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She's punished for disrespect.

I announced, "Well, it's all up there."

Mai Ling spoke out, "I pay you now."

"No. No, we're neighbors. No charge." I said patting her on the shoulder.

"No, I no give you money. I give you massage. You like."

Well, who was I to argue. Here I was, going to get a massage on my tired aching muscles from a young Asian woman that looks only to be about 24 possibly 25 years old. I don't think any man would turn that, down.

I followed her into the same room that I first saw Bill coming out of years ago. The same room with the strings of wooden beads over the doorway.

Upon entering the room, I saw that it had dark blue carpeting, was dimly lit, and in the center was a large wooden massage table. The room smelled of incense and had a mysterious feel to it.

"Now you taika off clothes," she said in her sweet little voice.

"Now, can I just do my shirt? I don't wear any underwear," I informed her.

"No, you wrap towel around you. Is better this way. You like. You like," she informed me.

I did as I was told. When I dropped my pants and she got a glimpse of my prick I thought I could see her eyes light up. I guess she had never seen a man with a shaved prick before. I shave myself down there to make Karen feel she is not the only one in the marriage that is shaving their privates. Karen has said she likes it too.

I laid facedown on the massage table. She started in by pouring some hot massage oil onto my back. She dipped her hands into the massage oil. She started rubbing the back of my neck with soft but firm strokes.

Before she even started moving down to my shoulders, I thought to myself, "Oh God! This is incredible." She reached my shoulders and moved down onto my back. My muscles were starting to feel like butter now.

She kept moving her hands lower and lower. When she reached the towel she pushed her hands under it and massaged my glutes. Normally, under any other conditions I would have yelled and jumped up but, I was just in heaven and said nothing.

She kept moving her rubbing down to my thighs, my hamstrings, the backs of my knees, my calves, my ankles. I couldn't believe how great it felt giving my feet massaged. By the time she was done with my feet I was sporting the biggest firmest rod I have ever had. Then she told me the most wonderful thing I have ever heard from her.

"You flippy over. I do you front."

I rolled over onto my back. I couldn't hide my erection. It was tenting the towel. I know she noticed it. I could see her grinning as she massaged the underneath of my jaw, neck, and top of my shoulders. She used her expert touch on my chest, down my arms, my abdomen.

She slid her hands under the towel and massaged the side of my hips. Then she took them out went down my legs. When she reached my feet and rubbed between my toes, I thought I was in heaven.

Then she said what every man wants to hear from his masseuse, "You want me finish you off, now?"

Terrible thoughts raced through my mind. "How could I ever do this to Bill? My best friend. He might never speak to me again and what would it do to his marriage? Also, the worst of all, Karen! Oh my God Karen! The best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

I don't know why, but something must have possessed me. I uttered out, breathlessly, "Do it, yes, do it."

She knocked off the towel and up stood my manhood proud as can be. Taking a hold of my poll with one hand and dipping her other into the bowl of hot massage oil she began the process of jacking me off. I was in a state of amazement at what was happening.

Her hands were so soft and warm and her grip just perfect not too tight not too loose, just wonderful. After about just three strokes I thought to myself "Oh God, Karen's hand jobs were never this good. Somehow, somehow I've got to get her to teach Karen how to do this without her finding out this ever happened."

After about three minutes of just plain heaven the muscles in my legs started to tense up, my breathing was getting shallower, my vision started to get blurry. I knew what was going to happen.

It did happen.

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