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He hunts for her by scent and taste.

I was flushed, and I wanted it to pleasure me again.

'Great. Whatever that thing was, it was slowly but surely turning me into a nymphomaniac!'

I fingered myself three times before I actually did any form of bathing and washing.

After my bath, I dressed in my cheerleading uniform with matching socks and sneakers, but funny, sans underwear. And, if it wasn't really my bad luck day, the climate suddenly became windy! I had to look around carefully because my short cheerleading skirt kept billowing upwards, exposing my delicate part for all to see (thank goodness I was able to shave my wiry coif down there before our house burned to the ground!).


I made my way towards the custodian's cottage eastward of the main gates. Small but very cozy, and the fireplace was left lit, much-needed warmth emitting from the bright orange flames. I quickly opened the small fridge that stood beside the antique oven, and pored over its contents. I satiated my hunger with a reheated bowlful of veal casserole, and a glass of milk. Afterwards, I settled down, seated in Indian-style, in front of the fireplace to rest for a while, before leaving the comfy cottage to wander around the campus.

I decided to walk-off the excess pounds she might have incurred by finishing off the whole casserole, and soon reached the Academy's infamous Petrified Maze. "Why not?" I asked myself, as I toyed with the idea of entering such notorious place by herself, "I bet it'll be fun, and besides, I've got nothing else to do until Uncle Jonin comes back, so I'll have company!" So, gamely entered the maze, I did, without thinking of a 'probable' surprise in stored for me inside.


It only took a few minutes before panic settled on my frail nerves because all of my adrenaline was already spent when I was convincing Keichiro and practically begging the firefighters to let me enter our burning house to save some of things inside.

I was exhausted to the bone, so when I finally reached the center of the maze, I welcomed the sight of a wide slab of a bench, and lay down to sleep.

My slumber was dreamless, which enabled me to slowly become conscious of my surroundings before I truly opened my eyes.

Eyes. Even if mine was still closed, I can feel someone was staring down at me, very intently.

As I opened my eyes to see my mystery looker, I gasped, as I recognized our Academy Dean, Longfellow Lee Wakamatsu, gazing at me straight to the eyes. "Ohayo gozaimasu, Gakkan Wakamatsu-san!" I greeted smilingly, though even I felt my smile was tired stiff.

He returned the smile with uncertainty, and asked, "Pardon my abruptness, but why are you at school? It's Saturday, Nishida, and you're here inside the maze, of all places in the entire campus!" "I understand your incredulity, Sir... But, since you seemed not to have been given the tragic news, I'll share it with you myself, Sir: Last night, or early this morning, whatever applies - the house my brother and I shared burned to the ground, leaving us with nothing but the clothes on our back!"


I truly felt downtrodden and downhearted, and I can't accept the fact that it happened to me and to the house I've lived in since I first came to this world. It was pure injustice.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Nishida..." Dean Wakamatsu said quietly, "I guess that would explain why you're not currently wearing any form of underwear..." My jaw dropped open in shock. I hastily looked down, and saw my legs spread-eagled, giving the Dean a bird's-eye-view of my delicate anatomical part.

Color drained from my face as I realized what had transpired, and even if I wanted to snap my thighs shut together, I could no longer see the use, when the Dean already had an eyeful anyway.


Still, the Dean didn't take his eyes off my delicate part.