Girlfriends finally act on their hidden desires.

"Hmm yeah we certainly broke some new ground there that's for sure." Sue said. Do you feel embarrassed at all talking like this?

"Strangely no I don't, I guess if I'd thought about it before then maybe I would have been, but we've never had any secrets between us so I guess this is just seems natural? Either that or it's the champagne talking!" Penny laughed draining her glass.

"Oh my god Sue! Did you ever... you know, while we were away?"

"Well yeah maybe a few times, only when I was alone or you were fast asleep." Sue mumbled. "What about you?"

"Same here I guess, I mean it's normal isn't it? To have desires that need looking after? It was always easier when you were snoring!" Penny giggled.

"You cheeky cow! I don't snore! I wonder what would have happened if either of us had caught the other in the middle of Pussy Time? I think I might have died of embarrassment, but probably not now we've had this chat, weird eh?" Sue said pensively. "Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure fire away."

"You said that when you leave your panties on and slip your hand down them, you are imagining someone else's hand, who are you thinking about?"

Penny's heart was beating like a steam hammer now as she knew where this question could lead if she were not careful!
"Did I? I don't remember." Penny said as nonchalantly as she could

"Yes you did, come on, whose hand do you think about slipping in to your panties?"

"Oh I don't know really, anyone I suppose, it's simply about thinking it's someone else, I don't think I've put a face to the hand if I'm honest."

A cloud passed over Sue's face where despite trying hard to hide her disappointment that Penny hadn't said it was her hand she thought about sliding in to her panties. But then there never was a real possibility of that anyway, was there?

Sue's reaction didn't go unnoticed by Penny, did Sue just look disappointed? Or was she imagining it?

Sue decided to push her luck and maybe be just a little bolder, "Has talking like this turned you on at all?" she asked.

With a nervous but dismissive laugh Penny replied, "Err no Sue, no! Whatever makes you think that?"

"Well I'm sorry but I can't help noticing that you have quite a large damp patch on your panties." Sue said quietly and with her eyes lowered slightly.

Penny felt the heat rush to her face and with a nervous giggle exclaimed, "Suze have you been peeping up my skirt?"

"No, I've not been peeping! Sitting as you are, you've been flashing your panties at me all evening and it was impossible not to notice! Not mention your organ stop nipples trying to break free of you t-shirt as well!" Again Sue was very quiet with her response. "

It had not occurred to Penny that she was flashing her panties at all! They had seen each other in their underwear, naked in the showers a thousand times over, why was this different, why would Sue notice this time?

"Okay Sue, I'll be honest, I am a little turned on and now you mention it and I can see what you mean about my nipples, but why would you notice my panties, it's not as if they're anything you've not seen before?"

"Yeah I know, but with all the talk of wet panties and such, I simply couldn't stop myself looking, particularly as they were so openly on display!" Sue shrugged raising her palms upwards and grinning.

Penny was starting to suspect, or was it hope? That there was more to this than met the eye, laughing she promptly moved the hem of her skirt up so that it was level with the waist band of her panties looked down and with a chuckle said, "You're right, they are bit damp aren't they?"

It was Penny's turn to be bold now, "What about you Sue, has this talk turned you on at all, have your panties got a damp patch?"

"Honestly Penny? Yes! I am pretty turned on and I do feel a bit damp down there, whether I have a damp patch like yours I've no idea!"

"Well why don't we have a look? Take you shorts off and we can compare damp patches!" Penny said laughing.

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