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Burning bridges to build a new future.

I came to pretty quickly, the fact that she was still pressed against me waking me up in the best ways, but when she went to move off I grabbed for her and held her tight.

"Don't leave me," I begged.

I knew I'd said that in such a needy way she couldn't fail to have noticed. To me though, it had felt too much like the morning she left my bed and I felt so alone afterwards, and I couldn't face that happening again when I'd had another chance to wake to her in my arms. I could see from her face she had a good idea of what I was thinking and how much I needed her, and she didn't seem afraid of it.

She leaned down to give me a quick kiss before she answered.

"I'm not leaving you baby, I just want to sleep in my bed. Come with me, and we can curl back up together, I promise. Just sleeping though, okay?"

"Perfect," I replied.

I wanted to know what that might be like. Before her, it had been years since I had spent the whole night with someone. Spending a night with someone I hadn't had sex with first, well this would probably be the first time ever, and I liked the fact that I would find out about it with her. I guessed if we were going out there were bound to be times that would happen, and it would confirm for me how much I cared about her if I could do it. Possibly it would confirm the same to her and that's why she was asking, but I really didn't mind if she was testing me, I knew she couldn't catch me out.

Her bedroom was more girlie than I expected. There was no sign of cuddly toys anywhere else I had been, but they had clearly been confined to this one room. Not hundreds, but a collection of them sat on top of the furniture. Only one made it into her bed, and I was pleased to see her move it and know I wouldn't be sharing with a teddy bear. Somehow I managed not to make any jokes about it.

She obviously saw me looking in surprise, but shrugged it off. To be honest, I wouldn't have cared if the entire room was a shrine to my little pony, but it might have put me off a little. What I really wanted to do was get in her bed and have her in my arms. The bed was the focus of the room, not just because of what I wanted, but because it was huge. She didn't have any need of a king size, but it was, and on top of that it was a metal four-poster with net curtains hanging from each corner. You could close those and be in your own little world, but I figured we would be there anyway.

"Hop in while I go change," she told me. "Keep at least your boxers on, will you?"

It wasn't really a question, it was a request, but I had no issue with complying with it. I usually slept in nothing, but I could cope for a night, especially if it stopped my wayward dick from ruining anything with her. I wasn't going to keep anything else on though, and she'd given me the opportunity not to. I was quickly out of everything else, sliding under her duvet and settling down into the comfortable mattress, keeping my head propped up on a pillow so I could see just what she had changed into the moment she returned.

One glance at her as she came back in had me swallowing hard and trying to calm my dick down again. She had on pyjamas, but the ones that are nothing more than shorts and a strappy top. Her breasts were obvious both over the top and by the way the material stretched across her chest. If that sight wasn't enough, the shorts showed off her long legs and I had the urge to ask her to twirl so I could check how they hugged her cute backside. I had the sense to keep my mouth shut.

"Budge over Dan, you're on my side."

I laughed, but moved. "I was hoping for something a little more romantic than that!"

"Well, I guess I could explain that I need you to move so I can lie on the side I sleep on but still cuddle up to you. Is that better?" she asked, clearly teasing me.

"That's better, yes."

"When did you become such a romantic anyway?" she asked as she slid in beside me.

I wrapped my arms around her before I replied, looking into those chocolate eyes I loved so much.