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I applied more pressure on her clit and inserted a finger in her soaking hole. "Oooh, FUCK!" She cooed.

I bend my finger searching for her sweet spot and took her nub between my lips, sucking gently and flicking it with my tongue. She opened her sexy mouth and let a loud moan escape. I added a second finger into her wet pussy and soon after a third. Increasing the speed at which I was pumping my fingers in her cunt made her body tremble. "Oh, shit... OH SHIIIT! FUUUUCCKK!" Taylor screamed as she reached her climax.

Her juices came flowing out and I slobbered around my fingers trying to lick up as much as I could. Having drank a mouthful, I moved back to her clit and began nibbling on it again. During her orgasm, my fingers had never left her pussy and were burying themselves deeper and deeper, rubbing against her G-spot. Taylor was still riding the waves of her orgasm, her face a display of joy before it contorted into an expression of pure and primal pleasure. "OOOHH FUCK FUCK FUUUUCCKK!!" Taylor screamed as she reached a second peak of her orgasm before the first had washed over. Juices squirted out of her pussy, covering my entire face in her wetness. I took my time sucking up all of her juices that were abundantly leaking from her cunt. I kept eating her out and enjoying her addicting flavors, until Taylor whimpered something incomprehensible and pushed me back.

"Tha-- That was amazing. Lo-- Look what you made me do!" She pointed at my face, soaked by her squirting. "Look a-- at the mess I made on yo-- on your face." Taylor was clearly out of breath after her extreme orgasm. I smiled, my face dripping wet. After a moment of rest, Taylor got up and we changed positions. Now I was lying on my back on the bed and she was in between my legs. Incredibly fast she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down together with my boxers. My cock was already fully erect and standing up in all its glory in front of her face.

"Oh my! You're well-endowed." She giggled and stroked my shaft slowly. The look on her face and in her gorgeous eyes betrayed she was hungering for cock and couldn't wait any longer. Without further ado she engulfed my hard cock in her mouth.

"Uuummhh, Taylor." I moaned as her soft lips stroked my head. Taylor kept her eyes locked with mine as she slowly began to engulf more in her warm mouth. "Fuck, this feels amazing." I groaned as she swirled her tongue around my head, her hands stroking what she couldn't fit in her mouth, yet.

Both her mouth and hands took up pace, her head bobbing up and down. Taylor saw my expression of pleasure and smiled with my cock in her mouth. She looked so sexy with her chin already wet from saliva and precum leaking past her lips. My cock jumped at the marvelous sight and grew even harder, preparing to coat the insides of Taylor's delightful mouth. Her tongue licked the underside of my shaft as she went up and down. Taylor moved her hands to my hips and pulled hard, burying the entirety of my cock in her mouth, hitting her throat at the back. She worked her throat muscles and massaged my cock. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as she skillfully tensed her lips and throat around my throbbing cock. I knew Taylor was very skilled and had done this many times before because there was not even a small gag reflex. Taylor made it look easy taking my long rod all the way down her throat.

She pulled me out of her mouth and took some deep breaths.

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