Mom is attacked, but by whom?

The string of losers she had kept time with in high school and college, the cheating scum she had been foolish enough to marry, and all the creeps she had been with since had proven to her that she attracted creeps and jerks like a magnet.

She had wondered once or twice in jest if maybe she would have better luck if she tried dating women, but had never really considered actually trying it. Someone this morning had taken the decision away from her.

While she supposed that she should have been in a rage over being sexually assaulted like that by one of her own children, the truth was that she wasn't. Whoever had come into her room this morning had given her something she had desperately needed, something she had been sorely missing for many, many years, and all she wanted to do now was show her appreciation.

The only question was which of her girls should she be thanking? It really shouldn't have been so hard for her to figure out considering that one of her girls was so much more well endowed than was the other, but in the heat of the moment she had not thought to take notice of just how big her assailant's boobs were. She really didn't have any clue about whether if it had been Kelly or Lori.

She heaved a deep sigh, certain that she would figure it out somehow.

Jessica was about to turn away from the mirror at last when she happened to catch sight of something in it - a glint of something shiny nestled in the carpet! That certainly wasn't anything of hers and so it must be something that had been dropped by whichever of her girls had been in here earlier!

Spinning around, she threw herself down onto her knees to collect what could only be a vital clue.

It was an earring! A very familiar one, too!

Jessica smiled to herself delightedly as she cupped the tiny piece of jewelry in the palm of her hand, now certain that she knew who had paid her a visit.

It had been the older girl - Kelly!

* * *

As Jessica emerged from her bedroom at last, it was slowly and somewhat cautiously, her eyes darting in search of her two daughters.

Drifting through the house quietly, she was able to quickly track down the girl she most wanted to see right now. Arriving at the partially open door to the nineteen year old Kelly's bedroom, she warily peeked inside first to see what was going on in there. Given the nature of her mission this day, it seemed to her that a little bit of caution would go a long way.

Just as she'd hoped, her eldest child was all alone. Lying on her belly atop the bed, an open book in front of her, Kelly was apparently taking care of some homework and did not yet know that she was now being watched.

Dressed in a pair of old and faded cut-off shorts that molded themselves to her butt surprisingly well and a T-shirt that looked like it was straining to contain the young woman's generously sized bosom, the young woman seemed completely and utterly relaxed at the moment. Jessica found it a bit odd that she could be so calm immediately after jumping her own mother, but supposed that her girl must think she was safe as there was surely no way her mom could figure out who it was that visited her in bed today.

Jessica hoped to take a moment to just look at her daughter for a moment while the girl was unaware that she was being studied, but accidentally bumped against the door and revealed her presence.

Looking up, Kelly gave her mother an open, friendly smile that looked exactly like the ones she'd always given her previously. Jessica was watching for any sign at all and yet could see nothing that might hint at a guilty conscience behind that wide smile or those sparkling eyes. It surprised the older woman more than a little that she could do what she had and then hide it so well, but she decided not to worry about it now.

"Hi, mom!"

Pulling herself together, Jessica put on a smile of her own, her own mask of innocence and normalcy in place. "Hi, sweetheart. Where's your sister at?"

The answer came immediately.

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