Memorial Day Week-end Like No Other. Nothing is Off Limits.

He had a very unique ability to finger-fuck both of them at the same pace and same intensity. He picked up the pace and their kiss grew hotter and their hands were now roaming over each other's bodies.

In a split second; their knees buckled and ripping their lips from each other, they groaned out and started to cum, covering both of Sherlock's hands with their nectar. Just as quick, they leaned in and rested their heads on the other's shoulder. They clung to the other as they regained some of their composure and pulling away; they nodded and looked to Sherlock. Jane groaned out in her deep, sultry voice, "That was amazing Sherlock, now it's our turn to turn the tables on you, get ready to be ravished."

Before Sherlock could react, they pushed him onto his back. They circled him and holding him down they took turns, as Jane went first. She gripped his cock and as fast as she could, she bobbed up and down on his huge cock. She did it a dozen times and they released him. Her gorgeous black hail tumbled forward, covering his entire belly ad thighs

Linda was next, she did the exact same thing; she squeezed his cock harder and wrapped her plush lips around his cock, she bobbed up and down a dozen times too.

Jane resumed and did the exact same thing. They went back and forth, a dozen times each and stopped. They had him squirming and his cock was completely covered in saliva.

Sherlock squirmed around on the mattress, with each sucking sequence, he came closer and closer to cumming, but they knew exactly when to stop. When they stopped, they squeezed harder on his cock, causing any chance of cumming to wane.

It was Linda's turn, but she threw him a curve and she threw her leg over his and gripping his cock, she lowered her pussy and took nearly all of it into her and she began riding him. Up and down she went and she was supposed to pull off and let Jane go next, but she was so close to cumming and Sherlock gripped her hips and held her in place.

Jane did what was second best, she scurried about and threw her leg over his head and ground her pussy down onto his mouth. She let out a groan when she felt him tongue fucking her pussy at the same pace Linda was riding his cock. He released Linda's hips to concentrate on Jane's pussy.

Jane looked into Linda's sparkling blue eyes and smiled. She nodded and they both hopped up at the same time.

Linda's knees buckled as her cunt released his cock and it nearly made her cum. They hopped around and replaced the spot where the other just was. Linda lowered her juicy cunt to Sherlock's mouth and seeing she was so close to cumming, she ground her cunt hard to his mouth. She clutched at Jane's lithe body and immediately wrapped her arms around her and began sucking wildly at Jane's luscious nipples.

Jane felt Sherlock's cock slid up into her tight cunt and never before did she ever feel that full. Frank and Rick were big, but she knew she couldn't switch again with Linda, she was too far gone and when Linda started attacking her tits, she lost it and started cumming all over Sherlock's cock.

Sherlock was beyond excited. The two gorgeous women paid back for his sly finger-fucking and he wasn't about to stop whatever they wanted. He concentrated on Linda's pussy. He sucked at her clit and stabbed at her dripping hole. He heard Jane's constant groaning and when he felt her extremely tight cunt clamp down even harder on his cock and explode, dowsing his cock with her juices, he lost it and began blasting her with his load.

Blast after blast shot up into Jane's pussy. She clung to Linda and her head dropped to her shoulder. She came so hard; she bit down on Linda's sexy shoulder.

Linda was close to cumming and when Sherlock sucked viciously at her clit and Jane bit her shoulder, she lost it and came too.

Linda and Jane clung to one another and rolled off of Sherlock.

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