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Son wants mum, mum wants son.

A moan escaped Sonia's mouth as Alicias' tongue circled her engorged clit and dove inside. Her hands shot out gripping the coverlet as she pushed her pelvis upward to meet Alica's tongue desperately needing deeper penetration.

Alicia pulled away and stood to walk over to the patiently waiting Antonio. Once again she circled behind him to whisper into his ear while reaching around to fondle his huge manhood. "Sonia is my love slave." She said. "She hasn't had a good cockfucking since we met 3 months ago and I promised she would get one tonight. Do a good job for me and we may make this a regular occurrence." "I will." said Antonio obediently. She took him by his cock and led him over to the pallet where Sonia lay.

"Sonia, she said softly, Antonio has agreed to please you with his cock tonight, but you must agree to do exactly as I say or you will not be able to do this again, understood?" "Yes." Sonia said breathlessly. "Yes what?" exclaimed Alicia, giving a quick slap to Sonia's ass. "Yes Mistress." Sonia corrected sharply. "Very good then." Said Alicia. She then positioned Antonio on his knees between Sonia's legs. "Wait ," she said sensing that Antonio was barely restraining himself from plunging in, "I have to make sure your cock is ready to please my slave." She bent her head between them and fully engulfed the huge cock into her mouth and throat in one motion. She backed away and looked up at Antonio before once again taking the full length into her throat. As the tip emerged again she said to Antonio, "In case you didn't already know, you have a magnificent cock."

Very deliberately Alicia guided Antonio's cock toward Sonia's gaping wet pussy. As the large tip touched her velvety lips Sonia cried out in anticipation, "Oh yes, please, please, Oh, Ohhhh...., God yes, please give it all too me!" Antonio slowly pushed the head and then a third of his massive cock into Sonia as she panted breathlessly, "Yes, Yes, Oh, Oh, Yes, Yes, Fuck, Fuck, Me, Ohhhhhhh...., Yessssssss........., Please fuck me....., Oh God, fuck me, please fuck me, Oh gooooodddd,..yesssss!
Antonio needed no further encouragement. He fully inserted his 9 and 1/2 inch cock into the tiny, hot, hole causing Sonia to erupt into immediate orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhh...Fuckkkkkkk...she screamed in pleasure as he mercilessly pounded her small pussy again and again as she continued to cum. Her legs were wrapped around Antonio's back and her nails were digging into his skin as she savored the pleasure of being impaled by his massive dick. He continued his relentless assault until the girl began having trouble breathing and Alicia told him to slow down a bit.

As Antonio continued to ease in and out of Sonias tight hole, Alicia leaned over and whispered into her love slaves ear and ask if she had had enough of Antonio's cock. "Not yet, more please mistress.", was all she managed to say between breaths.

Alicia instructed Antonio to withdraw as she made Sonia turn over onto her stomach and raise her lovely ass high. The panting girl did as she was told but maybe not quickly enough because Alicia gave her another quick slap to her left ass cheek. Sonia whimpered and stuck her ass as high into the air as she could. Antonio could tell that Alicia was getting off on dominating Sonia and he had to admit that he liked it too. "Now Antonio, get behind her and prepare to fuck her sweet pussy again but don't until I say, understand?" Antonio did as he was told.

As he positioned him self on his knees behind Sonia he looked down at her lovely puckered asshole and moist pussy underneath. His thick cock hung barely an inch away. He couldn't resist the urge to lean forward slightly letting the tip of it touch her tiny asshole. As Sonia felt him nudging her ass, she drew in a sharp breath and reached behind to spread her asscheeks even wider exposing more of her luscious crack to Antonio.

"What have we here?" Said Alicia.