Will Ani Elfaen agree to His terms, to save them both?

Before Trace could hit the stations alarm her voice continued, making him pause curiously.

"You will let me in this outpost, you will not hinder my search for the Humani Athor, and you will not call any reinforcements. Do I make myself hea- "The sentry pinned beneath the woman had drawn a dagger from his boot, she reacted quickly but not before the knife sliced across the arm she raised to block.

A keening screech sounded and Trace had to yank the headset off, he watched on camera as the woman collapsed, no longer moving. Trace hit the comm button and spoke to the man at the gates.

"Be certain she is unconscious, then bind her and bring her to me, I have a feeling I'm the one she was looking for and I want to know why"

"Yes Sir" The guard went about following his orders, impassively kicking at the limp form with a booted foot before securing the magnetic manacles about her wrists and ankles, then slinging her over his shoulder.


The woman certainly wasn't old, Trace thought as he searched her for identification, her skin pale, almost translucent, her tight jumpsuit did little to hide her slight form and high breasts. The jumpsuit consisted of very little in the way of fabric as it was designed to fit under an equally light spacesuit. The pants encased her lower body like a glove and the light jacket was open to reveal little more than a bra covering her chest. Her long hair was far from grey and actually, a light catching silver, her features though obviously alien were certainly attractive. Having little use for any woman, beyond the occasional fuck he usually visited upon one of his female workers, Traces penchant for violent desires meant women tended to steer clear of his attentions. He was unsurprised when he felt his cock stir to life considering her bound and helpless state.

Smiling cruelly and curious as to whether she had more injuries than the superficial knife wound, Trace decided his search would be more through if his captive was nude. Reaching down to where she had been unceremoniously dropped, he lifted her by the cuffs around her wrists, she weighed practically nothing, he noted as he engaged the magnet to attach to the ceiling joist. Hanging now from her wrists, the woman's head hung down her long silver hair reaching past her waist.

Standing back to look at his work, Trace began to enjoy the idea of making her talk, after he'd had his pleasure out on her, of course. The thin material of her jumpsuit came apart easily under Trace sharp edge of Trace's knife. Within moments, she hung before him completely divested of clothing. He stood back to get a better look at her. Her breasts were small and perky topped by dusky rose-colored nipples, blue networks of veins stood out against her translucent skin. A small waist flared out only slightly into a set of boyish hips, lowering his gaze further Trace was delighted to find no pubic hair grew to cover her delicate pussy. This skin too, was hued a slight pink and looked fuckable enough despite her otherworldly origins. Her shapely legs curved down to end in two small delicate feet. Strangely, the superficial cut on her arm was the only evidence of injury. Considering how she fought in the moments before her capture, he was hard pressed to believe a light snick from a knife caused her that much pain.

Absently reaching out to fondle one of her handful-sized breasts, Trace delighted at the softness of her skin. Unable to help himself he caught the nub of her nipple up in a hard twist, and was rewarded with a quiet groan. Raising his gaze from her already bruising skin, he found himself looking into a clear set of violet eyes tinged with pain.


Ani dragged her mind out of the stupor that had descended with the man's blade.

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