Ludlow meets The Iron Lady. High Quality Porn

Exploring his new abilities turns out quite dreamily.

They blinked in astonishment at the group that came ashore.

The Anvil had had some rich silks aboard her. They'd been captured from various ships over the years. Some of it had been used to create a robe for Barak. The huge Moor was the first man off the ship. Dressed in the shining silk robe, bare chested and in silken pants, he looked like an Arab prince. In fact, he introduced himself as Barak Akbar, a prince of Egypt. He told the men that he and his servants had come to purchase a special slave from the sheik Al Taran. They had heard he had a European woman of great beauty, and the prince was willing to spend whatever it took to have her.

The guard actually bowed in astonishment. Behind the great prince came his personal guard. There were ten heavily armed men. The captain of the harbor guard went to speak with them, but the prince held up his hand to forbid it. He informed the men that his guard did not speak in his presence. If anything was required they should deal directly with him. His personal guard had only one function, and if this man was smart he would prefer not to witness it.

The poor guardsman was actually shaking as he simply told the gigantic prince to please proceed to the fortress and to be welcome. As they approached the building, William who was acting as the leader of the guard took the opportunity to look around. There were almost five hundred armed men in the fortress, and the pirates had less than six hours to somehow dispose of them. It was now sundown. At about midnight, the Anvil would sail into the harbor. The full moon would give her plenty of light to steer by, but it would also give the fortress' gunners enough light to shoot with.

As soon as they were inside, Barak began to tell the story he and Bill had come up with. He told his hosts that he had left Egypt with a great caravan. However, less than two days' ride from the fortress, they had been set upon by robbers. They had fought them off, but too many of the camels had been killed, and the chests of gold had been too heavy to carry. So the prince had left most of his men in the desert to guard the treasure, while he and his personal guard went on ahead.

When they reached the coast, and began the last day's journey to the fortress Allah had smiled on them. A slave ship had been passing close, and the prince's men had been able to signal her. For a generous amount of gold, the captain had been kind enough to give them passage to the fortress.

So here they were, safe and sound. However, the caravan with most of the gold was still in the desert. The prince would be willing to pay five gold pieces to any man who was willing to ride out immediately and help bring in the caravan.

FIVE GOLD PIECES!!! That was more money than any man at the fortress would earn in two years. Within an hour, almost every soldier in the fortress was mounted and ready to ride. The only reason the 15 or so remaining men stayed was because the captain of the guard ordered them to. After all, he couldn't leave the fortress completely unguarded. William was actually afraid that a fight might break out in the fort before the men could leave, but Barak quickly informed the men that he understood that they wished to help, so if his treasure was retrieved they would be rewarded as well.

With that said, 480 soldiers headed off to rescue the treasure caravan. Barak and William watched the army ride out of sight. Barak congratulated the captain on the loyalty of his men, then as the man was thanking him, the huge man reached out and smashed him in the face. The man dropped like a stone. The remaining few soldiers tried to fight but they were outnumbered and taken completely by surprise. Within moments, William's men and the unconscious captain were the only ones alive in the room.

After that half of the men ran to the dock to wait for the Anvil. The others went about securing the fortress. By midnight, the Anvil was safely docked, and the fortress had been searched and found empty.

Quickly William gathered his crew.