Best friend takes Kelly on an unexpected adventure.

Although she felt she was alone, Kelly began to feel a little crowded. Like that sixth sense we all have when we feel like someone's watching us, but we can't see by whom. The room was still quiet, but it was no longer silent.

"Open your legs, for me, Kelly?" Becca instructed, placing her hand over Kelly's vagina and massaging it. Kelly let out a light moan. She and Becca have always been quite open and expressive with one another, but never stepped over that friendship bond to actually have sex with each other. Kelly was always turned on a little by her small ebony friend, even though she'd never really experimented with a girl, other than a few drunken kisses and maybe an over-the-shirt titty grab. This was a different side of Becca, and she was liking it. Kelly spread her legs even wider, inviting Becca to do much more than just rub her pussy.

Just as she began to whimper at the pleasure she was feeling, Kelly felt something familiar on her face. She didn't know who it was, but she was very familiar with the feeling of a penis laid across her cheek. The surprise and mystery of it, propelled Kelly back to her teens when she first felt a flaccid penis placed on her lips. How it felt growing hard inside her mouth as she licked it's length and suckled it's head. For this split second, blindfolded on a table, Kelly felt like a virgin all over again.

Opening her mouth, Kelly was quick to suck that cock into her mouth, starting to bob her head almost immediately. The cock began to pulsate and grow and Kelly attacked it even more feverishly. This was when she now felt a tongue on her cunt. At first she thought it was Becca going at her, but she could feel facial hair brushing against her inner thighs. "Oh god!" Kelly thought to herself, "What is happening to me?"

The sudden overwhelming surprise didn't stop her, though. Kelly trudged on, like a good little bimbo would. Eventually, two hands were cupping her tits. A baby-soft hand on her left tit and a rough calloused hand on her right. She reached out with her hands and grabbed a hold of two long thick cocks and began stroking both of them. The once quiet room now filled with the echoes of men groaning and grunting. A sound that Kelly knew all too well. She'd engaged in multiple partners before, but never blindfolded. This added to the excitement and mystery. Soon she had another large penis flopped on her head and she turned to suck that one, too. Then another and another and another. Kelly felt warm like the sun and all these cocks were like moons and planets, all orbiting around her. She wished for a moment that she had more hands, to accommodate all these cocks. Then the activity suddenly stopped as quick as it had started. All the cocks stepped back from Kelly, leaving her alone, covered in sweat and ink. Then one large black fella stepped into Kelly's domain and pressed his monstrous cock into her pussy. Easy at first, inch by magnificent inch, this stud pushed deeper inside Kelly until his balls rested on her ass. He gripped her by her thighs which now rested on his pelvis. Kelly shrieked, taken by this large specimen. She then heard a deep booming voice say, "All you other motherfuckers gonna get in here? This slut ain't gonna fuck herself. The bustling noise returned as dozens of cocks now scrambled for position around Kelly, once again.

This monster between her legs was fucking her pussy hard.

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