shook her head. "In that case, let me help you to your car or bus," he insisted. This time Kayla nodded, gratefully, and managed to whisper "Car."

The boy held her by the shoulders, and walked her to where she had pointed out her car to be. What he did not know was that his normal walking pace was decidedly too fast for Claire, and twice she managed to control yet another peak by sheer will power alone.

When they reached the car, Claire managed to get the door open, then turned to the young boy, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. She got into the car, seeing the boy watching until she was settled. A wan smile, a small wave, and the boy had gone. Claire shut the door, put her head on the steering wheel, and lost it again.

There, in the warmth of the car heated by the sunshine, head down, legs splayed, the two pacifiers still digging into her fore and aft, Claire started to wheeze, pant, gripped the wheel tight, and came for the second time within minutes.

Pausing long enough to compose herself, Claire started the car, and drove off gingerly. Each movement of her leg on the accelerator and brake set off shock in her anus as the pacifier moved. She drove for a fair bit in one gear only, wary of pressing the clutch with her left foot, fearing further aftershocks after the earthquake a few minutes ago.

Thankfully, she made it to the library without incident, but as she parked the car, nervous reaction set in and she started to shake. Again. Doubts crept into her mind once more as she thought "What am I doing? Why am I doing this?"

Her hand reached to the key to start the car once more to head home. As she clasped the key, she depressed the clutch before starting the car. The sensation that zoomed through her anus, and then through her whole body, reminded her why she was there. Instead of starting the car, she withdrew the key, took a deep breath and opened the door.

On shaky legs, she walked up to the library. She realised that she had actually made it with five minutes to spare. As she walked in, looking for Kayla, the librarian called to her, "May I help you, Miss?"

Claire turned to her, and found herself looking at yet another beautiful black woman. "Are all black women so beautiful and sexy, or is it just me beginning to find beauty in them?" was the unbidden thought that flashed through her head. She blushed, and managed to stammer out a reply, "No thank you, I am supposed to be meeting someone here."

"We close in about five minutes. Whom were you meeting? There is only one other person in the building right now," the librarian informed her. "Her name is Kayla," replied Claire. "Kayla what?" enquired the librarian. Claire was stunned into silence. She did not know. She had been turned inside out yesterday, and was following all sorts of erotic instructions today, by a woman she didn't even know except by first name. How depraved was that?

"I don't know," she managed to mumble, turning for the door, wanti

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