Nancy's classy friends have a hot arousing night.

I kissed her and said, "buttoned yourself up. We'll finish this later." And I zipped up and walked into the other room right past Nancy.

A couple minutes later Carol and Nancy joined the group back in the living room. I could see the lust and desire in Carol's eyes the way she looked at me.

Another twenty minutes went by with all the ladies looking at the different pieces of lingerie. Then I noticed Nancy talking with that classy blonde Kathy. While they talked Nancy and her looked over my way. As I watched Kathy kept her eyes on me and then walked out the back door to the porch. I sensed she wanted me to follow and I was sure Nancy had arranged it.

I strolled onto the porch. It was dark and Kathy was at the far end. I figured, "fuck," I'd just take her.

"Did Nancy tell you about Carol in the kitchen," I asked?

"Yes she did," Kathy answered.

Since she knew I didn't waste anytime. "I like the way you dress," I commented as I stroked my hand up the slit in her dress feeling her bare leg and thigh. Even in the dark I could see that she closed her eyes and was enjoying my touch.

"Do you like that," I asked?

"Oh God yes," she replied.

I was beginning to think I joined a party of all horny ladies neglected by their husbands.

I turned her around facing out and put both hands on her ass. I felt her gorgeous rear end. I looked back and noticed Nancy standing not far away. In the dark it was hard to see her, but I knew she was fingering herself. I could hear her softly moaning as she watched.

I reached under Kathy's dress and pulled her underwear down. She stood there letting me do as I wished. Then I lifted her dress exposing everything. "Spread your legs," I whispered.

I knelt down, looked back at Nancy and then put my face up to Kathy's cunt. I started licking. I ran my tongue through her wet pussy tasting her juices and then licked my way right up through her asscrack. She had to hold onto the railing to keep from falling over from the pleasure I was giving her. She was softly moaning looking out toward the house next door. I could see a shadow in the window. I think the neighbor was watching and Kathy knew it. I kept licking and pushing my tongue into her cunt. Then I started on her clit. I licked it and sucked it into my mouth. Kathy grabbed the railing tighter and let out a long low moan. She was cumming. I backed away and let her enjoy it.

I stood back up letting her dress fall back in place. I walked back inside. Nancy was there by the doorway with her hand between her legs. "Later," I said. Then I gave her a kiss so she could taste Kathy's cunt on my lips. "She tastes good, doesn't she."

All the women knew what was happening when I walked back in. Their conversations were about sex and mostly about what their husbands didn't do for them. Cynthia, the lawyer's wife, was the only one being quiet and keeping to herself. Although, most of the night she had been keeping to herself anyway. I figured she was just a shy.

The ladies were wondering what I was going to do next. They started running their hands on me feeling my ass. In return I was kissing them and telling them how sexy there were. They loved all the attention.

Then I grabbed one of the sexy nighties from the lingerie table. I walked over to Cynthia. Nancy was standing next to her. Cynthia looked up at me as I handed the nightie to her. "I'd like to see what this looks like. Why don't you model it for me?" The whole room got quiet.

"I don't think I could do that," she replied.

"C'mon Cynthia, you'll look great in that." The other women were coaxing her to do it. And I desperately wanted to see her incredible body in that skimpy little nightie.

Nancy grabbed Cynthia by the hand pulling her off to the bedroom.

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