Husband helps satisfy wife's lust for Black dick.

I know he was enjoying the show I was giving him.

I reached down and grasped my dick. I lightly slapped her across the face with it. "If you want it, then beg for it. Let Dave see what kind of cheap whore he married." Roni looked up at me and there was no mistaking the lust in her eyes. "Please Sam! Let me suck it. Let me suck your big black dick. I want to wrap my white lips around it and taste it." I looked down at this lovely creature. Then I looked over at Dave. The smile on his face told me everything. There was a burning love in his eyes as he gazed upon his wife. I could understand how he could let her enjoy herself with such abandon. I have to admit, looking down at her; even I could feel the love inside her.

But I had been invited here to enjoy her, not to love her. I looked back down at Roni. "Go ahead, slut! Lick it from my hairy balls to the tip of my hard dick." Roni smiled as she bent her head. Her tongue felt soft as she licked up and down my shaft. My dick throbbed under her expert work. "Oh yea! You cheap whore! Lick my dick. I love seeing a white slut servicing me. Tell your husband how much you love it. But don't stop." I twined my fingers in her short brown hair. Her white skin looked so good against my dark thighs. Roni's lips and tongue was giving my hard dick a sweet sensation. I could see her hands moving between her thighs. "Oh Dave", she moaned between licks. "Sam has such a nice black cock. I want to be his slut! I'll be his whore and do what he wants. I just have to have this fat black dick. Oh Sam! I'm gonna suck all your sweet cum. I want to have it all over my body." I cupped the back of her head. Slowly I pushed her mouth down on my hard dick. And Roni licked the underside as her mouth devoured me. I couldn't believe how easily she took it all down her throat. And then she began to work her head up and down.

The sensation was delicious. "Damn! You're such a hot, horny bitch! I bet you worked this mouth up and down a lot of black dick." Roni was really getting in to it. And she was making loud slurping sounds as her mouth traveled up and down my dick. "Suck it slut! Suck my black dick. Damn! It's good to have a slut like you. If I had you, I'd have you working on black dick all day long." I felt my balls grow tight from her expert cocksucking. As much as I would have liked to have held back, I knew she had taken me to the edge. But she wasn't going to swallow all of it. I moaned out loud as I felt my hot cum shoot from the tip.

"Ahhh! Drink it, bitch!" The first shot was a hot sticky glob, and Roni moaned as she swallowed. Then I pushed her face up and the next shot splashed right between her eyes. I smiled as the next pulse hit her on the mouth and chin. Roni held her head high to give me a good target. Her mouth was open in lust and she had a smile on her face. I pulled her forward and let her suck the last bit from my dick. And she moaned as her lips nuzzled the hairs at the base of my dick. I could feel her soft suction as she tried to drain every drop. "You're one nasty fuckin whore. Look at you! Cum all over your face and you're in bliss as you savor a black man's dick. Get up whore and get naked."

Roni stood up and grasped the hem of her dress.

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