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Wife is used.

She was lost in deviant lust. She could not understand it but she loved this black cunt, she just could not get enough.

"That's it sweet thing, you suck my pussy so good. I love you; look up at me with your big blue eyes as I cum on your hot little tongue and sweet face, good girl!" When Candy finally let go of her head Donna was choking and gasping for her breath but she loved every second of it. Candy wrote her home phone # on the back of her card and told the little blond white girl that she could call her anytime. They kissed goodbye and Donna placed the card in her purse.

She dressed in her new short black skirt that barley covered her buttocks, her flimsy see-thru pink blouse and black stockings with garter and high-heels, she wore no panties or bra.

They entered a dingy bar that smelled of stale beer, the jukebox blared and the crowd was noisy. Carla led the couple to a booth, they ordered beer and the lustful Latin sprinkled some more powder in Donna's beer. Carla unbuttoned the pink blouse of the young wife and said, "There, that's much better; now when someone wants to feel your tits you will be ready!"

Donna started playing with herself again; she could not understand the strong urge that she felt. The poor girl felt a tingling sensation in her pussy and had Goosebumps all over her body. A group of four men at the bar sent a round of drinks to the table. The men were all around thirty yrs. old; they walked over to the table and introduced themselves. Carla invited the men to join them at the table and moved over to sit next to Pat and let the men sit two on either side of Donna.

Carla told the men that the blond was Pat's wife and that he wanted to watch other men appreciate her many charms. Hands were fondling her tits and traveling up her thighs, her nipples were tweaked and fingers were inserted in her twitching twat. She shook in orgasm as the finger fucking brought her stimulated cunt to climax. The little wife was moaning in lust. The bartender came to the table and told them to take it to the back room.

They carried the beers and walked thru a doorway into a smaller room with a couple of tables. The sweet blond was lifted on the table and her legs were spread wide open. A heavyset guy began to eat her pussy. Donna was sitting on the edge of the table, moaning and groaning to orgasm. She was lifted off the table and placed on her knees on the floor. The men all dropped their pants and put four cocks in her face. Two of them were 6", one was 8" and the other was a very thick 10"cock.

They all rubbed their cocks on her pretty face. The big fat one pressed her lips open and she took it in her sweet little mouth. The young wife sucked with fervor, saliva dripped down her chin, her hands were stroking other dicks as she tried to fit the thick cock in her mouth. Donna then went from dick to dick, sucking them all. She was lifted to her feet and her short skirt was tossed aside.

The big cock was shoved in her dripping cunt and another was forced up her tight ass hole. The three were fucking in unison, her body swayed like a rag doll. Both men shot hot cum in her hungry holes. The man with the 8" cock was on his back on the floor. Donna was instructed to straddle him and sit on his cock facing him. She was fucking him hard when the fourth man positioned himself behind her and fucked her ass.

After they all shot their cum in her she was pushed to the floor and they all pissed on her. "You better get ready because we are all going to fuck you again!"

"Like hell you are! Get your sorry ass out of here before I kick the shit out of you, that goes for all of you. Now!" The four men gathered their clothes and hurriedly left, they all knew Mike Brown; he was a karate instructor in town and not one to mess around with. Mike and his wife Sandy helped the dazed Donna to her feet, dressed her and were taking her home with them to help her.

"Hey, where are you going with my wife?" Pat asked.

Anger filled Mike's eyes and he tossed Pat across the room

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