Steph's mother is a Mrs. McAllister? What?

When they did, it was brief and intense. Jack missed her bed, but a stolen kiss or two would sometimes have to suffice. Amanda smiled to him wisely whenever he complained about their lack to time. "They come first, Jack," she would say. They were both steeling themselves for whatever was about to come.

One day, about 5 weeks after giving birth, Stephanie walked downstairs unaided for the first time in months. They took her out to eat on the patio in the garden. They laughed their way through dinner while Baby Ren slept peacefully in a basket next to the table. After dinner, as Jack and Amanda sipped wine, Stephanie's face grew serious.

"I think it's time I shared something with the both of you, Jack in particular." She looked unexpectedly nervous, causing Jack's stomach to clench. Clearing her throat, Stephanie continued. "There's something about my family I've never told you. The McAllister family, that is. They have this rather odd family tradition that I didn't know about until I was turned eighteen." She started to tell them both of the tradition of the body McAllister, as it was known.
"My mother found out about it before she married my Dad. He's fully involved. She elected not to join, which was her right, but she had to accept he was in it, or he wouldn't have married her. For whatever reason, she went through with the wedding anyway."

It was Jack's turn to clear his throat. "Your Dad screws around with members of his family and she ... knows it?" He shook his head. "That bitter woman? How does he still have his balls?"

Shrugging, Stephanie replied, "I asked her the same question. She told me that a good wife learns to ignore certain things. I think it's a really sad way to live and its part of the reason she is the way she is."

Amanda had a question. "Are you involved in all of this?"

Stephanie shook her head. "I was already seeing Jack when I turned eighteen. I was intrigued by the lifestyle, but decided I didn't need it. Jack was already so important to me, I didn't want to risk ruining that by saying, 'hey hun, I'm going to fuck my cousin tonight.'"

Jack laughed. "Oh, the irony, given what I'm doing with my niece." He stopped laughing. "That's what this is all about, isn't it, Steph?" He raised an eyebrow. "Is this why you suggested I take up with Amanda in the first place? Was it something to do with your family tradition?"

Stephanie looked at him earnestly. "I will admit that if it hadn't been for my family tradition, I might not have thought about it. Amanda was talking about being horny since her boyfriend turned out to be Mr. Wrong."

Amanda nodded. "She and I talked about it, it never occurred to me to think it was weird that she suggested I sleep with my uncle. I guess it just seemed to make sense at the time." Pausing she added, "I guess now it makes even more sense. It wouldn't have been a big deal to you, I guess."

Giving it some thought, Stephanie wrinkled her nose. "I wouldn't say it's not a big deal. Both of you mean a lot to me, and I am happy that the two of you found something special in all of this." She reached out and held both of their hands. "I know the two of you would stop seeing each other in a heartbeat if I demanded you to, which makes me love you both so much."

Gathering her courage, she looked at her husband, the father of her son. "I don't want to do that, though. I know it would hurt you both. Amanda saved my life, Jack. I can't do that to her, even if I wanted to." She gulped. "But I can't just be the understanding wife. If you both are going to continue to see each other, then I think it's time I joined the body McAllister."

Jack's jaw dropped. "You want to do what, exactly?" His eyes narrowed. In a million years, he never imagined Stephanie insisting she be allowed to be with others. He waited for his dick to twitch at the thought of his wife with another man, but nothing stirred. Cuckolding might turn other men on, but he'd never given such a thing a single thought.

Stiffening her spine against any onslaught, S

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