Showing off can lead to some strange and sexy outcomes.

Roger's eyes got really big and a big grin spread across his face. He knew that I would have some more fun and he was ready to sit back and watch.

I started out by sitting up straight and stretching my shoulders which opened my blazer so that my breasts and my ever-hardening nipples were in clear view. Trying to act like I didn't know that I was showing, I repeated the stretch and gave a second show.

Roger was watching the couple as they watched me. "Baby, you are so beautiful." He said just barely loud enough so that the couple could hear. "I love looking at you."

Being a little more obvious as if I was showing off to my husband, I opened the blazer fully and pushed my titties out at him. "You like what you see?"

"Oh yes....." His voice trailed off as he kept one eye on me and one on the couple.

Before his words trailed off and my blazer was still wide open, Clare appeared with the check.

"Thank you both very much for joining us this evening." She stared straight at my exposed titties. I wasn't sure if she was talking about us as a couple or the two "girls" that she was looking at.

"I hope to serve you again." She smiled as she slid the folder with the bill toward Roger. "And I've left you something special with your bill. I hope you will take advantage of it tomorrow."

I learned later that she was positioned perfectly so that the couple next to us got a full view of what I was showing her.

I slid my chair back a little and pulled the napkin from my lap as I looked up at the sexy young waitress. "We've had such a wonderful time. I hope that we have the opportunity to enjoy your service again."

The waitress looked down as I pulled the napkin away and I knew that my skirt was split wide open and she was getting a great view of glistening pussy lips and very swollen clit. I spread my leg closest to her out a little so that she could get a better view. I so wanted to command her to kneel and lick me right there in front of Roger and the couple.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm hoping that you will have me serve you, possibly tomorrow." She was nearly panting at this point.

As she walked away, I looked up at the couple and caught them both staring straight at my pussy. I smiled at the woman and said to Roger, "I will be right back." And as I turned in my chair I spread my legs wide to give them both a straight-on view of my very swollen and very wet pussy and I stood and walked to the restroom.

When I returned, I slid back into the chair just as I had gotten up, by sitting down and spreading my legs wide before turning and crossing them. I picked up my glass of wine and Roger was smiling at me with somewhat of a Cheshire Cat grin. "Yes?" I asked.

"The surprise that Clare left us with the bill........ her phone number and a note that said that she's available tomorrow and would love to 'serve' us." He said it loud enough that the couple would have obviously heard him.

"Well, maybe we can have her for brunch tomorrow?" The vision of this sexy young lady greedily lapping at my swollen pussy while getting fucked by my husband from behind sent shivers through my clit again.

"Ready to head back to the Marriott?" Roger asked as he stuffed the note into his jacket pocket.

"Yes, and maybe you'd like to take some pictures of me along the way." I stood again and gave the couple what I thought was a final show. They were now not trying to hide the fact that they were staring at my pussy. I smiled at them as I turned and walked toward the exit.

We wandered out into the mall area and it was pretty much abandoned. It was after mall hours, but because of the restaurants and the hotel across the street, they allowed people to walk through the mall to get back to the hotel. And we had to walk the length of the mall to get back to the entrance that was closest to the hotel and I took every opportunity I could to pose for some pics and continue to keep Roger hard.

My pussy was dripping wet at this point and I was looking forward to feeling my hubby

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