An unexpected erotic encounter. High Quality Porn

"I can't go home... Why can't I go home?"

Gosh! I can't wait just thinking about it, my mind box is going berserk since I met. Richard big time and I felt perfectly at ease with him. I did as soon as I entered his luxurious house in the middle of nowhere, what a place, it even had a swimming pool no less! And there was I, a fucking non swimmer!

"Don't let that worry your pretty head" Richard assured, " I will teach you, in fact I think I'd like that, so first things first, as soon as we have noshed I will give you a lesson, Pete."

He cooked up a great spag-bol and poured out a nice red wine with it, but thinking about the swimming I was starting to have second thoughts and I tried to get out of it by saying I didn't have a swim costume.

He laughed and said it would be quite alright to wear my boxer shorts, in fact he continued that it would be rather sexy to see me in wet boxers!

I realized I could not get out of it so now was the time I would swim for the first time, but the th0ught of being taught by such a handsome hunk of a guy like Richard made it alright.

"And if you are worried about not having g another pair to put on whilst yours are drying don't - because what I have in mind will be better for what I have in mind"

I looked at him inquisitively and then he explained that I would look very nice in a pair of crotches boxer shorts. He said he couldn't wait but first things first (I was beginning to think that was one of his favorite phases) the swimming lesson.

It was warm and inviting stepping into that blue green water and as soon as I got accustomed to it Richard came up behind me and started to show me the ropes, telling me it will be best to do the breast stroke first and I was all fine with that.

But this would be like no other lesson I could have had, it seemed I started to pick up the swimming bit very quickly and Richard said he thought I was a natural, he couldn't believe I had not done it before.

Then that very first time he touched me, It seemed so right and came at the right time, he was still behind me supporting my body with his hands clasped around my waist.

It was all done so beautifully and just the feel of his fingers touching me there thrilled me so very much.

He closed his head so that his cheek brushed mine as the gentle touching and stroking developed into lots of feely touchy delight. He; whispering If it was alright, that I felt so good and supple and he just could not resist the temptation.

I guess my moan said it was, the feel of his hand exploring me everywhere down below, beneath the waterline was so nice and I didn't want for him to stop.

"Shall we get out now, Pete - I think you have achieved your first lesson so very well we can cut it short and enjoy other things, I would like that, would you?"

I nodded appreciatively, knowing I had a full hard on and no doubt Richard knew too, after all he was the one who caused it to happen.

"Mmm. You look so very good in wet boxers and with the endearing package too" Richard said. I think we ought to let it out to be free and it is definitely no good inside wet boxers for what I have in mind right now"

He slowly deboxer'd me and I stood there proud and erect for him - feeling at first a little inhibited but I needn't have because the way he just naturally took me orally sent me immediately to a place of sheer paradise, feeling the way h e was handling me, my ass, my balls and my cock which he soon buries deep into his mouth, like he was gulping me down, it was a wonderful new sensation I loved and enjoyed so much and I knew then straight away my leaning was right there with Richard.