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Flirting, Seduction, Imprisonment on a visit to the Old Gaol.

The material was hugging her body creating small creases as it pulled tight around her.

She playfully slapped his hands. "Hey, be patient or I'll lock you back inside."

James didn't heed her warning and kissed her again. Belinda took her time enjoying this next kiss before pushing him back into the tiny cell. James was now giving her the cutest look of innocence as she closed and locked the cell door. She pulled out the key and tucked it into the front of her dress as she considered her next move.

"Maybe I should leave you there all night?"

"You'll miss out on dinner..." James replied into the solid steel door.

It worked. The door opened and the school teacher look that James was beginning to find so beguiling was back. She would certainly be an interesting woman to get to know, even if these games were making him feel like a teenager.

"Behave or I'll shackle you," she smiled.

"I can deal with it."

"Believe me, the shackles we have here could really cramp your style this evening."

James took the risk of kissing her one more time before taking her hand and leading her to the restaurant.


James had chosen an upmarket restaurant and Belinda seemed impressed and a little nervous as they sat down. She jumped as the waiter placed her napkin in her lap, her body already excited and aroused.

"Thanks for letting me out, it would have been a long night."

"You're welcome," she replied, her wine glass still pressed to her lips.

"But I should warn you that I plan to break the conditions of my parole."

Belinda's eyes widened and she leaned even further forward. James met her halfway and kissed her red lips.

"You look even more beautiful when you're not the other side of a locked jail door, and much easier to kiss."

"Is it frustrating being locked up... all alone?" she purred.

"Locked away from your blue panties? Fuck yeah."

Their lips were still touching and their breath warm on each other's faces.

"Maybe I shouldn't have shown you them?"

"Maybe you should show me again..."

Neither James nor Belinda were feeling particularly hungry and they left the restaurant after only a quick meal.

"Have you ever been at the gaol at night?" James asked.

"No, but we could..."

Belinda took James by the hand and pulled him down the driveway to the old building. Both feeling like teenagers, they ran towards the large wooden front door where Belinda used her key to let them inside into the dark imposing entrance hall. They grabbed some blankets from behind the counter and the cushions from the sofa in the reception area and ran laughing down to the cell block.

Belinda ran into one of the cells and positioned the cushions and blankets on the stone floor.

"Your bed," she giggled.

"Our bed?"

"I have to get back for the babysitter."

"I'm sure have time..."

James pushed her up against the wall, pinned her hands above her head and kissed her. With one hand now securing both of hers, James reached behind and unzipped her dress and watched as it slinked off her body.

"The blue panties... again."

He stepped back, stripped off and then pushed his hard cock back against her body. Belinda had made short work of her underwear which now lay on the cold stone floor and so James gently pushed inside her and was treated to cries and moans that were amplified by the confines of the cell.
Belinda climaxed and he picked her up with one hand around her soft thighs and lowered her on to the makeshift mattress. He brushed away her hair that was lying untidily around her face and then moved down to kiss her bare breasts. Her body was processing the natural high and was once again returning to life. First her eyes, which were now beaming, and then her strong body as it fought to untangle itself from James's arms.

"Come with me!" she panted.

Dressed only in her skimpy blue underwear and with her breasts totally free, Belinda led James back into the museum. With his strong hand held tightly in hers, she led him over to the old timber stocks and lifted the top.

"Lie on your back," Belinda breathed, e

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