The explosive ending to our eager sub's suprise.

Her mouth parted easily and hungrily as she took what he had to offer. He watched as her tongue licked the head of the toy like she did his cock. THIS made his already erect cock jump. He then slipped the toy out of her mouth and grazed it across her nipple as he turned on the vibrating part and watched as her nipples literally reached out toward the toy, begging to be massaged.

He then took the other toy he had brought and then pressed it to her lips. She seemed to enjoy this toy as he could tell this just by the way she took it into her mouth.. Greedy little slut she was.. so he shoved it deeper into her mouth until she gagged and then he pulled it out some so that he could watch as her lips encircled it as he started to run it in and out of her mouth. Watching her mouth work was making his cock HURT he was so turned on.
Now that he had both toys wet with her mouth. He took the lady finger and started to massage her clit. He played with the vibration turning it up. Then down. He'd watch her squirm each time he'd open it up all the way. She was such a good little toy. He was going to REALLY enjoy her service tonight.

He then took the other toy and started massaging her clit as well with it. The two vibrators clambering against each other made for some really intense vibrating at times and he could tell as when he did so. She'd about jump off the bed. However her restraints kept her right where he wanted her.

He then took the lady finger vibrator and slowly probed her ass as he began to slip it in to her ass. She squealed and squirmed at first then as she got past that first hard spot. She started to moan and grind against his hand as he held the toy and let her fuck her ass with it while it was in his hand. His cock was throbbing SO hard watching her, he didn't dare do what he wanted to right now and that was to fuck his sweet submissives face.

He then decided to take the other toy and placed it on her clit. He turned the vibrator on high and let it sit there a moment as her as was filled with the other toy. He knew that it wouldn't take but a few seconds before she was begging him to remove the toy.

She did not let him down. She jerked and then began to beg him to please remove the toy from her clit. She pleaded and cried and when the first tear slid down her cheek, he removed it and leaned over and softly licked her sweet smooth pussy.

He asked her if she wanted to cum.
She almost screamed it as she was so turned on.

He licked her sweet HARD clit and sucked it into his mouth and then felt her every muscle tense and then the sweet release as she came.
He was so turned on at this point and all he wanted to do was to possess what was his. He untied her leg restraints, which gave him a minute or two to cool his heels and then he bent her legs and kneeled between her sweet thighs. He planted soft gentle tongued kisses on her thighs where he'd used first warmed oil and a dull butter knife and then warm candle wax. After licking both legs, he mounted her. The head of his cock, right at the entrance, reached up, removed her blindfold and looked her in the eye as he thrust DEEP inside her.

She could see such passion burning there. And this made her even more hot. She thrust against his thrusts. Met him in the middle. Making entry hard and intense.

He then reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked her head to the side and hissed in her face. "WHO do you belong to!"

She whimpered, "you Sir."

"Good girl!" He'd growl between clenched teeth and then he would thrust harder and deeper. So hard that he knew she'd be tasting his cock in the back of her throat. He pulled out of her sweet pussy and moved up her body and took his cum soaked cock and rubbed it against her lips.

She greedily licked every drop from his cock and smiled at him as she did so.

He thrust his cock DEEP in her mouth and pulled her hair and his balls slapped her chin as he fucked his slut's face. The feeling was so incredibly good. He wanted to cum but did not want to just yet.

She too

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