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Sexless widow is seduced by a young woman.

Part of what shocked me was how much I enjoyed cupping her firm young breast in my hand, and how clearly I could see myself suckling at her firm young nipples in my mind. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath her pink peasant blouse and the thought excited me as my fingers plucked at her firm nipple.

I managed to pull my mouth free for a moment, although my hand was still on her breast, more like molded to her breast, "Please, Alyssa, we must stop this now, and I need your help, I don't think I can stop you on my own." If I wanted to stop so much why couldn't I pull my hand away from her breast.

"My darling, my darling," she murmured between kisses, "I need this from you as much as you need it from me," I could feel her fingers unbuttoning the front of my dress while she was kissing my neck and ears, "Darling Claire, I love you so much, and I need to fuck you, darling."

She couldn't have known what an erogenous zone my neck and ears were for me, but she was making full use of it even as I felt my legs spread a little for her, and she wasn't even touching me there yet, "Fuck," I murmured, tasting the word like I'd never heard it before, "Mmm, fuck," I panted. With my dress unbuttoned to the waist, she slipped her hands inside and moved them around to my back where she deftly unfastened my bra. She kissed me on the mouth passionately as she pulled my dress and bra down over my arms. Bare from my neck to my waist, she ran her hands lightly over my breasts, tweaking at my nipples between the bases of her fingers, her tongue dancing delightedly with mine inside my mouth.
Alarms clanked faintly in the back of my mind, telling me that it was a girl doing this to me, but her kisses were so sweet, so natural... But not even a woman, a young girl was kissing me and sliding her hand up my thigh now, cupping my damp panties in her palm and squeezing me where only my husband had ever touched me before. I grunted heavily as her hand slid inside my panties. I was already very close to a climax, and when the tip of her middle finger slipped inside my vagina, the base of her finger lightly touching my clit, and I did climax. With long shuddering heaves in my hips, I came for the first time in nearly two years, my orgasm so powerful that I even blacked out for a couple of seconds.

I was still trembling and moaning as Alyssa pulled my dress, bra and panties down over my legs in one bundle of cloth. My flip-flops were dragged off by the clothes and I was left naked with my legs spread on the couch. I noted inanely that my pink nipples were soft but slowly hardening again, and there was a blond teenage girl standing between my knees pulling her blouse over her head. As her firm young breasts popped free sporting lovely light brown and very firm nipples, I felt surprised by how lovely I found her nakedness, which quickly became total as she shucked the blue-jean cutoffs. No bra or panties, and such a lovely little triangle of golden and mahogany colored pubic hair.

While I had seen sexy naked women many times in movies and so forth, other than a distant sort of artistic appreciation for their charms, I had never felt the eagerness in my eyes like I did at the moment. I was practically drinking in the sight of her lovely slim body, the shapely legs and that alluring furry mound. I still couldn't see my putting my mouth on her there, but I might not mind touching her with my hands, no, I might not mind that at all. And she stood there so casually with her hands on her hips letting me look at her, and she was certainly looking at me.

"You're so beautiful, so sexy.

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