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I smiled a little, a didn't resist my on coming orgasm at all. Megan saw me smiling and leaned close to my ear.

"You think you've got it figured out, but your wrooooong." She said very quietly.

I ignored her, and focused on my orgasm, urging it on. It built, and built. But it never came. I groaned as I felt my orgasm continue to build, but it wouldn't go any further.

"I told you you where wrong. You can't come until I let you. And I'm not going to do that any time soon." She said with a very triumphant sound in her voice.

She knelt down in front of me, and pulled my pants the rest of the way down. She let my cock go for a few seconds, and I felt the pressure in my balls ease. I was stunned. I was totally at her mercy, or in this case her pleasure. My mind raced for a way to get free.

I looked down and watched Megan peel her shirt off. She wasn't even wearing a bra, so her tits bounced out happily. Her hands slowly worked their way up my legs, to my cock. She took it in her hands and leaned in close to it. The feeling of her hot breath caressing my cock was like velvet. I gasped for breath. Some how I managed to move my hands to rest on her head, but that was all I could do.

"God I've wanted to do this for so long" She said with her lips pressed against my cock.

She gently licked the length of my cock. It sent chills down my spine feeling her tongue cover every inch of my cock. I gasped as she kissed the cock, and then slowly let her lips slide around the head. Her mouth was so warm and wet. It was amazing how wonderful it felt.

Her mouth felt like silk covering my cock. She made it about half way down my cock and stopped. I felt her hands gently caress my balls, while the other one stroked the part of my cock that wasn't in her mouth. Once again I felt the pressure building in my groin, and I moaned. Megan looked up at me and let my cock slide out of her mouth.

"What's a matter sweetie? I know you wanna cum, and you will. I've just wanted to suck your cock for so long. I guess we can move on now." She said as she stood up.

Megan stepped back and unbuttoned her pants. She slid them down to reveal a pair of blue silk boy shorts that displayed her tight ass perfectly. I watched as those two joined the pile of clothes on the floor. Her pussy was perfectly shaven, and already very wet. She pushed me back, and helpless to stop it I fell back against the couch. Like I was child she pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me naked.

As she straddled my cock, I was struck with how no one would believe me if I told them about this. That I had been raped by a girl half my size. I'd be lucky if I wasn't arrested for insanity!

Megan positioned herself over my cock, and reached back to guide it into her waiting pussy. I felt the tip of my dick touch her pussy and it was like I had been shocked. She started to press back, and I could feel how tight her pussy was. Megan groaned, but kept going.

Slowly my cock pressed into her pussy. That was when I realized she was still a virgin. I could feel a tension inside her pussy, and I panicked. I couldn't be taking her virginity! Suddenly I felt a pop, and slide the rest of the way inside. Megan cried out, and dug her nails into my shoulders. She was very still for a minute, allowing her pussy to adjust to my cock.

"That's right James, you just took my cherry. God I didn't realize your cock was that big." Megan said breathily in my ear.

Megan slowly started grinding on my cock. I moaned in pleasure and managed to put my hands on her hips. She started out very slow, giving her pussy time to loosen up. It felt like my cock was wrapped in something to wonderful for words. Velvet wasn't soft enough, and silk wasn't smooth enough.

It wasn't before Megan started to pick up her pace.