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The final chapter: it all comes together.

Gary was having a hard time keeping his cock from giving him away.

The next outfit was similar to the previous one, but black and she changed to a black push-up bra making her tits look larger.

"I've got two more outfits to go, and I'm not sure you're going to make it" Karen said pointing to his obviously enlarged crotch area of his jeans. "It won't bother me if you slip into something more comfortable, like your sweats. That way if you want to get in touch with your feelings, it won't be a hassle. I know this must be creating some discomfort, but remember, you said you wanted it."

As she left to change into the next outfit, Gary jumped up and grabbed his sweats and swapped the tight jeans for them, leaving off his jockeys as well. He noticed that he had leaked some pre-cum and quickly wiped it off with a tissue. When she came back in with the next outfit, it was just the bottoms of her new thong bikini bathing suit. She wasn't wearing anything on top. "Just getting ready for our vacation in a few weeks. You did say the beaches were topless, right?"

Gary was speechless. What was she doing, showing him her tits after teasing him with sexy crotch shots? He nodded his assent to her question as he gulped trying to gain his composure.

She looked at his crotch and said "I can see someone enjoys the show!" Gary subconsciously reached down and adjusted his now fully erect cock. "If I show you mine, will you show me yours?" Karen asked with a teasing smile. Without waiting for an answer, she moved forward a little and put her thumbs in the sides of her thong and started to slowly slide them down her thighs, allowing her perfectly trimmed bush to come into view.

Gary reciprocated by slowly sliding his sweats down as well. His thick cock, already hard from the erotic teasing he'd been through for the last half hour, sprang out and lay there for her to view. She finished stripping off the thong and knelt down to pull his sweats off because he seemed to be paralyzed by the sight of her totally nude before him.

"Hmmmmm I knew it was big, I just didn't know it was this thick" she said as she flicked the end with her tongue, lifting off a little of the pre-cum which had formed.

"Are you ssssure you wwwwwant to do this?" he stammered as she took more of him in her mouth. "Oh yeah, I've wanted to do this, and much more for a long time" she said between mouthfuls.

Gary shed his shirt as Karen worked up and down his shaft with her hand and her mouth. "I don't want to cum just yet, so why don't we switch places?" he uttered as she was driving him crazy with her mouth.

"Oh good, maybe I'll finally get someone who knows what they are doing down there" she replied with gusto.

He gently parted her thighs as she sat on the chair. He began a line of kisses that started at the inside of her knee and worked up toward her pussy. He noticed that Karen had shaved her pussy bare and left only the sexy triangle above. This made his cock harder because in all his pussy eating experience, the hottest women were the shaved ones. It must have something to do with total tactile exposure or something like that. With no hair on her pussy lips, it was easy to see and find her clit. It wasn't big, yet. As he began his ministrations on her labia, he noticed that her love button was starting to swell, so he nipped at it with his lips and drew it out more. As he sucked it like a little cock, Karen began to move about in the chair moaning "yes, yes suck my button, make me cum." As Gary increased the pressure on Karen's clit, he could feel the tension build up in her cunt until she exploded with a scream, "oh my god, oh my god, how did you do that?"

Gary let her wind down a bit before lifting up and running his tongue around her very stiff nipples. She pushed him away and said "they're too sensitive. Every time I cum, I can't touch my nipples for a few minutes."

"Let's move to the bed" Gary said and pulled Karen up to the standing position before embracing her in his arms.