At her own party, Bree gets a few nice surprises. High Quality Porn

A son helps his mother settle into her new role.

There was a white cotton lo-rise panty, a black silk t-back and a small, red, lacy, french cut hip huggers; well more of a 3 inch strip of lace stitched together in the middle for the crotch.

Veronica stood behind me. "Well you seemed to enjoy last night so much. Put them on."

So I selected the red ones since they were the sexiest. The slipped on so nicely. The crotch part cradled my package nicely while the rear end ruffles ran between my butt crack. I thought women are so lucky to be able to wear such beautiful feeling underthings.

I went to work and had a hard on all day. Every step reminded me of what I wore underneath. When I sat at my desk, II discreetly played with myself through my trouser just to feel the lace on my boner.

At the end of the day, I kind of felt a little sad knowing I'd be taking them off. But I enjoyed the bus ride home, especially teasing some old lady who was sitting down facing me. The start-stop swaying of the bus rubbed my cock against the lacy material and kept me hard. The old lady eyes were almost crotch level and were staring at my tent for the entire ride. I laughed to myself.

I slowly walked to our house trying to extend my experience, but I didn't need to worry.

I opened the door to find Veronica there to greet me. She was dressed in her housecoat.

"We're having a special evening in tonight." She said. "Have a bath then I'll help you get ready."

I took a long, hot bath trying to relax but was too excited thinking about what was next.

Coming out of the bath, I found Veronica dressed in my dark, blue pin striped suit, one of my white shirt with french cuffs, my mother of pearl cuff links, and my Hermes tie. Her makeup was done up in a dominant manner, definitely not feminine. She wore high heel ankle boots to maintain height over me.

Veronica sat me naked at her dresser. She applied false eye lashes, mascara, liner, blush and lip stick on me. She brushed out my hair and coifed it into a beautiful flowing do; pinned across to one side.

As I stood up, Veronica reached around and put blue and red, lace and satin corset on me. The bust part was a little empty, but Veronica used her bra padding to fill me out to almost a size "C".

The corset also had garters attached to them and Veronica instructed me on how to put my blue diaphanous stockings on.

She then handed me a very sheer looking, blue and red lace panty. I carefully pulled them on so I wouldn't snag my hose. I guess I was pretty nervous at this point. I had no erection and easily tucked myself inside. Since the material was pretty sheer and thin and you could definitely see my cock.

"No." Veronica said. "I don't think I want it there; tuck it between your legs."

I followed her instruction and hid myself so that my cock actually ran between my legs and ass cheeks. It almost reached my asshole.

Veronica then showed me my dress. A snug, blue satin cocktail dress. It had a plunging vee neck that came down between my breasts. The skirt part was tight and came barely to mid thigh but covered my stocking tops and garter clips.

Amazingly, I was able to fit into a pair of her 3-inch heels although it was a very tight fit and I wouldn't want to be in them all day.

I looked at myself in the mirror and could not believe how beautiful I was.

"Dinner is ready." Veronica held out her arm for me to take and then lead me albeit with a wobbled walk, to the dining room. She held the chair she normally would sit in. She pushed it in as I sat down.

Veronica had dinner catered. She served it before sitting down beside me to my right.

We dined on a mixed greens salad with an orange-balsamic vinaigrette; Chicken Kiev for the entr__e and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Each course had a different wine. My favourite ice wine went perfect with dessert.

We were relaxing on the couch after dinner with cognac when I felt Veronica's hand on my thigh. Her hand started to slide upward between my legs and pushed my hem over my thighs exposing my stocking tops and garters. Her fingers caressed my naked skin.

I was a little tipsy from