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Life in a massage parlour.

My hour wait just became more like a 3 hour wait. No problem. I figured I would take that time and go grab something to eat and maybe go find a liquor store that had a more reasonably priced bottle of Champagne than offered by the Hyatt's room service menu.

I finished up dinner and found my champagne in less time than I anticipated. I still had at least an hour to kill, more than likely two, before Lynn arrived back at the hotel. I decided to go back up to the room for an hour and watch a little more TV before heading back down to the hotel bar. I had decided that I might scare the hell out her by being in her room when she walked in and that it might set a better mood to either greet her in the lobby or let her go up to her room and then follow her up and knock on the door. When I got up to the room I put the champagne in a bucket of ice and stashed it in the closet. Instead of watching another hour of Sports Center, I decided to scratch an itch I had to snoop. I wanted to see if she had brought the missing lingerie, but I also like to dig around in general.

I was a bit surprised by the clothes that she brought on her trip. A couple of outfits weren't things that she could wear to the office. There was a mini skirt that was too short to be professional attire and a few other things that were more in line with something you would wear to a night club. She didn't mention any plans on going out after work so I was caught a bit off guard. I didn't find the lingerie in her overnight bag, but it dawned on me that I hadn't checked her "dirty clothes" bag yet. I emptied out the bag on the bed and sure enough there it was. I'm no panty-sniffer by any means, but I was totally thrown off by the fact that she wore her sexy lingerie on a night that she was by herself. I took a deep whiff of her panties and smelled a strong musk odor. Nothing concrete, but things just weren't adding up. I decided to change my plans on surprise and decided to wait up in her room to see what was going on.

At about 7:30 PM I decided to erase all evidence of my arrival and join the chilling champagne in the closet. We had talked about having sex with other people, but those conversations were more along the lines of fantasy during our lovemaking. Lynn knew that it turned me on when she told me about things she'd done or fantasies she had, but that was the extent of it. I had told her that I wouldn't mind if she just had sex (if it was only sex) with someone else, as long as she was honest with me and told me about it. Deception, I said, was the real issue. Those were just words, words that didn't sound so brilliant at the moment. The good news was that I didn't have long to wait to find out what was going on. I heard her come in the room and it was quickly apparent that she wasn't alone. I was crossing my fingers that she was with her female boss, but also became clear soon enough that her companion was male.

"Make yourself comfortable while I make a quick phone call" was the first thing I heard Lynn say clearly.

I had turned off my cell phone just in case, but I was pretty sure she was calling our home.

"Hi honey" I heard her say. "It's just me calling to say goodnight. It's a little after eight and maybe you went to sleep early so that you could get an early start tomorrow. I'm going to got to sleep now myself so I'll just talk to you tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I'm ready for that massage that you were bragging about all night" I overheard her tell her dinner companion.

"First you need to remove some of those clothes. I need bare skin to do my magic" replied the amateur masseuse.

"Turn around so I can take my top off" I heard Lynn say.

I didn't make out anything else until I heard him try and get her to remove her panties.