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Watching a couple from a hotel window.


"Well, we will talk about your future at this company later. Right now your going to do exactly as I say because your future depends on following my orders to the letter."

You are disrobing as you are talking.

"So, you like dirty talking women do you, you slimy piece of shit? You like hearing a woman with a nice foul mouth do you? Well your gonna stay sitting in that chair and I'm gonna bend over and your gonna start licking my dirty little asshole. You got me you fucking piece of shit? That's it. Spread my ass cheeks apart and start licking my ass you mother fucking bastard. You like that? Huh? You like it when I talk like that don't you? You like it when I call you a mother fucking piece of shit don't you? The sound of my voice is making your cock nice and hard isn't it you son of a bitch? Now make your tongue nice and stiff and start tongue fucking my ass. That's it, faster. Tongue my asshole hard and fast. Oh yes, that's it. Tongue fuck my ass nice and deep mother fucker. I want to feel it deep inside my tight little asshole. Fuck the shit out of it with your tongue. Go on. Fuck it. Tongue fuck my ass. You heard what I said you nasty mother fucker. Fuck it good. That's it. Fuck it mother fucker. Tongue fuck my asshole as fast as you can you piece of shit. I want to see your tongue going in and out of my ass so I'm gonna sit on the desk and your gonna fuck my asshole some more you piece of shit. That's it. Oh my god. That's so nasty. your stiff tongue going in and out of my asshole."

You grab him by his hair and start forcing him to fuck it faster.

"Come on you piece of shit. Tongue fuck my ass like a good little employee that's fighting to keep his job. By the way, how do you like the taste of shit from my poorly wiped ass hole. I purposely made sure to leave some for you knowing I was going to make you tongue my ass. That's right mother fucker, I want you to lick all the shit from my nasty asshole you piece of shit. That's it, bury your tongue nice and deep inside my ass. mmmmmmm feels so good. Don't forget my cunt you son of a bitch. That's it, lick my cunt mother fucker. Oooo that's good. Oh yes. I love it. Fuck yeah. Eat me. Oh shit. Rub my clit. Oh hell yeah. That's it. Now suck on my clit you piece of shit. That's it, suck it. Suck my cunt mother fucker. Ok Anthony. Take off those pants I have to make sure your cock is nice and stiff for me so you just sit there so I can suck on it for a while. mmmmmm that's good. mmm do you like that? Huh mother fucker? mmmmm mmm mmmm mmmm. Your cock is getting so hard. mmm mmm mmmmmm mmm mmmmm. You like it when I suck your cock? Huh, you fucking piece of shit? mmmmm mmm mmmmm mm mm mm mm mmmm. That's it. Get nice and hard for me. mmm mmm mm mm mmmmmmmm. That's good. Now I'm going to pleasure myself on your rock hard cock you son of a bitch so you just sit there and be still. I'm going to sit right down on it. Oh yes. That's nice. Oh fuck ya. That feels so fucking good. Ooooo. Oooo. How does that feel mother fucker? You like my nice tight cunt sliding up and down on your cock? Huh mother fucker. Does that feel good? If you do a good job I might let you fuck my ass. Would you like that? Huh? Would you like to fuck my tight little ass? Do you think your man enough to fuck my ass? Are you worthy enough to fuck my ass? We'll see about that. First you have to please my cunt you piece of shit. You want me to go a little faster? Huh? You ready for me to fuck your cock a little faster you piece of shit? Huh? I'll fuck you faster. I'll fuck the shit out of you."

With that you start riding his cock with a furious pace.


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