A cum drinking alien, what more could you want?

She didn't know what his reaction would be if she sucked her client off all the way, but it wouldn't be pleasant, at least not for her.

His hands gripped her head as he drove deeper into her, his cock getting closer and closer to her throat with each thrust. Even though his cock was as deep as she could take him his balls were nowhere near her chin. She was going to enjoy him if only for a few seconds; Sophia felt that he was close.

She removed him reluctantly and turned, this time removing her thong before raising her skirt. Sophia heard him searching in his pocket; she knew what he was looking for. By the time she'd turned to him he was already rolling a condom over his hard cock.

"Bareback," she whispered, and saw him hesitate. Some 'johns' would pay more for a condom free fuck, others were more careful. She hoped, prayed, that the potion her 'nightwatchman' gave her would protect her against everything, he promised that it would, and it had to be a condom free fuck, or nothing.

He looked intently at her as if seeking an answer in her face, and she knew what the unspoken question would be, 'Are you . . . ok?'

"I'm fine," Sophia said, and then desperately racked her brain for a reason for her actions, then she had it.

"I'm allergic to latex, and I've run out of my own supply," she added.

He gripped the end of the condom and pulled, it came off his cock with a snap and he threw it to one side. Sophia stood, her skirt still hitched up around her waist. He reached out, his hands gripping her shoulders, then spun her around, pushing her head down. She felt his uncovered cock against her cunt. He hesitated then entered her slowly. She sighed as he pushed his cock deep into her, sliding into her well lubricated channel, until she felt his thighs against the back of hers. He began to move, pulling his cock almost out of her before sliding it back, slowly, deliberately using every inch of his shaft to fill her completely. This was not what she imagined; her client's self control almost matched 'his'. He neither slowed down nor speeded up, each insertion matching precisely the same time as the previous one. She could feel her orgasm beginning, her legs weakening as he fucked her to her climax. Her eyes closed as the familiar tingle spread from her clit to encompass her whole body. At almost the same moment she came, so did he. She could feel his cum flooding her, shooting deep into her, mixing with the others. Sophia slumped forward, the man's cock sliding out of her. She remembered, in time, to clench her vaginal muscles, trapping as much of his cum inside as possible. It was, she thought, the most clinical fuck she'd had, except for 'him'.

She heard him zip up his fly and turned towards him. Most of the 'johns' were panting by now, but he was breathing in the same deep, precise way that he was before they started.

He handed her the money and walked away from her, neither acknowledging a good fuck nor criticising a bad one. He'd come, she supposed that was all that mattered to him, and she certainly had.

Sophia straightened her skirt, not bothering with her thong, leaving it where it lay. She stood at the entrance to the alleyway, her 'nightwatchman' nowhere to be seen. Then she heard the low rumble of his car approaching, signalling that her night's work on the streets was over; the next action would be in bed, with 'him'.

The long, black limousine pulled up along side her. He did not open the door for her, she didn't expect it, she was, after all, only a whore. Sophia sat back into the black leather upholstery, knowing that, without her thong, she would leave her mark there, along with that of the men she'd had tonight. She couldn't see where he took her, the blackened windows preventing all fleeting glimpses of light as they passed stores or signs. They drove in silence.

That silence, for many, would be unnerving but she was used to it.

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