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She arched her back and tried to moan, her mouth was wide open, but no sound would come out. Just as she was about to cum Ron stopped and got off of the bed. The music was too loud for her to hear anything.

Dianna lay there wondering what Ron was up to. She could vaguely hear sounds over the music; she thought she heard a door open. Then she felt Ron's hands grabbing her dress at her cleavage and she felt as he tore the dress off of her. Then she felt a hand lightly caressing her body starting at her neck and working its way down. Lightly brushing her skin, it gave her goose bumps. Then a second hand started at her feet lightly brushing her skin on her leg working its way up on the inside of her thigh. She tried to open her legs more but the ropes kept her from doing it. Then she felt the third hand, and then a fourth. "Oh my God there are other guys here, what if they hurt me."

Ron kissed her mouth lightly as he reached around to untie the blindfold. "Ready for your birthday surprise sexy?"

Opening her eyes she saw the two young men that were at the park bench."

"Relax honey; this is Jared and Rocky, two of my friends. I showed them your picture and ask them if they would help me with your fantasy and of course they agreed. I know you like younger men; this is my gift to you."

Dianna didn't Say a word as they each began to untie her arms and legs. Ron sat down in a chair at the end of the bed and watched as the two young men began their assault on her body. Jared kneeled at the top of the bed by her head and started playing with her hair; weaving his fingers in and out as if he was discovering the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. And then bent down and kissed her lips lightly at first. Dianna was all into the kiss is Jared's tongue into her mouth and played with hers. She was so into the kiss that she didn't even feel as Rocky licked his way up her leg and found her pussy.

"My God this lady is wet," Rocky said as his tongue slowly licked the length of her pussy to the bottom. Then back up again and he would lightly suck on her clit. He would suck on her clit for a few seconds and then his tongue would slide down again this time all the way to her ass hole, his tongue circled her ass hole then back to her pussy.

Jared's mouth slid off of hers and kissed and nibbled its way to her ear. "I can't wait for that beautiful pussy of yours," he whispered. She moaned loudly. His mouth took its time working across her face and down her neck and to her breasts. Her left hand was running its fingers through Jared's hair and her right hand did the same to Rocky's between her legs. She looked over at Ron and Seen that he had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched.

Dianna came hard in Rocky's mouth, she was breathing hard and moaning as Jared straddled her head and offered his cock to her lips. She took the head into her mouth and began to suck and nibble on it. Jared reached under her head and lifted it up and began to fuck her mouth. She could feel his member growing with each thrust and wondered how big it would get. Jared Worked his penis deeper and deeper and she began to gag. He would pull out a little bit until she stopped gagging then go down deeper. She wasn't sure how much more she could take when she felt his balls on her chin. Rocky now had three fingers in her pussy and was sucking hard on her clit. She came again, hard. When she moaned Jared shot his load in her throat. She was surprised that even though Jared had just came in her mouth he kept thrusting in and out. After he came he lost part of his erection but she could feel it slowly growing back to its hardest size.

She could feel Rocky lifting her buttocks and placing a pillow under her.