Bossy BBW nurse dominates her intern & fucks her patient.

She knelt down before her mistress and took hold of the rubber cock guiding it to her drooling mouth. She began to suck on it with the enthusiasm of a bitch in heat. JJ still speechless, reached out and cupped Aprils voluptuous ass and then trailed his fingers down the crack. April spread her legs a little wider allowing him access to her wet shaved pussy which he teased and then fingered as he watched Laney's head bob back and forth on the strap on cock.

Save for the finger fucking motion of his hand, JJ was quiet and still, he appeared to be struggling to comprehend the enormity of his good fortune. Suddenly his eyes brightened, and a devilish smile played on his lips. "JJ want Threesome"; he said causing April look down at him with a proud smile. April was oblivious to this minor exchange as she carried on such and slurping on the other woman's

'dick', until JJ's next words made her almost choke on the dildo she was deep-throating.

"JJ want anal sex too". It was so totally unexpected to her that it instantly turned on the heat of her desire a couple of notches. It also assuaged her almost dead sense of guilt; 'how could anyone be taking advantage of a man who is intelligent enough to demand anal sex?' the devil in her queried.

She was jolted back to the present by the yanking of her hair by April who in a very strict tone of voice issued instruction on their next activity.

April gestured for Laney to kneel on the love seat at the corner of the room, and rest her head on the back. Her big round ass was sticking out with the cheeks parted and her puckered rear portal wrinkled like a rose about to unfurl.

April then picked up a tube of lubricant gel, held it upside down over the crack of Laney' ass and squirted a generous dollop which promptly sailed down slowly over her crack.

JJ was so excited as he watched his lover and friend prepare the other woman's ass for his pleasure. April rubbed the Gel in, working it past the resistance of her bitch's tight anal sphincter.

"Aghhh!" Laney moaned deeply as her mistress's finger slid effortlessly into her well lubricated asshole going deeper and then sliding almost all the way out and then back in. her ass wiggled and her great jugs swung freely as April intensified her digital exploration of her ass.

"Oh shit!" she groaned as April's second finger slid in with the first. Her moans grew as she threw her ass back at the hand fucking her rear.

JJ's erection grew even harder as he observed the slutty submissive Laney reach under her sexy tummy roll and begin to rub her engorged clit. The atmosphere in the room became super charged as

April's third finger joined the fray, stretching Laney's ass like never before. Within a few minutes Laney's body was seized by a powerful orgasm.

April gave JJ a wink and a nod inviting him to come forward and claim his prize. While Laney's tremors receded, April squirted a dollop of gel into JJ's open palm and he rubbed it all over his huge cock in preparation for his triumphal entry into Laney' back door.

She also lubricated her rubber 'cock' and then sat down on the love seat. She turned to Laney and simply said, "Assume the position". Laney knelt once again on the seat, but this time astride her mistress as she lowered her sopping wet and well used pussy over her strap on cock. As she enveloped it in her slutty wetness, her great jugs settled and then began to rub against the other woman's huge breasts.

The friction of her nipples on Aprils warm tits set her in motion as she gradually picked up speed impaling herself, again and again, humping April and moaning in sheer delight.

When JJ indicated that he was ready, April yanked at a handful of Laney's hair pulling her head closer to her own face and whispering into her ears, "Lift up that ass for daddy".

Laney lifted her big round ass and instantly her ass cheeks were smiling at JJ, bidding him to enter and plunder to his hearts content.

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