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As cool fog settles in, her passion heats up bedroom.

She finished unbuttoning her blouse and slowly removed the fabric from her shoulders and let the material fall to her feet. Her size 38d bra barley concealed her beautifully formed breast and the cool air excited her nipples, visible through the sheer satin material. She knelt down between my legs to remove my shirt and push my bare back against the bed. Brenda stood back up and slowly unzipped her pants, sliding the denim material down her legs and stepping out of the pants. Reaching behind her back she unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor, exposing her perfectly formed breast and hard nipples. Sliding down between my legs again, she removed my belt and pulled the zipper of my pants down. Brenda reached around my waist and slowly pulled my pants down exposing my throbbing dick. She began to slide up my body rubbing her hard nipples across my hard dick on the way to my chest.

I could not take it any longer and pulled her within my arms, upward closer to my lips so that I could taste her tender lips and feel the passion of her every breath. Our tongues explored each other as I rolled her onto her back, sliding gently down her chest. My lips gently touching her hardened nipples as my tongue moistened her tender skin, my hot breath further stiffening her already erect nipples. Leaving a moistened trail from my tongue I gently moved toward her silk panties, stopping momentarily at her belly button only to circle her exposed skin with my tongue as my hands gently slide down her sides only to remove the last piece of material from her waiting paradise. My hands slid softly down her thighs, pulling the silk panting down, exposing the most perfectly formed pussy. Her gentle pussy lips were exposed to the candle light and her soft mound was shaved clean, only exciting me even further. My lips began to kiss the soft mound, as she continued to moan is soft ecstasy. My tongue parted her soft folds of pleasure and tasted for the first time the nectar of her sweet juices. She tasted so sweet that I did not want to come up for air. I started to rub her clit with the tip of my tongue as I softly slid my fingers into her waiting pussy. He breathing quickened and her hands began to clinch the fabric of the sheets. She started to shake her head side to side and moved her feet uncontrollably as Brenda released her juices into my awaiting mouth. At the very end of her climax, I exposed her clitoris with my fingers and gently blew my hot breath on her quivering pussy, only to send chills across her entire body.

She lay next to me on the bed, regaining her breath and looking into my eyes with a depth of satisfaction and lustful desire.

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