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Mickey explains how she became Mistress Michelle's slave.

Ted took a couple quick deep breaths. "Relax... your little hole. Push out some. Do it, Ky... do it for me." Ted laved his tongue around her torrid anus feeling it, waiting for it to relax.

Kyli concentrated. It took her nearly a half minute to do as he asked. Then she felt the stiffened tip pushing, undulating, squirming. She felt her anus dilating as the tip of his tongue pushed into her ass. She had thought they might do anal tonight. She hadn't thought he'd do analingus though. She was now very glad she had used two disposable enemas before her shower getting ready for their date. Her eyes shut tighter as she felt a fraction more of his tongue wiggle into bottom. Her voice was breathless, "Oh... oh Ted, oh... baby."

Ted knew his tongue wasn't in very far. He stiffened it more, and pushed harder. His throat muscles were starting to ache. A little more of his lingual phallus entered her torrid hole. Only an inch at most, which was probably his max. He unfortunately didn't have a long tongue. He held it there for ten seconds, twisting and undulating, then began pulling back and pushing in, fucking Ky's tight back door with his tongue. His saliva had lubed her. He moved it a little faster, sometimes just his tongue, sometimes keeping it stiff and bobbing his head. He felt his lower teeth grating the underside of his tongue.

Kyli pushed her face into the sheet as her hands formed fists. She started trembling again. She murmured, "Oh... mmmmhh... Ted... mmh Ted."

She spread her arms as far apart as the ties on her wrists would allow. Her hips started squirming rubbing her still turgid clit on the pillow beneath. She felt his hands tighten on her fleshy buns and open her valley wider. It made her body tense. For a few moments it seemed her pussy and anus were one orifice sending quivering, luscious waves of pleasure through her.

Ted pulled his tired tongue from her torrid asshole, broadened his oral tool and lapped slow, sensual strokes from the bottom of her pink slit up the centerline of her spread valley, over her hot anal pore to her coccyx. He coursed his tongue like that a half dozen times, Kyli's ass squirmed and pushed towards each of his slow, lingual strokes. His hands released her buns and slid to her hips, letting her deep valley close. He roughly pushed his face into her flesh, smearing his face around her pronounced bottom. His balls had turned blue, his cock was throbbing, aching to be inside her again.

He moved, sliding his hairy chest over her buns, then his abdomen, and finally his thick, hard cock slid through her crack, hugged by the baby smooth skin of her deep, warm crevice. His right elbow held most of his torso weight off her as he kissed her shoulder, then reached for the drawer of the bedside table with his right hand. He felt her hips squirming, her spine dipped more as her ass pushed up against his rod. Her hidden hot spot pressed firmly against his rod which made it automatically flex in response.

He opened the drawer and pulled out the K-Y. His partially open mouth, gasping ragged, excited breaths, formed a hint of a smile when he noticed the toys he had gotten her last fall. He put the tube of gel on the sheet, then pulled out the medium sized butt plug. He held it as he used both elbows to keep his weight off her. He gave her shoulders, then her neck moist kisses, then pressed his lips to her ear, pushing, making her head turn, showing him her profile. The tip of his tongue played around her ear. She shivered beneath him.

His voice was breathy, low, and soft but had a bit of an edge to it too, "Wanna play with a toy tonight, Ky? You brought them with you. You feel like being a very naughty girl tonight, don't you, baby."

Kyli was panting her breaths. She swallowed and kept her eyes closed. "I... I jus'... want you inside me again. I wanna... feel you cum in me."

"You want to feel me pump my seed into your bottom... don't you?"

"I-I don't care whi.

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