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We all went back to the condo and talked awhile. Everything was as in my dream; Annie said she had to be up early to go to work. Mom mentioned that they would be taking me to the dealership. She thanked Annie for her hospitality and letting them stay there. I let Annie know that I would see her at the hospital after my exercises.

After dad got up, we headed for the dealership. It was nice seeing all the people I worked with. Cindy was the first to give me a hug and I shook hands with most everyone else. I was asked when I was going to return and I told them it would be a couple of weeks. I would probably start back on half days, but was excited just to come back.

My parents and I went into the office and ordered a new vehicle for me. It would be in the following week. After saying my goodbyes, my parents dropped me off at the hospital. I thanked them for everything and headed into the hospital. The last thing they said was to say bye to Annie for them.

Tony told me I was doing great and it would probably be the last week I would need to come in. He said I should take short walks and do a few daily exercises. He asked me about Annie and I told him we were getting along fine. He said he and Kelly still wanted to double date with us.

It brought my thoughts back to Annie and I wondered about her past. We've never discussed her sexual life, but she was quite aware of mine. I remember what she told me in my dream that she just hadn't found the right guy.

I had lunch with Annie and took the bus back to the house. Two days a week Annie went to classes. She wanted to become a nurse practitioner. I did my best to try to have something made for our dinner on school nights. I knew she was tired from being on her feet all day. After the first week, I convinced her to use her hot tub. Damn, she was built! She had what I would call the perfect figure. The real hourglass shape and that flat sexy tummy.

She always wore a bathing suit even though I told her we could go naked. It always made her laugh. "You'd love that wouldn't you big boy."

We never kissed since the first day when I kissed her before she left for work. I've tried and she told me, "No, that I was a married man." She knew I had filed for a divorce, but she still said no. She actually said to try again after my divorce.


My attorney said there was a slight hold up. When I asked him what it was he told me Julie had a lawyer look at the divorce papers and said she should have insisted on seeing the pictures I'd said I had.

That evening after she got home we ate dinner and got in the hot tub. I began rubbing her feet and she looked at me and said, "What's wrong Justin?" She could read me like a book.

"Julie wants to see the pictures before she agrees to the divorce."

Annie got out of the hot tub and took a manila envelope out of the cupboard. It was the four pictures she'd took off Kelly phone and had them enlarged. She'd put them in the cupboard in case I needed them.

She handed me the folder and asked again if I was sure I wanted to see them. I told her I didn't have any feelings for Julie other than spite. I looked at the pictures knowing what they were since they were the same as the ones in my dream. I thanked Annie for getting them for me.

"I'm sorry you had to see them Justin. There were a lot more, but I figured those were enough." I knew I had hate in my eyes. Julie had used me and I was too blind to see it. Annie hugged me and comforted me. I kissed her and she said, "Please Justin, I can't do this now. Please wait."

I asked her if we could talk about her past. I told her she knew about mine but I knew little about hers. She told me pretty much what she had told me in my dreams.

"I guess I read too many books and saw movies where I would see stars and fireworks.