The day that just got better and better. High Quality Porn

In a world without words, man grasps the power of voice.

It's not until I am in my room changing that I realize what I had done. I had never done something like that to her. That was something I would do to a girlfriend as a playful gesture of "your mine" before I fuck her brains out. I shake the thought off and change into khakis and a tight white tee shirt - the outfit Jillian is always telling me I should wear more often.

"Dadddyyy, come on already!" Jillian whines from the kitchen.

"Looking good Daddy," she says as I meet her at the doorway to leave. She might be buttering me up, but I don't mind a bit. I follow Jillian out of the door to my car and I can't help but gape at her ass as she swings it back and forth as she walks. I look up to see her staring at me over her shoulder, watching me check out her ass. All I can come up with is, "Looking good Jillian" using her line on her.

"I know," she says as she opens her door, gets in and watches me while I walk to my side of the car. She has me wrapped around her finger. She knows it and I know it. Now I want her wrapped around my aching cock. She knows it and I know it.

We arrive at the dealership, get the keys to her new red Volkswagen bug, sign the last of the paperwork and head out to Jillian's new car. She runs ahead of me, gets in, starts the engine and turns on the radio. As I reach the car, she rolls down the window and asks, "Need a ride?" We both laugh.

"Daddy I want to thank you for this by treating you to a night out in my new car. How about dinner and dessert?" She has a wicked smile on that beautiful face of hers.

"Sure Jillian, I'll get to make all the other guys jealous," I joke, as I lock my car.

"You already do. Come on get in Daddy."

As I climb into the passenger seat, I ask her "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean all of the guys at school know that I am off limits, that I am Daddy's little girl."

"OK, but why would young guys be jealous of me? I am your Dad, not your boyfriend."

"You're both."

I almost choke as she says this. I look over at her driving in her new car; her tan legs, her tits nearly popping out of her little top, her pouty lips. I don't know how to respond to my daughter.

"Daddy, I know."

"You know what sweetheart?" my heart beginning to thump in my chest.

"That you watch me getting dressed, that you check me out...that you want to fuck me." Jillian is smiling as she says this in her matter of fact tone, still bouncing in her seat to the music on the radio.

My face is getting flushed. After a minute I finally respond. "Jillian, I definitely think you are attractive. I would even say you are hot, but Jillian you are my daughter, not my girlfriend!"

"Dad, you know what?"

I sit stunned, unable to say anything.

"I am your girl, Daddy. I mean, I am your daughter, but I want you to know that I am yours in all ways. Why do think a girl as good-looking as me has never had a boyfriend? Because I have been waiting for you to come around, to make me your girlfriend, to fuck me Daddy. I had to say something cause it seemed like you were never going to make the first move. Sooooo, what do you think?"

After about a minute, I muster up "Wow."

Jillian giggles and pulls up to an ice cream stand, jumps out, gets us two cones and heads back to the car. As she hands me my cone through my window, she leans into the car and kisses me full on the lips, even plunges her tongue into my mouth. She then whispers into my ear, "You are gonna have fun tonight Daddy."

As we drive away, I am grinning ear to ear. Jillian drives out of town, all the while smirking and glancing my way as she licks away at her cone.

"Where we headed?" I ask curiously, my mind racing as I try to figure out what my daughter has in mind for us.

"Crooked Rock."

"Isn't that were all the teenagers go to fu......"


My dick is rock hard, about to burst through my pants as Jillian says this.