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She sucks her mother's luscious tits.

To see the various shots that Sandra had taken, to watch her focus in on my breasts, my nipples and between my legs. To watch myself as she looked at my photos just as she had looked at me through her lens. To see her looking at my nakedness as I looked at it and as her hands started to investigate it. To see me taking up the poses that she directed as slowly my body gave into the hands that were roaming over it. And to then be in her bed, with her making the most energetic love to me that I had ever experienced. I just knew it would not be like that with my mum!

I took the hand that my mother extended to me. I held it and followed her as Colin led us to the very centre of where the framed photos were arranged.

As mum and I stood there facing each other our chests were pumping slightly, showing that we were both feeling the pressure and breathing more heavily than usual. There seemed to be, although there couldn't really be, a deafening silence in the cellar. The atmosphere was heavy, the mood, I felt, was laden with sexual expectations. I think that we were all anticipating what was soon to happen with a nervous expectancy. It was something that had been building up in a variety of ways for several weeks during the shooting, although for me it was more like six months. And now we were there, the time had arrived, the scene was set, the characters were there, the director was ready, mum and I were naked and we were about, at the very least to have simulated sex.

Colin's voice seemed tight and a little hoarse when he said, quietly.

"Can you both lie down please?"

As we sank to the floor I could feel myself shaking, my heart was pounding and my pulses were racing. I felt worried, aroused, excited, guilty, frustrated and so expectant.

"Lay on your back Amanda, keep your legs closed, put one ankle over the other," I heard Colin saying as if from miles away.

I watched mum lie down her full boobs slipping slightly to the sides as she lay on her back.

"OK Sammi now turn your face to the side and lay that half on Amanda's right boob and half in her cleavage.

"Oh God," I thought realising the moment was at last here.

The feel of the smooth skin and the soft flesh of her breast on my face was marvellous. She was cool and there was a slight throb, her heartbeat, I assumed. I drew my legs up so I was in almost a foetal position. My knees touched the outside of her thigh.

It sounded as if Colin was talking through one of those old fashioned megaphones, as if he was far away as if he was having difficulty speaking when he said.

"Bring your right hand up Sammi, hold her boob."

"The one with my head on?"

"No silly, the other one, cup that for me."

I'm sure mum's body jumped when I touched it. I know my heart started to pound wildly when I held her left boob.

I had, of course, touched and caressed a woman's breasts before, many times in fact. It's always a wonderful feeling, even when they have been "surgically enhanced". Mum's hadn't, though, and they felt fabulous. I was, though, feeling unsure, a little shy, full guilt and trepidation. After all I had no idea at all what she was feeling and not once had she given any sign that she had any incestuous thoughts about me.

Colin got us to take up a few more poses, nothing extreme, but all highly suggestive. My fingers on her thighs, her face on my tummy, her breast on my bottom and my lips near her nipple and stuff like that, before he said.

"Ok let's leave it now, don't let's rehearse too much."

As we both stood up he went on.

"You've got the idea of what I think will work, but being women you both probably know better than me."

"Do we now?" mum said, running her hand up and down my arm sending shivers through me. She added. "With men perhaps."

Colin smiled. "Well that's not what you told me, oh shit, sorry Mands."

He looked very contrite when he stared at me, clearly realising he had broken a confidence. More than that, he was probably thinking, he had told a daughter that her mother had been with other women. Mum, as usual, took it in her stride.


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