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Dave gets exposed by his sister-in-law.

room, my wife says to me, as she's already tucked up in bed;

'Oh Dave, can you get a couple of glasses of water from downstairs please?' (an absolute must after these functions if you don't want a thick head in the morning!)

'OK', I say and wrap a towel around me after I have finished at the sink, thinking that I might get to show off a little.

I walk down the stairs and across the hall, then open the door into the kitchen where Angela is sat at the table and Samantha stood up by the sink, both of them sipping on their steaming cups of coffee.

'Changed your mind about the coffee then?' asks Samantha

'No, I think I'm a little under-dressed to join you both for coffee', I reply as the door closes behind me and I stand looking at them still in their evening dresses.

'From what Sam was saying earlier, more like over-dressed!', Angela laughed, in a cackling manner.

'Very funny', I replied, 'I have just come down for some glasses of cold water. May I have a couple to take back up please?'

'Sure,' says Sam 'the glasses are in the cupboard over there.', motioning to behind where Angela was sitting.

As I walk past Sam, she says to Angela;

'Ange, do you want to see what Dave wears on the beach?' and with that she whipped the towel away from my waist, stopping me in my tracks, leaving me naked facing Angela giving her a full frontal view. Angela's eyes were already locked on target. She smiled as I gave her a brief opportunity to inspect my cock which by this point in my journey across the kitchen, was only a foot or so away from her face.

'Gosh, he's much bigger than John.' Angela said as I turned back to Sam, and as I went to reach for the towel from Sam, she threw it into the full sink behind her.

'Whoops! It's all wet. You can't wear it now!' Sam said smiling as her eyes dropped down to my dick. 'Now, what did you come in here for again?

'Mmmmmm, not only has he got a big dick, he's got a lovely ass as well' Angela said from behind me, and with that I felt two hands grab my buttocks. It was at this point that I started getting a bit of blood flow and a semi-erection began to form.

Sam, with a smile on her face and still looking at my lengthening tool said;

'Now Dave, think looong and haaaard...... why did you come in here again?'

'Oh you are such a comedian Sam, I came for some glasses. Can I have some pleeeaase!.' I said acting as if this was a tiresome prank, my buttocks still being squeezed as I spoke.

'What do you think Ange, shall we let him? Sam asked.

'Only if I get a proper look at that lovely cock of his.' replied Angela

I spun round quickly to face Angela, catching her off-guard, my cock brushing against her hand as she slightly recoiled backwards.

'There it is Angela. Now, can I have some glasses please?'

Again her eyes were locked onto my cock and still smiling and leaning forward she said;

'Sam, it looks bigger than before, like it might be getting hard.'

Again, I felt one hand on my right buttock, this time it was Sam, stroking it lightly as she said;

'Are you getting hard for Angela? What would my sister say?'

I had been in control of my cock until now but said in my defence;

'Well if you didn't both keep grabbing and stroking my bum, then it wouldn't be happening would it? Can I have the glasses now please?'

Neither made any movement, Angela now blocking my path to the cupboard.

'So,' Sam continued, 'if I keep stroking your bum like this, will you get a hard-on?'

Before I could answer Angela said, 'It's already happening. Look!'

Sam bent round without taking her hand off my bum and said 'oh yes, just like when he puts suntan lotion on' (referring to another occasion which I am sure will soon tell on these pages)

My cock was now about 45' from vertical and rising. Blood was pumping into my thickening cock engorging the end which becomes rather bulbous when aroused.

'God, you've got a massive 'bell-end', how big does it get?' Angela curiously remarked.

'Well, it seems you're about to find out.

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