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Two best friends find themselves attracted to each other.

The ex has gone by now, and Megan's kids are with him for the weekend. Which means girls weekend! Jennifer knocks at the door from inside she hears Megan's voice.

"Come in, it's open." Yells Megan.

Jennifer opens the door.

"You know you really shouldn't leave your door unlocked, no telling who might come in here." Shouts back Jennifer.

"Oh please! Miss worry wart," said Megan yelling from her bathroom, "I just unlocked it cause I knew you'd be coming over soon, and didn't want to have to throw on something just to answer the freaking door!"

"Oh all right, Miss pain in my butt, are you ready yet or not?" asks Jennifer.

"Nope, I'm not ready, but I need you advise on something." Said Megan. "I bought something for William. I need you to tell me if he'll like it."

"Okay hit me with it," said Jennifer, "though I'm sure whatever you bought him, he'll like."

Megan walks out of the bathroom, her hair all fixed, curling around her face. Megan was wearing dark eyeliner, mascara, and her lips were done in a maroon red with a brown out line. She was also wearing her satin pink robe, with black hose underneath and black high heels.

"So, show it to me," said Jennifer.

"I going to, but I'm afraid you'll tell me I'm stupid." Said Megan.

"I'd never call you stupid. But, I don't know what the big deal is" said Jennifer.

Just then Megan untied her robe, she was wearing black lace thong panties, a black garter belt connected to black hose, and on her tits she had on a see thought black lace bra. Jennifer was stunned she hadn't been expecting this.

"Ah, yeah." Stammered Jennifer, "I think he'll like it, probably a lot." Jennifer suddenly started to feel a bit jealous of William.

"Well, if you think so. I was going to wear it the next time I go out to see William." Said Megan.

"That's good," said Jennifer, But why don't you wear it tonight, you know just to get used to it, under your dress

"Well, I was going to save it for the next time I saw William," said Megan, "but I guess I could wear it tonight, probably will make me feel sexy. Maybe, I'll get more come on lines than you tonight."

Megan returned to the bathroom. She was a bit confused; she thought she had saw something in Jennifer's eyes when she had opened her robe. For the briefest second there was an expression on Jennifer's face. It was the kind of expression she was hoping she would get out of William, when he saw her outfit. She started to wonder if, maybe Jennifer had more of an interest in Megan, than as just friends.

Then Megan thought, well what if she does, what will you do then. Megan couldn't make up her mind, she just told her self we'll see, she was probably just overreacting anyways. She got her black dress off the hanger, and pulled it over her head and over the new lace underwear and garter belt.

Megan walked back out into the front room with Jennifer. Jennifer looked a bit flushed. Megan was wearing a tight short black dress, that had no sleeves, a scooped collar, and it had little flowers designing the bottom and the top of the dress.

Jennifer was just wearing a black halter-top, a pair of loosely fitting black jeans that barely hung on her hips, and a pair of motorcycle boots. Also, Jennifer had a ring in her belly button.

Megan gathered her purse, and Jennifer grabbed her keys and they were off to the club. As they were driving to the club, Jennifer couldn't help but notice the way Megan's little black dress rode up over the tops of the thigh high hose she was wearing underneath, and she could see the elastic straps connected to the hose going up toward the garter belt.

Jennifer didn't know why she had told Megan, to go ahead and wear her lacy new underwear.

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