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At the 2016 Golden Globes, Bella Thorne goes free use.

" David grabbed a handful of her left butt cheek and squeezed. Then he furrowed his brow. "I gotta open your ass..." whispered David.

David pointed two fingers directly at her anus, aligning with her puckered asterisk.

He suddenly shoved the two digits into her pink hole and worked them inside, sliding gradually deeper.

"Whoa! My asshole! Fuck!"

David pulled his fingers out. Her anus opened and closed like a hungry mouth. "Oh shit..." David muttered to himself as he pushed his fingers back inside, probing her depths with a spiraling motion. Then he slid them in and out. He finger-fucked her butthole, and she moaned louder and louder.

He pulled out.

He pushed in.

He pulled out.

He opened his palm. "God damn, I could play with your ass all day!"

David attacked her butt like a bongo, slapping the soft flesh again and again, watching Bella's fat ass jiggle and quiver. The tender surface of her butt began to blush on both cheeks. It was an angry shade of red.

"Oh come on! Put your dick in me already!"

David pulled her ass cheeks apart, admiring her tightened anus. "Oh, I'm definitely going to gape your tight asshole and shoot a few loads in you, Bella." He unbuckled his belt. Then he pressed his erection on Bella from behind, thrusting the length of his shaft between her butt cheeks and grinding on her ass crack.

"Please!" she begged. "Don't fuck my crack, fuck my ass!"

David gritted his teeth, concentrating. "I will, bitch! Gimme a second! But... Bend over first!" He pushed Bella's shoulders forward, which forced her to bend over. Frantically humping the cleavage of her butt, David fell into a trance and pathetically crack-fucked the starlet's squished ass until his balls ached. "Oh shit! I'm gonna pop!"

"Seriously!?!" demanded Bella in disbelief. "Already!?!"

Maybe I wouldn't cum so quickly if you hadn't been such a tease, David mused.

Desperate to spew inside her, he grabbed the base of his dick and plugged her anus with the swollen tip, unleashing a slimy burst of cumshots deep within her asshole. He thrusted in and out of her tight rectum while he blasted a payload of hot ropes up her butt, grabbing Bella's thick waist and pulling her body further around his spurting rod as he bucked his hips. Even while his orgasming (and overly sensitive) cock squirted cum all over itself, he could not resist the urge to hump Bella thorne from behind.

"Fuck yeah!" yelled David as he pounded and creampied her furiously. "It feels like I'm pissing in your fucking ass!"

He spewed and thrusted, spewed and thrusted, spewed and thrusted... in a trance of primal lust. Whenever David bucked his hips, he pulled her close and slammed into her.

The crowd of onlookers were hypnotized by the thundering sound of David's hips slapping against Bella's ass. Some of the onlookers were gazing at the strands of off-white slime dripping between Bella's thighs - other bystanders were more interested in the rippling puddle of cum that was forming at the bottom.

David was fucking her and filling her at the same time. The cum was endless. Indeed he wondered how he could cum so much... or how it could possibly feel this good.

He wanted to jizz all over her body.

David pulled away and stroked his dick above the heart-shaped mounds of her ass, painting semen all over her glistening crack. He blissfully spurted even more cum into the wide-open hole of her anus, and it gaped for his load. It opened and closed, getting splashed with his explosive bursts and swallowing a dozen jetstreams of watery semen.

"Whoa..." muttered Bella. "Oh, ooh... It really does feel like you're pissing... whoa... up my ass..."

"Open your mouth, you fucking whore," he said while spinning her body around. "I think I'm almost done."


David interrupted.

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