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She gets caught stealing and pays the price.

He was using her as essentially a sex toy, grunting and growling as he rutted into her mouth.

She heard the door open. An appreciative whistle came from whoever had entered.

"Fuck, Tony," he heard someone say, "that's one hot bitch right there."

Tony chuckled. "Yeah, Phil, she's saying she's innocent but the way she's taking my dick says otherwise."

"Think I could get in on that?" Phil asked.

Danielle squealed onto the cock plugging her throat. The two men laughed at that.

"I can't tell if she's scared or turned on," Tony joked.

"Yeah, could be a bit of both," Phil replied.

In truth, Phil was right. Danielle had been in threesomes before, both with two men and with one man and one woman. But usually she had more power and say; this time, they would take her if they wanted. A part of her, one that was larger than she would like, was perfectly fine with that idea.

"I'm close," Tony grunted. "Once I finish, she's all yours."

Danielle moaned onto his prick. His pace increased, until he was brutally using her mouth, fucking into it with zero concern for her pleasure. Despite his carelessness, her pleasure was in fact there. The way he was handling her, the way he was using her, was arousing her very much. She damned her wanton body as it burned hotter, as her pussy began to drip more juice, staining her panties.

Tony thrust deep, his balls again bruising her chin. She glanced up to him, watching as he threw his head back, letting out a long, low growl. His cock throbbed powerfully in her throat as his load raced up his shaft.

The first blast shot straight down her throat. After that, he quickly pulled back, letting the rest spurt out onto her tongue. She could not help but moan at the strong taste pooling at the back of her mouth. His grip was still tight in her hair, so she could not escape from it. Even if she could have, she would have stayed put.

He finished coating her tongue in cum, and yanked himself from her mouth.

"Open up, let me see it," he ordered.

Danielle blushed, but obeyed him anyway. His semen sat like a creamy puddle, resting on her tongue. The flavor was sizzling onto her taste buds.

"Swallow it."

She gave him a saucy smile, aware that such a thing could shatter the image she had been trying to cultivate, of a na__ve young thing. But he had been able to see through that, so it made no difference. Her mouth closed, and her throat worked as she swallowed his gift, feeling the warmth slide down her gullet.

"Good job," he said.

"My turn," said Phil, stepping up impatiently.

Danielle turned to look at him. He was younger than Tony, but just as physically imposing. Her pussy dripped at the sight of his thick cock jutting into the air.

"Wait," she said as he came within inches of her.

"What?" Phil asked, momentarily hesitating.

"You can have more than my mouth," she purred, standing up, her handcuffs trailing along the pipe.

Tony scowled, but Phil grinned. He came closer, putting hand on her hip. As she locked eyes with him, biting her lip suggestively, he slid the hand down to the hem of her dress. It snuck underneath, Danielle letting out a rather dramatic gasp. Her panties were quickly slid down and kicked away. She squirmed against the pipe as he next pushed up her dress, revealing her soaked slit. Phil let out another appreciative whistle, at the sight of those pink lips, crowned with a strip of dark brown hair, at the view he had of her juices, having vacated her pussy to slick her upper thighs.

"Looks like she enjoyed what you were doing," he commented.

Tony grunted, his pants pulled back up, already turning to go to the door.

"Jealous?" Phil teased. "You get her mouth, but I get her pussy?"

Tony grunted again, slipping outside, leaving them alone.

Danielle contemplated escaping.

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