Can they get back to where they were.

nd a half?"

She looked at him oddly and then it dawned on her. She looked around and saw the bartender talking to a guy at the other end of the bar. "You want a blow job?"

"Ye, yesss."

"Bet your wife doesn't do it?"

"Hardly ever."

"She swallow?"

"Never. Says it tastes yucky. Gets mad at me if I don't warn her."

"Well, I do. Always. And I bet yours tastes real good."

"How much?"

"You got a room here?


"Finish your drink. I like to discuss money in private."

As they left the bar, she took his arm and rubbed her boob against it. "I'm glad you picked me. You look real nice. The first guy was overweight and balding."

"I was afraid I waited too long. I saw the way he looked at you."

"Honey, that's the way all men look at women when they think they're going to get some pussy."

When the elevator doors closed he turned to kiss her. She backed off. "I don't usually kiss, but for you I might make an exception. It'll cost more though."

"I'll pay." He kissed her hard. At the same time he grabbed her tit roughly. After all she was his whore now.

"Don't squeeze the Charmin too hard," she requested grabbing his wrist. "I'm not going anywhere."

They walked down the hall and entered his room. "Let's see what I can help you with." She reached for his belt.

"Wait a second. If I'm paying, I want to look at the goods. Take off your dress."

A zip and the little sundress dropped to the floor. "No undies?"

"Time is money," she replied. "Besides some guys get too eager and they rip up good clothes."

"Aren't you afraid some one will see when you're on a barstool?"

"A little advertising never hurt business." She grinned. "But I'm usually careful enough. Now back to the matter at hand."

She opened his belt and helped him step out of his slacks. She nudged him backwards until he sat down on the bed. She pulled the waistband of his underwear down letting his cock pop up. "Oh, a nice big one."

She knelt between his legs and reached out to stroke it once or twice. "Does it taste as good as it looks?" Her red lipstick smeared along the shaft.
God, this is so great. He watched her head bob for a minute and then he leaned forward and cupped a breast. "Kiss me," he commanded. Their tongues dueled for a minute as she continued to jack him with her hand. Then she broke the kiss.

"I need to taste this luscious prick. I want you to feel like you're fucking my face. Don't you want that?" She bent back down. Her tongue swirled around the head as short strokes below continued the stimulation.

He leaned back on his hands. She looked up directly into his eyes as her head moved up and down. He saw the desire in her eyes. It ignited a raging fire in his. Her free hand moved to caress his balls.

Another minute of her smoldering look and wanton movements were enough. "I'm going to cum," he warned.

She stopped caressing his balls and just held them. Meanwhile, she speeded up her other hand and mouth.

"Oh god," he cried as the first spurt splashed in her mouth. She moved her mouth off his cock and directed the second spurt on to her breasts. Then she covered the head again and let the remainder pool in her mouth. When he had finished, she opened her mouth to show him his spunk, then she swallowed.

"Like I said, you taste good and feel good, too." She rubbed the spunk around her chest and then licked her fingers.

He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard again. He used his other hand to caress down her smooth back to her buttocks. She finally broke the kiss.

"Okay, that'll be a hundred for the blow job and an extra fifty for the kissing."

He retrieved his pants and pulled the wallet out. "Here's two hundred. You were really good. If I want to reach you again, how do I do it?"

"I'm usually around. I bet you'll be able to find me without much trouble." She slipped back into her dress. "Good by." She closed the door behind her.


Ten minutes later Julie opened the door with her key. "That little walk around the block really cleared my head. Have you been doing alright?"

"Just waiting for you.

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