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Piper is home from college for the summer to visit daddy.

The front pulled tight across my breasts and my cleavage was practically popping out of the deep v neck. I pulled the pink and purple plaid shorts up over my bum and folded the elastic down over my round hips. These, like so many other pants, just did't fit my curves.

I went downstairs and found my dad already in the den getting the game ready. My breath caught for a moment when I realized he was only wearing boxer breifs. They were striped in blue and white and they showed off his ass as he was bent over inserting the game disc into the console. There were two icy cold bottles of beer sitting on the coffee table.

"It's awfully hot so I opened a couple beers for us. I also hope you don't mind my... uhh... pajamas." he laughed.

I sat on the couch."That's ok, daddy." I sighed, my eyes never leaving his delicious ass. "I want you to be as comfortable as possible when I pound you! umm.. I mean, in the game. When I beat you in the game."

He laughed and walked toward me to join me on the couch. All I could see was the outline of his enormous penis in his tight underwear. I desperately wanted to see it. I imagined reaching for the waistband of his breifs and pulling out my daddy's thick cock and taking the head between my trembling lips.

He sat next to me and with a devilish grin said "Oh, we'll see who takes a pounding tonight, pretty girl." and handed me my beer with one hand and rubbed my thigh with the other.

I could feel my nipples harden instantly, straining against my already tight t shirt. Could it be? Did he want the same thing I wanted? Did he want to violate his sweet little girl as much as she wanted to be violated by him? Nervously, and looking for courage wherever I could find it, I chugged my beer. A droplet of ice cold condensation dripped from the bottle and landed on my breast. My chest rose with my excited breath and my father watched, hungrily, as the drop rolled down the slope of my large breast and into the deep, sweet valley of my cleavage.

"Just because I allow you to drink," he said, still staring at my tits, doesn't mean you need to get drunk. Besides, that won't save you from the spanking you're going to get." He handed me a game controller.

Spanking? Was he just trash talking for the game or did I have a pleasant surprise in my near future?

He started the game and said "So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"O- oh." I stuttered, suddenly nervous.

"Is it a boy?" he asked.

"Umm... not a boy, exactly. A man."

"I see," he said, grinning. "He's older?"

The competition on screen was getting tenser and I scooted a little closer, partially from enthusiastic game play, and partially so I could feel his skin on mine.

"Yes. Quite a bit older." I mustered, biting my bottom lip with nervousness.

"That's good," he said, giving me a sidelong glance, "Someone more mature than the boys you go to school with will be a better fit for you."

"I'm glad you think he'll fit, daddy," I giggled flirtatiously.

"I'm confident that it will be hard, but it will most definitely fit."

I could see the bulge in his underwear getting larger as his dick hardened. Then I knew for certain. He wanted me too. The sight of his growing erection sent electric tingles across my skin. My gnawing desire to take his cock in my mouth was all I could think about. All of my focus was on the rock hard cock I could see pressed against the striped cotton of my father's boxer breifs.

I was practically drooling when he suddenly shouted "I WIN!" and tackled me in victory. But instead of his hands at my waist to tickle me, his mouth was on mine. Kissing, biting, licking. His tongue was soft and warm in my mouth. He tasted of hoppy beer and absolutely pleasure. He moved down and began urgently kissing and biting my neck. "Ohh, daddy." I moaned.

"Oh my brilliant, beautiful girl. I love you so."

Those words.With those words the wetness between my legs dripped.

"I love you too daddy. I want you so badly!"

He pulled my shirt off

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